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Amphibia: Escape to Amphibia  Season 3, Ep 10

At last, with the help of their friends and family, Anne and the Plantars are on the verge of returning to Amphibia, but Mr. X and the FBI are closing in. [more inside]
posted by JHarris on Apr 3, 2022 - 0 comments

Amphibia: Hollywood Hop Pop/If You Give a Frog a Cookie  Season 3, Ep 8

Hollywood Hop Pop: Hop Pop, a failed actor in Amphibia, gets an audition for a Hollywood commercial and nails it, and it gets him an audition for a big movie role, but his face being everywhere makes it easy for Mr. X to track him down. If You Give a Frog a Cookie: the Plantars are homesick, resulting in Anne seeking the help of crazy Dr. Frakes, who's been working on a portal machine, to try to get them back home. [more inside]
posted by JHarris on Nov 20, 2021 - 2 comments

Amphibia: Mr. X/Sprig's Birthday  Season 3, Ep 6

Mr. X: An FBI special agent and alien enthusiast finds evidence of frogs from another dimension, and chases Anne and the Plantars through a movie theater, while Anne's parents figure out a way to save them. Sprig's Birthday: On hearing that Amphibians don't make a huge deal over birthdays, Anne resolves to give Sprig a birthday he'll never forget. As a result they almost die. [more inside]
posted by JHarris on Nov 7, 2021 - 2 comments

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