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Infinity Train: Book 4 - Duet  Season 4, Ep 0

Min-Gi and Ryan are childhood best friends who dream of performing in a band and traveling across Canada, together. After a sudden falling out splits them apart, both find themselves aboard the mysterious Infinity Train. Lost and confused, they meet Kez, a free-spirited concierge bell, who accompanies them on their journey. As tensions rise and old wounds come to light, both Min-Gi and Ryan must decide if they can work together or else risk losing themselves forever aboard the Infinity Train.
posted by Marticus on Apr 15, 2021 - 7 comments

Infinity Train: The Grid Car  Season 1, Ep 1

After her divorced parents fail to keep their promise of taking her to game design camp, 12-year-old Tulip angrily runs away from home in an attempt to get there on her own. She finds herself on a mysterious train that seems to be in another dimension and surrounded by dangerous creatures, but gets help from a small robot named One-One. [more inside]
posted by Marticus on Jul 22, 2019 - 4 comments

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