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iZombie: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat  Season 1, Ep 12

Liv veers between cheerleader brain and stoner brains as she tries to track down a certain other zombie. Major gets himself in more shit, Peyton finds out more than she wanted to know, and Ravi's cure hits a little snag. [more inside]
posted by jenfullmoon on Jun 2, 2015 - 19 comments

iZombie: Pilot  Season 1, Ep 1

Six months ago, Olivia Moore was a kickass medical student, before she went to the worst party ever and woke up in a body bag as a zombie. Six months later she's hiding her condition, super depressed, and working in a morgue so she can get a hold of brains to eat. And then a detective comes to her looking for help...and the brain eating she just did of the most recent victim helps her see what was going on before the victim died. [more inside]
posted by jenfullmoon on Mar 18, 2015 - 27 comments

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