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Podcast: The Allusionist: 13. Mixed Emojions

Emoji allow communication without words. Could emoji be the universal language of the 21st century? Matt Gray and Tom Scott, founders of the emoji-only messaging platform emoj.li, talk through the pitfalls; and History Today’s Dr Kate Wiles finds the 500- and 5,000-year-old precedents for emoji. [more inside]
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Podcast: Slack Variety Pack: Episode 1 - Starter Pack

Welcome to the first episode of the Slack Variety Pack, a podcast brought to you by Slack. This is a show about work, life, and everything in-between. In this episode, we go inside a $10 million quantum computer, talk productivity with BJ Novak at an NHL game, meet up with a Mars One candidate, hear about an epic fist fight in an office, and invent Audio Emojis.
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