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Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth's crust creating our seven continents - each with its own distinct climate, its own distinct terrain and its own unique animal...

Seven Worlds, One Planet: South America   Season 1, Episode 3

South America - the most species-rich continent on earth. From the volcanoes of the Andes to the world’s largest rainforest, animals here must specialise to carve out a niche. [more inside]
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Seven Worlds, One Planet: Asia  Season 1, Episode 2

Asia is the largest and most extreme continent on our planet, stretching from the Arctic Circle in the north to the tropical forests on the equator. The animals here face the hottest deserts, tallest jungles and highest mountains found anywhere on Earth. But the continent has not always looked like this. These extreme worlds were created when India collided with the rest of Asia 30 million years ago, shaping the continent as we know it today. Animals here have adapted to the extreme environments in almost unbelievable ways. [more inside]
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Seven Worlds, One Planet: Antarctica  Season 1, Episode 1

Antarctica - a land of survivors enduring the most hostile conditions on earth. 98 per cent of the mainland is covered by ice on which virtually nothing can live. [more inside]
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