The Besties: We'll Be Talking About Elden Ring for a Long Time
March 4, 2022 3:55 AM - Subscribe

Consider the title of this episode a warning: Elden Ring is a game that we're gonna be discussing A LOT for the foreseeable future, starting in this very episode. Join us as we discuss what works about From Software's new open-world Souls-like, which is to say, everything. Other games discussed: Puzzle Quest 3, Steam Deck, Colin Farrell
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Uggghhhh I want to play this now. Never played a From Software game before but.. maybe? Also it would probably run like garbage on my old base-model PS4.
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I played about 10 minutes of this on a friend's PS5, and while on the one hand I do still want to give the game a fair shot, on the other hand nothing about that experience made me feel like this was any less as brutal, unforgiving, and sometimes deliberately cruel as any Dark Souls game, which is the aspect of them that pretty consistently puts me off. though actually it's more that I don't like how characters move in these From Software games -- everything feels lumbering and heavy; anyway for some mix of those reasons, Souls-like/From games are a place where I find my tastes diverging most consistently from the Besties boys.

on the other other hand, there is something deliriously glorious about being able to explain that I was frustrated with a game because a crow blew me up by throwing a flaming barrel at me, then did it again after I respawned, then his brother killed me after I respawned again because I did not notice in time that the crows also had swords for feet??? and in general the arguments made in the episode, and how gorgeous and genuinely weird and threatening the world is, is probably gonna get me to jump in sooner or later

also I do remain very excited about receipt of my Steam Deck some time in probably like 2034
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I've been playing this on my non-pro ps4 and it runs just fine. There is some occasional choppiness when a lot of stuff is happening on screen at once but this doesn't happen very often. It does make the fan spin like crazy though.
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