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Chefs are asked to overcome major obstacles and acts of sabotage in this reality competition.

Cutthroat Kitchen: Camp Cutthroat: Finale  Season 9, Episode 8

Contestants have to prepare fish, mac and cheese and deserts while the Bobs try to thwart them.
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Cutthroat Kitchen: Camp Cutthroat: If It Bleeds, We Can Skillet  Season 9, Episode 7

One competitor finds themselves in chilly water while making chili.
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Cutthroat Kitchen: Camp Cutthroat Part Two: Wet, Hot American Sabotage  Season 9, Episode 32

It's a balancing act for two chefs making a pancake breakfast. Then, someone gets their mind blown by a high-powered fan. Finally, everything is at stake during a steak dinner challenge. You can see the post-show judge review of sabotages here
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