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Star Wars Rebels: Brothers of the Broken Horn  Season 2, Ep 4

Seeking a brief respite from the training demands of being a padewan, soldier, and crew member of the Ghost, Ezra takes an unannounced trip to respond to a distress beacon signaling from the ship of a well known smuggler. Instead of the smuggler he expected, Ezra encounters Hondo Ohnaka, a pirate and familiar face to viewers of The Clone Wars. Also, Chopper tries to shoot people. [more inside]
posted by Atreides on Nov 5, 2015 - 13 comments

Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Resolve  Season 1, Ep 13

The Jedi Kanan, captured and in the hands of Grand Moff Tarkin and the Inquisitor, is tortured in an attempt to learn more about his rebel compatriots. The crew of the Ghost strive to discover Kanan's location so a rescue can be plotted and find themselves forced to put Chopper on a dangerous mission to gather potential intelligence to Kanan's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ezra's broadcast to the galaxy has had an effect and unbeknownst to the young Jedi in training, he is becoming a symbol of hope for those who dream of rebellion. [more inside]
posted by Atreides on Feb 26, 2015 - 15 comments

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