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David Attenborough returns in this breathtaking documentary showcasing life on Planet Earth.

Planet Earth II: Cities  Season 1, Episode 6

Cities can be worlds of surprising opportunity for animals, from the leopards prowling the streets of Mumbai to the peregrine falcons hunting amongst New York's skyscrapers.
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Planet Earth II: Jungles  Season 1, Episode 3

Jungles provide the richest habitats on the planet - mysterious worlds of high drama where extraordinary animals attempt to survive in the most competitive place on earth. Flooded forests are home to caiman-hunting jaguars and strange dolphins that swim amongst the tree tops, while in the dense underworld, ninja frogs fight off wasps and flying dragons soar between trees. Acrobatic indri leap through the forests of Madagascar, while the jungle night conceals strange fungi and glow-in-the-dark creatures never filmed before.
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Planet Earth II: Mountains  Season 1, Episode 2

The wildlife documentary series with David Attenborough continues with a unique and intimate glimpse into secretive lives of mountain-dwelling animals.
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Planet Earth II: Islands  Season 1, Episode 1

The episode discusses the unique challenges that animals, isolated on islands, face and how they have adapted to overcome them.
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