Fall 2017 TV season general post
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Since the 2017 network Fall premiere season has begun, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a general thread. Any new shows you want to call dibs on posting threads for? Any shows you posted for last season that you want someone else to take over? Here's the TV Guide list of new shows and premiere calendar.
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Hmm, some possibly interesting bits. I feel like this could be a FPP!

(Instinct) Based on James Patterson’s upcoming book.

Is this a first? Series and book at the same time?

AP Bio, Good Girls, and Life Sentence look interesting. Me, Myself, & I for sure. Roseanne for sure.

I've seen the commercials for Ghosted and I'll be checking that out. Splitting Up Together. I might hatewatch Wisdom of the Crowd.

We're at the mid 80s in nostalgia with Dynasty, which seems like a big deal. Of course they're grimdark it or something and I don't have enough of an attachment to the original to really care, but...Dynasty.
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2017 is the worst fall TV season in recent memory
This is the worst fall for new TV shows in the decade I’ve been a professional TV critic. And it’s hard to find one much worse in all the years I’ve been cognizant of “new fall TV” as a concept, since the late ’80s.
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I think that article exists only to supply 50 links to other Vox articles. It's odd that it was written by someone who claims to have upwards of 30 years of solid awareness of TV scheduling. I'm not arguing with the conclusion(s), just that the substance is lacking and they could have gone into a little more detail about the formulas they're seeing. On the plus side, it increased my hatewatch desire for Wisdom of the Crowd.
posted by rhizome at 10:28 AM on September 21, 2017

Just throwing in a general interest notice for Will and Grace. I'm not reliable or smart enough to take charge of it, though.
posted by Night_owl at 10:52 PM on September 21, 2017

The fall TV season looks like a vast, trackless desert outside of a few continuing series from last year. I'm planning to start back up with posts for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I found that the total unpredictability of its schedule on Fox -- three months on, five months off, then suddenly burning through the entire back half in a single month -- really put a crimp in the discussion as well as my motivation for doing posts. But I'm hoping to start fresh this year and see how it goes.
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I do think the mid-season line-up seems more promising than the fall batch, so the article has a point there.

I am hopeful that "Ghosted" will be fun. I'm set to record the premieres for that, "Me, Myself & I", "The Good Doctor", "Will & Grace", "Inhumans", "Ten Days in the Valley", "9JKL", "The Gifted", "The Mayor", "Wisdom of the Crowd" and "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World" so far. Some of those I already know will be garbage/hate-watch material (Inhumans, Wisdom of the Crowds), others I'm just mildly curious about, and I'll start threads for all of them if no one else does first.

Of the returning shows that I was posting for last year, the only one I'm pretty sure someone else needs to take on is 'the Mon-El Show formerly known as Supergirl', as I'm still supremely bitter about it all. I don't know if I'll be watching S3 at all, but I definitely won't be watching it live and/or in a timely enough to be starting discussions.

Honestly, I'm kind of relieved that the new premieres seem so lackluster, I don't want to get sucked into too many new shows. I've got a lot of books in my 'to-be-read' collection, and I'm watching Person of Interest again while I get to see it destroy Mark Oshiro (in a good way) over at MarkWatches.net.
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Oh, and the mods approved my adding STD (heh) to Fanfare this morning, so it's ready for whoever wants dibs on starting the pilot thread tomorrow.
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Regardless of what it winds up being, I kind of want to turn Wisdom of the Crowd into a legendarily-weird show like has been done with Dark Shadows. Every role will be a stereotype, technical details will be lacking, and the stories will be outlandish.
posted by rhizome at 10:36 AM on September 23, 2017

Like an episode of Black Mirror written by Chuck Lorre.
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I'll keep posting about PKD's Electric Dreams (although if anyone wants to post it first, it's fine by me). Ghosted is the only new show I'll give a shot that I think could have some sort of follow-up in here.
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So I was just thinking "All of my shows are ending. I'm in trouble." So I looked up that premiere calendar and I'm REALLY in trouble. I mean, it looks like all I'm gonna have is Lucifer and Supernatural.
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Oof, I've changed my mind about posting a Will & Grace thread, that premiere was desperately unfunny. If anyone else wants to, feel free.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:50 PM on September 28, 2017

At this point, I am spite watching The Good Doctor for the neurotypicalwashed Young Sheldonified House knockoff that it clearly is and wishing that Kevin Probably Saves the World were the new Wonderfalls that it clearly is not.
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