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Revolves around mysterious disappearances, world-wide, and specifically follows a group of people who are left behind in the suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the loss of more than 100 people.


The Leftovers: The Book of Nora  Season 3, Episode 8

Nothing is answered. Everything is answered. And then it ends. Series finale.
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The Leftovers: The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)  Season 3, Episode 7

On a mission of mercy, Kevin assumes an alternate identity. Wherein we also learn the importance of secure two-factor authentication.

They're Kevins! Identical Kevins all the way. One pair of matching bookends, Different as night and day.—Patti
[more inside]
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The Leftovers: Certified  Season 3, Episode 6

Laurie Garvey, a former therapist, must become one again as she heads to Australia to help Nora and Kevin along their paths.
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The Leftovers: It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World  Season 3, Episode 5

Convinced it is Kevin's destiny to be in Miracle for the coming seventh anniversary of the Departure, Matt Jamison impulsively heads to Australia in an effort to bring Kevin home. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: G'Day Melbourne  Season 3, Episode 4

Kevin and Nora travel to Australia, where she continues to track down the masterminds of an elaborate con, while he catches a glimpse of an unexpected face from the past, forcing him to confront the traumatic events of three years earlier.
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The Leftovers: Crazy Whitefella Thinking  Season 3, Episode 3

With the clock ticking towards the anniversary of the Departure and emboldened by a vision that is either divine prophecy or utter insanity, Kevin Garvey, Sr. wanders the Australian Outback in an effort to save the world from apocalypse.
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The Leftovers: Don't Be Ridiculous  Season 3, Episode 2

Nora travels to St. Louis in her role as an investigator for the Department of Sudden Departure. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: The Book of Kevin  Season 3, Episode 1

In the first episode of The Leftovers' third and final season, there's an intriguing prologue, a time jump, we catch up with most of the regular characters and we're left with a fascinating epilogue. Only 14 Days To Go until the end of the world.
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The Leftovers: I Live Here Now  Season 2, Episode 10

In the Season 2 finale, Kevin comes clean to John about his connection to Evie's disappearance; Miracle faces an unexpected threat on the fourth anniversary of the Departure.
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The Leftovers: Ten Thirteen  Season 2, Episode 9

In this episode we see events from Meg's perspective - from October 13 - the day before The Departure - to the same day four years on. We learn that before she joined the Guilty Remnant Meg visited Jarden to consult Isaac, the psychic. Meg needed to know what her mother was going to tell her just before she died. We aren't told what it was, but it seems it was enough to send her to the GR. Tommy and Meg meet again and he makes a surprising discovery at the GR's outpost close to Jarden. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: International Assassin  Season 2, Episode 8

The aftermath of last week's shock ending. Spoilers inside. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: A Most Powerful Adversary  Season 2, Episode 7

Kevin looks for a solution to his problems, he confronts someone from his past and then ... [more inside]
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The Leftovers: Lens  Season 2, Episode 6

Nora is irritated by unexpected visitors; Kevin's predicament becomes impossible to ignore; Erika finds an unlikely ally and reveals haunting secrets. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: No Room At The Inn  Season 2, Episode 5

Matt takes Mary to Austin for some medical tests, which result in astonishing news. On the way back to Miracle, Matt stops to help a stranger, with disastrous results. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: Orange Sticker  Season 2, Episode 4

Nora awakens in the midst of an earthquake to find Kevin missing; the Murphys are left reeling after Evie's disappearance; Kevin returns home with no memory of the night before; an old enemy returns.
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The Leftovers: Off Ramp  Season 2, Episode 3

Laurie and Tom's work to rescue lost souls takes a toll on them [more inside]
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The Leftovers: A Matter of Geography  Season 2, Episode 2

Kevin, Nora, and Jill try to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the Mapleton riots but problems from the past keep resurfacing. The new Garvey clan gets a fresh start in the safety of Miracle. Nora makes an impulsive choice, while Kevin gets entangled in the Murphy family's problems.
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The Leftovers: Axis Mundi  Season 2, Episode 1

In the second season opener, the focus shifts to the town of Miracle, where zero people disappeared during Sudden Departure. But first, a deeply disturbing opening involving a mother and child, many years ago.
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The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns  Season 1, Episode 10

The Guilty Remnant pull off their long-planned Memorial Day event. Holy Wayne wants (needs) to grant someone a wish. Monsters are due on Main Street. A baby is found.
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The Leftovers: The Garveys at Their Best  Season 1, Episode 9

Tom connects with his past, even though he knows it's a mistake. Meanwhile, Nora has a job interview; Kevin's father receives an honor; troubling news comes as no surprise to Laurie; and Kevin tracks down a rampaging deer, but can't seem to shake his bad habits.
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The Leftovers: Cairo  Season 1, Episode 8

Kevin fears he's losing touch with reality after inexplicably finding himself in a difficult situation involving Patti Levin, a leader of the Guilty Remnant. Meg loses control during another encounter with Matt; Jill confronts Aimee about her relationship with Kevin; Nora stands up to Laurie, and finds her privacy invaded. [more inside]
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The Leftovers: Solace for Tired Feet  Season 1, Episode 7

After learning his father has escaped the psychiatric hospital, Kevin orders an APB to track him down. Jill attempts to break an endurance record. Holed up in Indiana, a disillusioned Tom makes an unsettling discovery.
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The Leftovers: Guest  Season 1, Episode 6

We learn a lot about Nora, the woman whose whole family Departed.
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The Leftovers: Gladys  Season 1, Episode 5

A brutal execution sets the town on edge, and more is learned about the Guilty Remnant.
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The Leftovers: B.J. and the A.C.  Season 1, Episode 4

A holiday display goes missing, sending Kevin scurrying to find out who is responsible. Tom and Christine run into trouble at a hospital and on the road. Kevin retrieves a surprise detainee from a neighboring police station, and receives unexpected visitors at home. The Guilty Remnant put its stamp on the holiday season.
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The Leftovers: Two Boats and a Helicopter  Season 1, Episode 3

In the face of dwindling church attendance and threats on his life, Reverend Matt Jamison continues to preach his gospel: that many who disappeared in the Departure were sinners and not saints. Matt’s campaign is detoured when he learns he may lose the church to foreclosure, forcing him to launch a desperate, last-minute plan to come up with the cash to keep it.
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The Leftovers: Penguin One, Us Zero  Season 1, Episode 2

In the wake of a series of disturbing encounters, Kevin pays a visit to a therapist. Tom finds himself in a precarious situation with Christine, a favorite of Wayne's. A frustrated Meg is asked to part with pieces of her past. Jill and Aimee tail Nora Durst, who became a local celebrity when her entire family disappeared in the Departure.
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The Leftovers: Pilot: The Old World Is Gone  Season 1, Episode 1

Three years after the abrupt disappearance of 2% of the world's population, what happens next? [more inside]
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