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A computer engineer investigates the secretive development division in her company, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.

Devs: Episode 5  Season 1, Episode 5

Kenton pays Jamie a visit to guarantee his silence, while Katie covertly exploits the Devs system for her own ends.
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Devs: Episode 4  Season 1, Episode 4

After Lily's behavior at Amaya, Kenton forces her to see a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, the Devs team disagree over the ethics of their invention, and Forest asserts his commitment to the project.
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Devs: Episode 3  Season 1, Episode 3

Lily returns to work at Amaya and explains her suspicions to Jen and Anya. Forest is visited by Laine, a powerful senator asking questions about the Devs project.
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Devs: Episode 2  Season 1, Episode 2

Lily enlists ex-boyfriend Jamie's help to investigate Sergei's disappearance. She begins to question what she really knew about Sergei.
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Devs: Episode 1  Season 1, Episode 1

When her boyfriend Sergei vanishes after starting a new job at the secretive Devs division of tech company Amaya, software engineer Lily begins to suspect that his disappearance may not be as clear-cut as it seems.
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