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A fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising teen star.


Nashville: If Tomorrow Never Comes  Season 5, Episode 9

After her life-changing experience and terrifying event, Rayna scrambles to write one more song for the album with Deacon. Meanwhile, Juliette's leg starts to hurt unexpectedly; and Gunner fights for Scarlett. [more inside]
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Nashville: Love Hurts  Season 5, Episode 5

The Exes shoot their video. Scarlett and the director, Damien George, fight as he pushes Scarlett to limits she's not comfortable with. Clay and Maddie grow closer as he shows Maddie a different part of town. Carl Hockney approaches Rayna at Highway 65. [more inside]
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Nashville: Leap of Faith  Season 5, Episode 4

Rayna receives a stunning and generous offer from tech guru Zach Welles regarding Highway 65, but Rayna wonders if it's too good to be true. Meanwhile, she and Bucky struggle to find the perfect director for the music video that will launch the Exes' new single. Juliette seeks treatment that is more advanced than her physical therapist recommends. Juliette considers that she might need healing of a more spiritual nature. Will and Kevin look for an apartment together. [more inside]
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Nashville: Let's Put It Back Together Again  Season 5, Episode 3

Maddie begins an internship at a recording studio and meets a street musician. Avery struggles producing a young YouTube sensation. Juliette meets her guardian angel. [more inside]
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Nashville: The Wayfaring Stranger / Back in Baby's Arms  Season 5, Episode 1

Rayna and Deacon face a new normal with Maddie now back home and Highway 65 struggling financially. The shocking news about Juliette creates a wave of emotions throughout Nashville and sets Rayna off on a journey of discovery. // Rayna approaches Deacon about making a concept album together. Scarlett can't bring herself to trust in Gunnar after all that's happened. Juliette seeks out her guardian angel. [more inside]
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Nashville: Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday  Season 4, Episode 21

I really have no way to express how I feel about this series finale except to say a giant WTF. [more inside]
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Nashville: If I Could Do It All Again  Season 4, Episode 13

Luke starts questioning his decision to bring Riff Bell on tour; Deacon and Frankie butt heads over Vita; Frankie makes a destructive decision. [more inside]
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Nashville: How Does It Feel to Be Free  Season 4, Episode 12

A familiar face is back on the Nashville music scene when Luke recruits his old friend Riff Bell to join him on tour. While the duo starts planning Riff's return to the stage, newcomer Vita arrives at The Beverly, but while she convinces Deacon and Rayna she deserves a shot, Frankie has his doubts. [more inside]
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Nashville: Forever and for Always  Season 4, Episode 11

When Deacon and Rayna are ambushed by paparazzi after their intimate wedding rehearsal dinner, Deacon's hot-headed reaction casts a pall on their plans and forces a change of venue. [more inside]
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Nashville: We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove  Season 4, Episode 10

Deacon opens his bar. Markus plays a record release show. The Exes return from tour. Avery gets advice from friends. Luke gets some bad news.
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Nashville: Three's A Crowd  Season 4, Episode 9

Deacon stops by the studio while Rayna works with Markus. Teens have issues. Gunnar gets writer's block. Scarlett takes the night off to see her boyfriend. Will is worried about working with a homophobe and Avery just wishes he could find some work.
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Nashville: Unguarded Moments  Season 4, Episode 8

Avery tries to make his music more "commercial." Scarlett and Gunnar deal with adversity during a set. Will focuses on writing.
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Nashville: Can't Get Used to Losing You  Season 4, Episode 7

Juliette deals with the fallout of last episodes bombshell. Deacon pitches a "Cheers"-style spinoff. Will pitches a "My Three Dads" reboot. The Exes get ready for tour.
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Nashville: Please Help Me, I'm Fallin  Season 4, Episode 6

Juliette's career reaches new heights. Rayna tries on her producer hat. Scarlett performs a duet.
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Nashville: Stop the World (And Let Me Off)  Season 4, Episode 5

Rayna and Layla discuss Jeff. Deacon and Scarlett clean out a house together. Scarlett gets drunk. Avery starts his new job. Juliette sings a song and tries her hand at parenting other people's kids. Maddie acts out her favorite Meatloaf song.
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Nashville: The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here  Season 4, Episode 4

Avery gets his picture taken. Rayna welcomes someone new to the label. Deacon deals with the death of a loved one.
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Nashville: How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?  Season 4, Episode 3

Scarlett, Avery and Will are all faced with difficult decisions.
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Nashville: Til the Pain Outwears the Shame  Season 4, Episode 2

Luke stands by Will. Rayna decides to start "focusing" on her label. Gunner and Scarlett survive a photo shoot.
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Nashville: Can't Let Go  Season 4, Episode 1

With Juliette's starring role in the Patsy Cline bio-pic, she is at an all-time career high, but is hitting a personal low. Meanwhile Avery, separated from Juliette, tends to baby Cadence at his parents' home in Texas.
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Nashville: Before You Go Make Sure You Know  Season 3, Episode 22

Will faces a tabloid threat. Juliette takes her career in a different direction. Deacon seeks medical help.
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Nashville: The Storm Has Just Begun  Season 3, Episode 19

Not so embarrassed now. What a cracker of an episode. [more inside]
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Nashville: This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'  Season 3, Episode 17

I'm embarrassed to be watching this show right now. [more inside]
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Nashville: That's the Way Love Goes  Season 3, Episode 15

Will starts working with a new songwriter. The Conrad Sisters open for Rayna at the Opry. Luke spends time with his son.
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Nashville: Somebody Pick Up My Pieces  Season 3, Episode 14

Edgehill Records closes its doors and everyone has to deal with the fallout.
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Nashville: I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong.  Season 3, Episode 13

Luke takes the boys out to celebrate his relationship status. Deacon writes a will. Jeff twirls his mustache.
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Nashville: First To Have A Second Chance  Season 3, Episode 10

It's wedding time for Luke and Rayna.
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Nashville: Two Sides to Every Story  Season 3, Episode 9

Rayna films a Christmas special.
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Nashville: Road Happy  Season 3, Episode 5

Rayna makes a commercial. Avery picks up trash. Will visits the park.
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Nashville: I Feel Sorry For Me  Season 1, Episode 4

Rayna goes dress shopping.
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Nashville: I Can't Over You To Save My Life  Season 3, Episode 3

Ruke start planning their wedding.
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Nashville: That's Me Without You  Season 3, Episode 1

The season premiere answers the question: "Which proposal will Rayna accept?" [more inside]
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Nashville: All or Nothing With Me  Season 2, Episode 21

Nashville's penultimate episode of Season 2 is all patriotism and regrets. [more inside]
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