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Podcast: Answer Me This!: AMT305: Stolen Olives, Men with Tiny Feet, and Chicken and Egg

"The first AMT of 2015 is an absolute peach, so trot over to answermethispodcast.com/episode305 to read all about it." [more inside]
posted by jazon on Jan 9, 2015 - 2 comments

Podcast: Judge John Hodgman: TL;DNR

A man suggested that his friend read a very long series of fantasy novels, but isn't satisfied with the pace of her reading. [more inside]
posted by jazon on Jan 3, 2015 - 5 comments

Movie: The Ninth Gate

THE SPIRIT OF 99 VIEWING CLUB - Alternately hired and haunted by Satan-worshiping bibliophiles, ethically-challenged rare book appraiser Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) jaunts around Europe hoping to unravel the mystery surrounding the rarest, most Satanest book ever, The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows. [more inside]
posted by carsonb on Nov 21, 2014 - 25 comments

Outlander: The Gathering  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 4

Claire plans to attempt an escape during the "Gathering," but her plans are thwarted.
posted by tracicle on Aug 31, 2014 - 2 comments

Outlander! Do we need two threads?

The first episode of the TV adaptation of Outlander is online now, with the official premiere next weekend. Would anyone else like this to be a part of the regular Fanfare rotation? And if so, like GoT, does this warrant a "Book readers" and "Show only" split? [more inside]
posted by olinerd on Aug 2, 2014 - 37 comments

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