Project Runway: Models Off Duty
September 22, 2017 6:38 AM - Season 16, Episode 6 - Subscribe

It's the Client Challenge, with the models acting as clients in need of "street style" worthy of a model's social media.

The twins continue to annoy all the workroom and, indeed, the viewers, with their dependency.

EW Recap with photos

WINNER: Kentaro
OUT: Samantha
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Last week, someone on Fanfare said they thought this week was the cheating scandal week, and I spent all episode looking forward to it :(
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Dangit. Last episode I said that I was cheering for Samantha, and then she's out. I should have kept my jinxing mouth shut!

The producers must have thrown the mini-scandal conversation in there just so that Tim could say "they're allowed to help each other". I think that the twins are way too dependent on each other (and annoying) and people were getting miffed about how much of the others work they were doing. But Tim Gunn has spoken now, so we can all stew about how it's uncool but not technically illegal.
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In previous shows and seasons a lot of designers have helped each other out when they had the time so I guess they can't technically call the twins out for it. Can't they just call them out for being pretentious af though? INDEED.

I loved Kentaro's design. It especially just really stood out in a sea of tacky. Probably the first week this season that I've agreed with the win. Brandon's design was so sad. It was just sad post-apocalyptic-chic cosplay. Who takes "I love 70s casual style" and makes that......thing?
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Tim is wearing a yellow tie in the cheating scandal footage, so just watch for that on runway day and you'll know its time has come.

I wanted Samantha to stay around, sigh. I found her work to be more interesting than Margarita. Going to be interesting to see Margarita interacting with the models next week -- Michael had the better idea about how to handle client-designer conflict.
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The switch: the models choosing the designer, that set up some good reality "last to be picked" insecurity/drama. Margarita and Michael imitating Zac Posen in the workroom was pretty funny too. Also, Heidi in the beginning, exploring new frontiers in boob windows.

This was the first "judges smokin' crack" episode this season for me. Not re the winner, Kentaro deservedly won, his design was head and shoulders above everyone else's (omg, those leggings were brilliant).

I thought Kenya was in the bottom because that outfit was dreary. The emerald green fabric was deadly dull, she needed to talk her "client" out of such a dated color. The blouse was okay, the little petal bits at the neckline were cute but the overall look was not mysterious, Nina, just 1970s office worker.

I liked what Georgina Chapman pointed out about black, the silhouette is critical because otherwise it reads as a dark mass. Still, I didn't hate Claire's sweatshirt/booty short look. I would have put Ayana in the bottom three in her place because she needed to be called out for that pink bathrobe. It's fine to be the "modest" designer but if your client is looking to get noticed, then you failed if you put her in a bathrobe.

Of the safes, Brandon phoned it in because he was safe from elimination. He really loves that tea-stained tie dye look and now he's looking really limited design-wise. I'm disappointed in Amy, I expected her to turn out some great looks but this week she bored again.

Samantha ("I was one of the first Lolita designers in the US") just didn't know when to rein it in but I think Ayana should've gone home.
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When Shawn said, "We still have so much work to do on my dress", I immediately said, "WE?!?!?! It's YOUR look!"

Ugh. I wish they would go already.

I am not cool enough to pull off Kentaro's look but I wish I were. He was most deservedly the winner.

Mr. Freedom thinks that Amy is playing it safe all season so she can be the last one standing, but I have to admit, she has bored the pants off of me. If she makes it to the finale I will be bummed because I haven't seen anything of hers that I truly LIKED.
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I love Kenya and I was glad the judges liked her outfit, because boy I sure didn't. I thought Tim's instincts were dead on, that color was not good.

And YES Ayana with the bathrobe, WTF? That was a BATHROBE. It was silky, FFS!
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I think anyone other than a blonde with that particular coloring couldn't have pulled off the green, but Kenya's model kiiiiiiiind of did.

Initially I thought Kentaro's model just had a sweater tied around her waist and was very confused about the reaction.
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I hate the twins so very much. IN. DEED.

I know you've all covered that in previous threads, but I've been working too much this year, and this is the first time my head is above water. They are obnoxious, variably mediocre, self-absorbed, and overly impressed with themselves.

I didn't have any real issues with Margarita (generally slightly costumy, but not offensively so) up until she tried to save face on the runway, and I have no idea if she was feeling that way all along or is talking herself into believing it after the fact. That was not a good look, throwing the model whom she had been proclaiming BFF-iness with, under the bus.

Samantha should have brought the color this week. I guess the black was in response to last week's fabric criticism, but the designs she threw out there always took a turn towards the generic while still staying firmly glued to her one style. Zac was right when he said one note.

I didn't hate Kenya's look as much as you folks did, but I did think it was for weird rich women who never actually worked a day in their life and spend their days trying to avoid being bored. Kenya did the most she could with that color and that print, but I wasn't enthralled.

I am tired of Brandon's design style, but like him as a person. I also like Kentaro, Kenya, Amy, Michael, Margarita (until this episode), Ayana, and Batani. That's a lot more than in the past, really. Or maybe I loathe the twins that much. In the past, I've strongly disliked designers, but they generally had something to redeem themselves - competence in basic designer-ing, the ability to care for people outside themselves, being actually good at designing, gritty survivor-ness, SOMETHING. I see none of that in these two.

I have a feeling that either Kentaro or Brandon make the finals, but not both.
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When Heidi aufs the first twin, I am going to get SO DRUNK in celebration.

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My wife had a beautiful wish: Claire loses in the next episode because she spends too much time helping Shawn, and the following episode is Shawn in full-on freak-out mode, producing something like Aaron's final look, because she doesn't have her sister to carry her.
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Margarita should have gone home, that was godawful. Aaliyah never would have been caught dead in that.
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filthy light thief, your wife's wish is great. I nearly passed out when Claire said something like, "Shawn doesn't like sewing zips or waistbands." That sounds quite a bit like you're saying Shawn can't fucking sew, but the judges haven't gotten to notice yet.
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UPDATE Amy deleted that Instagram post. One of the responders claimed that the sweatshirt was a copy of a Puma design but that's just an anonymous internet responder, no proof. It could easily be something Claire had designed previously and re-used. That's very common on the show.
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