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The Apothecary Diaries: The Threat  Season 1, Ep 4

An imperial order is not one that can be refused, and so Maomao is assigned to the Crystal Palace to heal the ailing Wise Consort, Lihua - but her ladies in waiting may be the biggest threat to the Consort... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on May 9, 2024 - 3 comments

The Apothecary Diaries: The Unsettling Matter Of The Spirit  Season 1, Ep 3

When reports of a ghostly lady dancing on the walls of the Rear Palace reach Jinshi, he asks Maomao to look into the matter. But when it turns out to be a sleepwalking concubine, it winds up that there's more to this case than originally thought... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 25, 2024 - 2 comments

The Apothecary Diaries: Chilly Apothecary  Season 1, Ep 2

Settling into her new role as lady in waiting in the Jade Pavilion, Maomao finds herself placed in a role that might make use of her particular talents - as well as becoming an advisor and drugmaker to Jinshi... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 23, 2024 - 2 comments

The Apothecary Diaries: Maomao  Season 1, Ep 1

Maomao, a young apothecary raised and trained by her uncle and adoptive father Luomen, is kidnapped and sold into the service of the Imperial Court's Rear Palace - the "flower garden" where the Emperor's concubines are kept, along with the staff to maintain them. She tries to keep her head down in order to complete the term of indentured servitude she's been sold into - but a medical mystery winds up drawing her into the orbit of the eccentric master of the Rear Palace, Jinshi... [more inside]
posted by NoxAeternum on Apr 21, 2024 - 6 comments

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