Any interest in Wolfblood? (Netflixfilter)
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Wolfblood, a YA series from CBBC has just been added to Netflix USA and Netflix Canada (I haven't checked UK, but in the UK it's available on BBC iPlayer). Any interest in a discussion of the series, or a watch-through episode by episode?

The show follows Madeline "Mads" Smith, a teenage Wolfblood (werewolf) as she balances high school (British viewers feel free to correct my terminology) with keeping her heritage a secret, and chasing (usually quite literally -- every episode seems to include a run through the woods) the new boy in town who is also, of course, a Wolfblood. So far, the dialog is crisp and the tone is varying from surreal to gritty in a pleasingly random fashion.

Good points: usually passes the Bechdel test, the actor playing Mads is great, and the werewolf parents are wonderfully warm and goofy.

Bad points: the restriction on sex (not sure if this is a CBBC requirement) requires some odd write-arounds that sometimes feel forced.
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