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January 26

Mystery Science Theater 3000: TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000  Rewatch   Season 8, Episode 7

Rewatch! Scientists invent a time machine. Lady comes from the future, where apparently most people are sterile, in order to take fertile men back with her. If there's anything these movies have taught me, it's that the future causes impotency. But she kills a nurse in order to take her place, because the future causes psychopathy too. In the show's "plot," we're still in Observer world. Previously.
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Agatha Christie's Poirot: Death in the Clouds  Season 4, Episode 2

While Poirot sleeps on an airplane flight from Paris to London, a notorious French moneylender is murdered with a poisoned dart.
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The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian  Season 1, Episode 5

A new ally emerges.
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January 25

Archive 81: Mystery Signals  Season 1, Episode 1

A skilled video editor / restorer is hired to examine some cassettes that were found in the smoldering remains of the Visser Building. They were shot by a sociologist doing research on the building's inhabitants. Mixing found-footage with scenes from the past and present, the mystery deepens. It's the video version of the Archive 81 podcast
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The Gilded Age: Never the New  Season 1, Episode 1

1882. After the death of her father and accompanied by Peggy Scott, Marian Brook travels to New York to live with her aristocratic aunts, Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook. Meanwhile, determined to break into society, ruthless tycoon George Russell and his ambitious wife Bertha move their family into a lavish mansion across the street and prepare to throw their first soirée. [more inside]
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Podcast: The Besties: The Besties Game of the Year Spectacular - Part Two

THE RITUAL IS COMPLETE. Once again, we've weighed the merits of EVERY VIDEO GAME released in 2021, and named one of them the ultimate victor. May the Gaming Gods bless us with an even richer crop in the coming year, and also happy holidays, or whatever. [more inside]
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January 24

Critical Role: Chasing Nightmares  Season 3, Episode 11

The group comes face to face with the terrifying entity known as the Nightmare King but the interaction leaves only questions to an increasingly perplexing puzzle...
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Movie: 2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

Opening exposition: It's 2025. The world as we have known in 2020 does not exist anymore. The virus changed the world. Communism is all over the place. A global state developed, meetings are illegal, travelling is illegal, and Christianity is illegal.
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January 23

The Righteous Gemstones: As To How They Might Destroy Him  Season 2, Episode 4

Father-son tensions reach an all-time high as the entire Gemstone family gathers for BJ’s baptism. [more inside]
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Saturday Night Live: Will Forte / Måneskin  Season 47, Episode 11

First-time hosting [more inside]
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Beastars: full season  Season 2 (Full Season)

In a world of anthropomorphic animals, a reclusive wolf's complicated relationship with a kindly rabbit is tested by a classmate's murder, a charismatic deer's influence, and his own burgeoning predatory instincts.
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Project Runway: The Model As Muse  Season 19, Episode 12

For the first time ever in Project Runway history, the designers will be creating looks for the same Supermodel in this one-of-a-kind challenge. They must create editorial looks specifically inspired by internationally renowned model, Coco Rocha. And shockingly, there's no runway. The final five are tasked to show artistic range by delivering a perfect look and a perfect photograph to show it off. (IMDB) Spoilers inside [more inside]
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January 22

As We See It: Season 1 (All Episodes)  Season 1 (Full Season)

Amazon: "Finding love, making friends, getting a job, adulting. Watch as three roommates on the autism spectrum navigate their early 20s with all its joy, tears and laughter. From the Emmy award winning Jason Katims (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights) comes the new series As We See It, launching January 21st, only on Prime Video." [more inside]
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Movie: Eyes of Fire

A preacher is accused of adultery and he and his followers are chased out of town and become stranded in an isolated forest which is haunted by the spirits of long dead Native Americans. [more inside]
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January 21

Twentysomethings: Austin: Season 1 All Episodes  Season 1 (Full Season)

Eight twenty-somethings set out to find success in life and love in Austin, Texas; living together and leaning on each other, they experience the highs and lows that come with being an adult. [more inside]
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Book: Vicious

First in a duology (possibly expanding to a trilogy), V. E. Schwab's story of best friends who become enemies. Which one is the villain and which is the hero? [more inside]
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Movie: The Last Thing Mary Saw

Southold, New York, 1843: Young Mary, blood trickling from behind the blindfold tied around her eyes, is interrogated about the events surrounding her grandmother’s death. As the story jumps back, we witness Mary, raised in a repressively religious household, finding fleeting happiness in the arms of Eleanor, the home’s maid. Her family, who believe they are seeing, speaking, and acting on God’s behalf, view the girls’ relationship as an abomination, to be dealt with as severely as possible. [more inside]
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January 20

Peacemaker: The Choad Less Traveled  Season 1, Episode 4

Chris' dad may be a contender for Worst Bad Dad in a Superperson's Origin, and that's including Thanos. Leota has her own cat's-in-the-cradle-and-the-silver-spoon moment, and there's a big last-minute revelation. [more inside]
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Podcast: Maintenance Phase: Diet Book Deep Dive: The Karl Lagerfeld Diet

Who's that Bond villain stroking a cat and yelling at beloved public figures? It's Karl Lagerfeld! This week, Mike and Aubrey go in on fashion's favorite turbo troll and his fancy, joyless diet. This episode serves four. https://www.patreon.com/maintenancephase
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And Just Like That...: "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"  Season 1, Episode 8

The continuing adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, and their new friends (but not Samantha). [more inside]
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Somebody Somewhere: BFD  Season 1, Episode 1

Summary: "When the devastation of her sister Holly’s death trickles into her workplace, Sam finds an unexpected connection with her coworker Joel." [more inside]
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Star Trek: Prodigy: Time Amok  Season 1, Episode 8

After a tachyon storm hits the protodrive, the crew's time is out of joint, and it's up to Rok-Tahk to set it right. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE  Rewatch   Season 8, Episode 5

Rewatch! Oh this one's rich. Buried in a box somewhere in the old west is an Evil Head. A psychically sensitive young woman finds it and immediately becomes its mind-controlled minion, and about 50% sluttier because we all know Evil Heads yearn to possess young women so that they can get it on by proxy. Eventually it manipulates the other people on the dude ranch (they have about 100 head of dude) to uncover the rest of its body and reunite the two, which seal together making it whole sure why not. Sadly, it then is knocked over and re-croaks, this time permanently, about 20 seconds later. So much for the power of evil. In the words of Paul Chaplin: "Alternate title: The Thing That Died." In the subplot, it's Observer Time. Previously.
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Podcast: The Besties: The Besties Game of the Year Spectacular - Part One

It's the day of the show, y'all! We've got a sweet sixteen games from this year up for the GOTY consideration, and by the end of the episode, we'll have whittled them down to an exquisite eight. Join us for a extra-long episode as we begin arbitrarily smashing these pieces of software together until only one survives! [more inside]
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January 19

Movie: Bloodbath at the House of Death

Six scientists investigate a strange phenomenon at the creepy Headstone Manor, the site of a mysterious massacre years earlier that took the lives of 18 guests in one night. [more inside]
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Agatha Christie's Poirot: The ABC Murders  Season 4, Episode 1

Poirot receives taunting letters from a serial killer who appears to choose his victims and crime scenes alphabetically.
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Book: My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

In her quickly gentrifying rural lake town, Jade Daniels sees recent events for which only her encyclopedic knowledge of horror films could have prepared her. [more inside]
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The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm  Season 1, Episode 4

Boba Fett rescues Fennec Shand. [more inside]
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January 18

Hotel Del Luna: Hotel del Luna (Full Season)  Season 1 (Full Season)

When he's invited to manage a hotel for dead souls, an elite hotelier gets to know the establishment's ancient owner and her strange world. [more inside]
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All Creatures Great and Small: Second season  Season 2 (Full Season)

A new season has started! The numerous adventures of a friendly staff at a country veterinarian practice in 1930s to 1940s Yorkshire. [more inside]
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Podcast: The Besties: The Grappling Hook Brings You Back to Halo Infinite

How much can a single device — one that's been present in video games as long as there's been video games — renovate the Halo formula? As it turns out: A whole bunch. Join us as we discuss Halo Infinite's campaign and multiplayer modes, and talk at length about where Chief's poop goes.Games discussed: Halo Infinite, Loop Hero on Switch, Binding of Isaac (again), Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker (briefly) [more inside]
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January 17

The Righteous Gemstones: For He Is a Liar and the Father of Lies  Season 2, Episode 3

After noticing a change in Eli’s behavior, the Gemstone siblings dig deeper into their father’s mysterious past. [more inside]
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Criminal Minds: Nelson's Sparrow  Season 10, Episode 13

In "Nelson's Sparrow," in a flashback to the early days of the BAU, the young Gideon exclaims to the young Rossi, "There are only three of us!" He was referring to their inadequate manpower. Who was the third? Nothing I have seen identifies a third founding member of the BAU. Thanks.
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Movie: On the Waterfront

An ex-prize fighter turned New Jersey longshoreman struggles to stand up to his corrupt union bosses, including his older brother, as he starts to connect with the grieving sister of one of the syndicate's victims. [more inside]
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Critical Role: Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates  Season 3, Episode 10

After a successful but interrupted burglary, the party splits in order to follow leads, go on a date, and investigate the machinations of the mysterious Nightmare King...
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Book: The Final Girl Support Group

Marilyn survived a massacre in Texas. Adrienne barely overcame a maniac who targeted a summer camp. Dani had to defeat her own homicidal brother when he turned into a killer at Halloween. Heather escaped a killer called The Dream King. Julia outwitted her boyfriend and his best friend when they turned their love of slasher films into a real life killing spree. Lynette was the only survivor of an escaped lunatic dressed as Santa. They meet in secret with their therapist for a very specialized support group... Until all at once, it seems someone wants these "final girls" turned middle-aged survivors dead.
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January 16

Movie: Memoria

A Scottish orchid farmer visiting her ill sister in Bogota, Colombia, befriends a young musician and a French archaeologist in charge of monitoring a century-long construction project to tunnel through the Andes mountain range. Each night, she is bothered by increasingly loud bangs which prevent her from getting any sleep.
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Yellowjackets: Season Finale  Season 1, Episode 10

On the night of their 25-year class reunion, the Yellowjackets navigate damning evidence, false alibis and a dubious attempt to “heal.” In the wilderness, the Doomcoming fallout finds everything firmly off the rails as simmering resentments come to a head. [more inside]
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Peacemaker: Better Goff Dead  Season 1, Episode 3

That one time when Peacemaker said, "I cherish peace with all of my heart. I don't care how many men, women and children I kill to get it"? Yeah... about that. [more inside]
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Project Runway: Haute Hair Collab  Season 19, Episode 11

It's time for a twist--a hair twist, that is. In this one day challenge, the designers are each teamed with an up-and-coming hairstylist for a head-to-toe fashion collaboration. The pairs will work together to create an innovative design and hair look that compliment each other that showcases their creativity to the judges and guest judge, model Precious Lee. (IMDB). Spoilers inside. [more inside]
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Saturday Night Live: Ariana DeBose / Bleachers  Season 47, Episode 10

Bleachers replaces Roddy Ricch due to COVID exposure. [more inside]
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January 15

Movie: The Man Who Knew Too Much

An American doctor and his wife, a former singing star, witness a murder while vacationing in Morocco, and are drawn into a twisting plot of international intrigue when their young son is kidnapped. [more inside]
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Book: Crossed Skis by Carol Carnac

Crossed Skis, published in 1952, tells the twin stories of an enthusiastic group departing by train to ski the Austrian Alps, while in dreary London a mysterious fire leads to the discovery of a body. As both threads of the story progress, it seems that the lighthearted travelers have someone in their group who may be hiding a terrible secret.
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Legends of Tomorrow: Paranoid Android  Season 7, Episode 8

Meet the alt-Legends we saw at the end of the last episode, who are convinced that they're chasing android versions of themselves. "We are the REAL Legends of Tomorrow." [more inside]
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Movie: Savageland

When the 57 residents of Arizona border town Sangre de Cristo are massacred in a single night in 2011, the sole survivor, a Mexican immigrant, is quickly arrested, charged, and convicted of single-handedly murdering all of them. In 2015, a documentary examines the case and raises questions: Why doesn't the evidence seem to implicate him? Why were people so eager to blame him, no matter how implausibly? And do the horrors captured on the roll of film he shot that night provide a more plausible explanation for the killings? [more inside]
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January 14

Peacemaker: Best Friends, For Never  Season 1, Episode 2

Peacemaker has a friend... sort of. Also, his dad is pretty bad. [more inside]
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Movie: The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

English artist Louis Wain rises to prominence at the end of the 19th century for his surreal cat paintings that seemed to reflect his declining sanity. Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy star in this affecting biopic of the Victorian painter whose enthusiasms were overtaken by mental illness. [more inside]
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Movie: Scream (2022)

Twenty-five years after the original series of murders in Woodsboro, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to uncover the truth.
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Podcast: The Besties: Our Fall Favorites Leading into GOTY Season

As we near the thrilling climax of 2021, we're taking a seasonal approach to see what games stood out over the last three (or so) months. Joining us this week is Kirk Hamilton (of the Triple Click and Strong Songs podcasts) to dive into this giant leaf pile that is the fall release calendar. Games discussed: Metroid Dread, Resident Evil 4 VR, Deathloop, Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye, Death's Gambit Afterlife, Forza Horizon 5, Inscryption, Archvale, The Binding of Isaac Repentence, and Wildermyth. [more inside]
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January 13

Peacemaker: A Whole New Whirled  Season 1, Episode 1

After being discharged from the hospital following the events of the movie The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith, aka the Peacemaker, is re-recruited by A.R.G.U.S. for a new mission, Project Butterfly. [CW: gore, explicit sex, racist/antisemitic language] [more inside]
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The Righteous Gemstones: After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come  Season 2, Episode 2

Eli fends off a big-city reporter sitting on long-held secrets. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Babylon's Ashes  Show Only   Season 6, Episode 6

In the thrilling season finale, Inners and Belters fight side by side with the crew of the Rocinante in a last, massive, desperate battle with Marco and his Free Navy, with the fate of the Solar System, the Ring Gates, and of all humanity hanging in the balance. On Amazon Prime now.
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Movie: Lake Mungo

Alice drowns while swimming and her family begins experiencing inexplicable events in their home. The family hires a parapsychologist whose investigation unveils Alice's secret double life and leads them all to Lake Mungo. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE DEADLY MANTIS  Rewatch   Season 8, Episode 4

Rewatch! A big frozen bug from prehistory is thawed out and begins eating people. They swat it with a jet plane. This is the last episode with Deep Ape, and begins the "chase" subplot that lasts most of the rest of the season. Previously.
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Movie: 37 Seconds

Yuma is a young Japanese woman with cerebral palsy. Torn between her obligations towards her family and her dream to become a manga artist, she struggles to lead a self-determined life. [more inside]
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Station Eleven: Full Season  Season 1 (Full Season)

Based on the bestselling novel, this post-apocalyptic saga follows the survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew – while holding on to the best of what’s been lost. [more inside]
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And Just Like That...: Sex and the Widow  Season 1, Episode 7

Continuing adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (but not Samantha) [more inside]
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Movie: Lake of the Dead

A group of friends venture into the Osterdal forests to join Liljan's brother Bjørn at his remote cabin. Liljan's suspicion that her brother is in danger are confirmed when they arrive to find his dog dead and no sign of him. The gang is spooked further by a legend associated with the cabin: that a man who lived there once killed his sister and her lover and then drowned himself in the lake. Since then, it is said that anyone who stays in the cabin will be driven to the same fate. Norway's first horror film. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Prodigy: First Con-tact  Season 1, Episode 7

Dal makes the mistake of bringing his old Ferengi friend along to a world of sound and fury. [more inside]
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January 12

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: AEW Dynamite 1/12 & Rampage 1/14  Season 3, Episode 15

I'm in a hurry, so I borrowed the card description from Last Word On Sports: In this edition of Dynamite, “The Best In The World” will have his hands full against “Mr. Mayhem.” The mastodon of Team Taz seeks revenge against the high-flying Dante Martin. Plus, the Interim TNT Championship will be on the line as “The Spanish God” defends his newly-won crown against the dangerous “Red Death”. [more inside]
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