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A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.


The Bachelor: Season 24: Peter the Pilot  Season 24 (Full Season)

Peter the Pilot (he of Windmill fame from the last season of the Bachelorette) tries to "find love" on this season of The Bachelor.
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The Bachelor: Finale/After the Final Rose  Season 21, Episode 11

Nick chooses between the last of the two women, but will she say yes, or will she open a small bed and breakfast in Finland instead?
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The Bachelor: Fantasy Suites/The Women Tell All  Season 21, Episode 10

Nick spends some quality time with each of the remaining contestants. The women tell their side of the story.
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The Bachelor: The Ninth Week  Season 21, Episode 9

Nick is visited by an old flame. Nick takes the remaining ladies to Finland, where one of them confides a secret.
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The Bachelor: Week 8  Season 21, Episode 8

Nick visits the families of the final four women.
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The Bachelor: Week 7  Season 21, Episode 7

Nick spends time with the remaining 6 on a tropical island. There are tears, jeers, and sharks.
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