Amphibia: Stakeout
August 2, 2021 10:58 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Anne and Hop Pop are arguing, so Sprig hides Hop Pop's prize-winning corn and suggests they watch the field overnight in a misguided ploy to bring them closer together. As a result he and Polly almost die.

  • The Hendersons next door, they must have had some real problems.
  • Character ages! Anne is 13, we know that from before. Hop-Pop is 68, according to this episode. Sprig, we find out later, is ten. I dont know Pollys age, but everyone calls her a baby so she cant be very old. One reason this is a matter of interest is, it helps us to track down when Sprig and Pollys parents died and Hop Pop started taking care of them. He was out adventuring when that happened, so the number of years hes been a farmer must therefore be less than Pollys age. ("Whos that at the door? Is it the puzzle of the month club?")
  • Anne and Hop Pops lookout is the wall from the Season One closing credits.
  • Anne and Hop Pops body chemstries are so different that drinking each others energy drinks causes them to hallucinate and believe they have magic powers. Oddly, they seem to be able to see each others hallucinations.
  • According to information on the wiki, when this episode was written the writers still didnt have a good idea of Sprigs character. His crazy movements and plans in this episode helped them nail down what hes like. This is somewhat reprised in Season Twos episode, The Plantars Check In.
  • Annes glowing hair in this episode is foreshadowing.... Its interesting comparing her moves in this hallucination episode to... well... later.
  • Bouldertron.
  • From the backpack: another teen magazine, a bottle of Blam Berry Blitz energy drink.
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