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An isolated community of superhumans fight to protect themselves.

Inhumans: ...And Finally: Black Bolt  Season 1, Episode 8

The final showdown occurs between Black Bolt and Maximus (Season Finale) [more inside]
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Inhumans: Havoc in the Hidden Land  Season 1, Episode 7

The Royal Family return to Attilan and come face-to-face with Maximus. [more inside]
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Inhumans: The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon  Season 1, Episode 6

Gorgon and Karnak take on Auran and her Inhuman army, with disastrous results. [more inside]
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Inhumans: Something Inhuman This Way Comes...  Season 1, Episode 5

Black Bolt and Medusa reluctantly work with Louise to help locate the rest of their family. Meanwhile, back on Attilan, Maximus' actions change the game completely. [more inside]
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Inhumans: Make Way for...Medusa  Season 1, Episode 4

The search for Black Bolt continues on Earth. Meanwhile, Maximus makes bold moves to cement his status as the new ruler of Attilan. [more inside]
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Inhumans: Divide and Conquer  Season 1, Episode 3

The Inhumans desperately search for each other after fleeing their home in the wake of Maximus' coup, and they have to learn whom they can trust on Earth.
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Inhumans: Behold... The Inhumans; Those Who Will Destroy Us  Season 1, Episode 1

A divisive conflict erupts between Black Bolt and Maximus, brothers with different visions for the future of their people in the series premiere of this adventure series about stranded members of the Royal Family trying to reunite and return home. [more inside]
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