The Good Doctor: Pilot - Burnt Food
September 25, 2017 8:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Shaun relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital, but he faces skepticism from the hospital's boar and staff in the series premiere of this drama about a talented young surgeon with savant syndrome.
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Well, this was fairly terrible, but I'm must admit I kind of liked it. I mean, its depiction of autism is... well, it's not what I normally think of inspiration-porn as being, but, it's pretty cringe-inducing.

But my last medical-procedural was Royal Pains, so, I expect I will keep watching this one.
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I loved Freddie Highmore in Bates Motel, so I was ready to be excited about his new show, but the premise is just extremely off-putting. I still haven't figured out if it's worth actually trying to watch this one or not.
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I was hoping for something with the energy of HOUSE but nope, this was kind of a by-the-book ABC soap. Freddie was magnificent but the slow pace, paper-thin villians, and the melodrama really put me off.
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As the parent of an autistic child, just seeing another "magical" autistic savant show makes me want to die. Fucking vampires.
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Well, aren't you all glad that we're done with the superhero thing and are back to doing ORIGINAL programming?
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I'm watching the episode right now more out of curiosity than anything else because I'm an avid Korean drama watcher and this is the first American remake of a Korean drama. So far it's pretty faithful to the original, which oddly pleases me (never have I ever before been happy to see a bunny die, but it was one of those "ohhhh, yes, so they are keeping that plot!" moment). I'm not particularly bothered by the "savant" aspect because that's such a common trait in K-dramas (every hero is a genius!), although I feel like the autism should be better handled since disorders are still generally considered taboo in Korea.

It seems to be doing well in the ratings, at least:

The Good Doctor ranks as ABC’s most watched Monday drama debut in 21 years, since Dangerous Minds in September 1996, and highest rated in 18-49 in 8.5 years, since Castle in March 2009.

I'm not really a fan of medical shows so I don't know if I'll keep watching, but I'll still be rooting for it to do well out my love of K-drama (since there have been many other show rights purchased for potential adaptations, so if this does well, it will be interesting to see if those dramas will eventually -- and successfully -- make the transition to Hollywood).
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I got sucked into the first half of episode 2; looking forward to watching the rest and giving the series a shot.
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I thought the second episode was an improvement over the pilot, in that Shaun seemed slightly more like an actual human being than a walking trope. But I don’t feel any urge to post weekly episode threads to discuss/analyze the show, I think it’s just going to be a junk food guilty pleasure kind of show. It’s been picked up for a full season order already though, so maybe it will improve further.
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This is nakedly sentimental in a way that would make Greg House vomit.
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Just checking in on the procedural starring the quirky white guy who sees things a little differently and solves problems with the help of his minority and/or female sidekick(s).
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The first few episodes had their moments (mostly from the cast), but the third one was a stinking turd. I think we're noping on out.
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