Defending the Guilty (2018-)  imdb rss

An idealistic, young barrister is shown the ropes by a worldly mentor.

Defending the Guilty: Episode #1.2  Season 1, Episode 2

As Will grapples with whether to tell his girlfriend about his recent indiscretion - but he has no such dilemma when in Chambers, as Liam has already told everyone. However, his newfound notoriety does throw up a juicy opportunity from Miles, who offers him the case that everyone wants. Meanwhile, Caroline fears her prospects of becoming a Queen's Counsel are dubious, and wonders how much to let the jury know about a particularly unappealing client.
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Defending the Guilty: Episode 1  Season 1, Episode 1

Will Packham is an idealistic pupil barrister - or idealistic for now. His clients are at least as guilty as sin. His pupil-master Caroline thinks he is a gutless snowflake. His fellow pupils want the same job as him and would stab each other to get it. Over the course of two days, Will has to defend a would-be murderer, keep a young slam poet out of custody and fetch Caroline a range of pastries. Can Will hold onto his principles and prove he has what it takes?
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