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A unique family drama set in the world of a hip hop empire.


Empire: Time Will Unfold  Season 2, Episode 14

This is the boringest episode of Empire ever. There's a pregnancy announcement, more fighting over who gets to be the CEO, and someone's not dead and eh....I'm not so much with the caring. [more inside]
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Empire: The Tameness of a Wolf  Season 2, Episode 13

Who cares about those chicks who took over Empire any more? Not after the first five minutes! Hakeem juggles girls, Jamal makes friends with Freda, Lucious and Andre have flashbacks, and Cookie ruins her own birthday party. [more inside]
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Empire: A Rose By Any Other Name  Season 2, Episode 12

Hakeem is king, Cookie is making great facial expressions, Lucious only sees some things coming, Jamal is getting shit for being a flip flopper, Andre continues down the crazy train, and Rhonda makes a good spy. Oh, and Camilla can't wait for her wife to just die already. [more inside]
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Empire: Death Will Have His Day  Season 2, Episode 11

Hakeem gets the throne, the bone, the strut, and the suit. Cookie gets the job she always wanted. Jamal gets some tedious arguments about his sexuality. Lucious gets a gun. Andre and Rhonda get nothing but blood and pain. Anika gets to gloat. [more inside]
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Empire: Et Tu, Brute?  Season 2, Episode 10

Lucious and Rhonda get betrayed all out the wazoo. Jamal feels weird about his new sexuality. All the Lyon boyz get music nominations. Cookie returns to prison to put on a show for her true sisters. [more inside]
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Empire: Sinned Against  Season 2, Episode 9

Lucious is still working on that business deal. Cookie has family drama and boyfriend drama. Hakeem has stalker two night stand drama. Jamal has adorable chemistry with a girl, and Rhondre have a new house. [more inside]
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Empire: My Bad Parts  Season 2, Episode 8

Jamal forces his parents to work together on a song so he can get a deal with Pepsi. Freda challenges Hakeem to a rap battle and Cookie and Lucious make a bet on it. Lucious is still working on that deal from last week, yawn. Anika’s...well, guess what the show thought of to do with her. You’ll totally guess what it is. [more inside]
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Empire: True Love Never  Season 2, Episode 7

Lucious and Mimi work on another business deal and get hot and heavy, but then the Flashback Train To Hell interrupts that. Andre has to figure out how to get shit done without screwing someone. Hakeem continues to groom his little protege. Jamal writes an awesome song with Cookie's secret help. Cookie has an all-day boinkfest and plots a summer jam. [more inside]
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Empire: A High Hope for a Low Heaven  Season 2, Episode 6

Hakeem's kidnapping is over with very quick, and then he has a bunch of flashbacks and tries to deal with the repercussions of it. In other news, some ladies get laid, Lucious continues to drool over Freda and harass Hakeem, and Andre really doesn't get the point of Gutter Life whatsoever. [more inside]
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Empire: Be True  Season 2, Episode 5

Lyon Dynasty folks are the targets of various crimes, including theft and kidnapping. Laura is not interested in getting down with Hakeem. Jamal has relationship drama. Andre gets baptized. Lucious continues to be on the Flashback Train To Hell. Cookie is fine for now, thank you. [more inside]
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Empire: Poor Yorick  Season 2, Episode 4

Here comes the FBI, invading all Lyon family businesses! The Lyons attempt to put up a show of support by having Hakeem and Jamal do a video together, which does not go so well. Some creepy ass painter/photographer is drooling over Jamal. Hakeem continues to actually make good points. Cookie gets a surprise arrest. Andre finds a way to get back into Empire by ah, digging. [more inside]
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Empire: Fires of Heaven  Season 2, Episode 3

Lucious gets out of jail, declares himself a god, and attempts to sign Freda as an artist, much to Jamal's annoyance. Jamal has musician's block. Lyon Dynasty declares war on Empire, Empire fires right back. [more inside]
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Empire: Without A Country  Season 2, Episode 2

Team Takeover works on starting up a new business, while most of them seem to debate whether or not they want to come back to Empire. Hakeem hangs out with the ladies and breaks the law. Lucious gets harassed in prison and has his drugs taken away--and then gets a very interesting lawyer to fight that shit and help him record in prison. [more inside]
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Empire: The Devils Are Here  Season 2, Episode 1

Lucious rots in jail and reunites with an old friend. Meanwhile, everyone fights over who's going to take over Empire. Again. [more inside]
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Empire: Die But Once, Who I Am  Season 1, Episode 11

There's an IPO. There's a concert. There's a confession of murder. There's fights. There's gold lion bling. Welcome to the season finale of Empire as everyone picks their teams.... [more inside]
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Empire: Sins Of The Father  Season 1, Episode 10

It's time to sign some important IPO papers! Let's bring on some drama with ditching girlfriends, returning babymommas, coke-snorting lawyers and a random dude with a gun! [more inside]
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Empire: Unto the Breach  Season 1, Episode 9

Anika is outed by Cookie as defecting to Billy, and everyone's at war, going all Jerry Maguire in trying to save their stars. Lovely singalongs happen, Cookie gets hella drunk, and Andre loses it. [more inside]
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Empire: The Lyon's Roar  Season 1, Episode 8

Lucious juggles two women and lies and promises a bunch of shit and reneges. The family minus Andre get together to supposedly do Lucious's hit song "You're So Beautiful," the usual squabbling erupts. Andre tries to pimp out his wife and gets totally rejected by Dad and then reacts...poorly. Jamal sings his way out of that closet. Hakeem actually mans up and most of the time actually acts like a non-ass this week! [more inside]
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Empire: Our Dancing Days  Season 1, Episode 7

This is the most mushy, sentimental, sweet, d'awwwww episode of this show ever. Who'da thunk it? Anyway, everyone's teaming up to put on a big show for investors, and the little petty dramas of babies, drugs, ex-boyfriends, hidden girlfriends, and eyeing the security guy are all put aside to put on a big show...and then Lucious's voice goes all verklempt and Cookie takes the stage for him. And then Lucious has some news to break to everyone... [more inside]
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Empire: Out, Damned Spot  Season 1, Episode 6

Cookie fights to represent Elle (Courtney Love), who she idolized while she was in prison, but now that girl has gone downhill. She also shows up in impressive lingerie to a family dinner only to find out that Lucious and BooBooKitty are engaged. Jamal's song is blowing up, but that's leading to his relationship going downhill. Hakeem rages against all dem bitches. Vernon finds out that Lucious killed Bunkie and despite being pissed, arranges a coverup anyway. Lucious gets a dubious "concierge doctor" to get him dubious drugs from Russia. [more inside]
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Empire: Dangerous Bonds  Season 1, Episode 5

It's a tale of two songs: Hakeem records a video and Jamal records a song. Meanwhile, Cookie gets forced to testify against a killer and spends most of the episode freaking out about that. [more inside]
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Empire: False Imposition  Season 1, Episode 4

Everybody wants to sign Titan, the new hot thing currently cooling his heels in prison. [more inside]
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Empire: The Devil Quotes Scripture  Season 1, Episode 3

A family dinner is held. Hakeem has two girlfriends now. Cookie meets up with an old friend to give her ex-husband a musical "blast from the past" he's not too happy about. Jamal hits his limit on his father's dissing of him. Andre and his wife have some kind of ah, interesting arrangement. Lucious is having more ALS symptoms. Also, this show is so Dynasty. [more inside]
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Empire: The Outspoken King  Season 1, Episode 2

Lucious is opening a new club so he can showcase Hakeem, but who's going to perform with him, and who's going to actually manage to mess up that opening? In other news, both one of Lucious's rappers and one of his sons manage to shoot their mouths off in public. Speaking of shooting.... [more inside]
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