Critical Role: A Traveler's Gamble Ep: 66
October 5, 2016 9:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 66 - Subscribe

Vox Machina request an audience with the elusive ruler of Markhet, to try and gain an ally for the upcoming battle against the Chroma Conclave.

Warning: From here on there be spoiler type information:
  1. Vox Machine get an audience with J’mon Sa Ord and ask for thier help
  2. The whereabouts of Mistress Asharru are finally uncovered
  3. Also Spice
You can watch the episode Here:

[Please Note: IMDB lists this as episode Season 5 Episode 12 because the previous weeks episode was a non Vox Machina one shot game. There are no episodes missing between this (66) and last weeks episode (65)]
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