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Book 5 in our Publication Order read through of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.

“All this books and stuff, that isn’t what it should all be about. What we need is real wizardry.

All is not well within the Unseen University. The endemic politics of the place have ensured that it has finally got what it wished for: the most powerful wizard on the disc. Which could mean that the death of all wizardry is at hand. And the world is going to end, depending on whom you listen to. Unless of course one inept wizard can take the University’s most precious artefact, the very embodiment of magic itself, and deliver it halfway across the disc to safety…”

First Book - The Color of Magic
Previous Book - Mort
Next Book - Wyrd Sisters
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I'm looking forward to reading this, but haven't started yet. Can't wait to see the Luggage again!

Also, may I just say that between these first 5 books and the out of order mix that I already owned, my Discworld bookshelf (yes, I'm purchasing actual physical books) is really starting to come along and look nice. Bonus!
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yes, I'm purchasing actual physical books

I understand. I went a bit crazy after borrowing Night Watch from a friend, then wanting them all.
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This is the first one that I really liked. Pratchett had largely worked out how Discworld should work, and he's gotten his writing in shape as well.
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Rincewind standing up to a immensely powerful threat with a halfbrick in a sock is an image that's stuck with me for a long time.
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Reading this on Kindle, I was super surprised to find that I don't remember much from this book at all. Then I realized that's because it's one of the few that I don't have as a physical book, so I have probably only read it once or twice, rather than many times like with the others.

The idea of a lovelorn Luggage always make me giggle. Conversely, I didn't remember Coin crying in his room - that was sadder than I expected.
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It's strange, the more I re-read this one, the less I like it. Possibly it's expectations - I have low expectations of Colour and Light, so they either match or barely exceed them. Rites and Mort start to get us away from the early books and expand the worldbuilding, so I can forgive some of their weaknesses. This one, especially re-reading in this order, feels like a step back. The later Rincewind stories have more of a world to play in, which gives them more depth. This one falls in between - the wider world is there, but behind glass.

The sock is great, though.
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I was definitely disappointed in this one. Maybe it was the loss of the Tourist but this book seemed like a steep drop from Color and Light.
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I don't like the theme of "All-powerful child does terrible things and holds people hostage," so this book isn't something I can fully relax with. I do love the Luggage having even more of a personality, and Rincewind's development as a character.
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This one works better than Color and Light for me because, even though I miss Twoflower, Rincewind with a purpose other than just running away from things is a far, far more relatable character in my opinion. It also raises the very good question of what use, exactly, Wizards have in this world (whereas we've already seen, and will soon see more, of just how vital Witches are to the running of day-to-day things, and seen Witches dismissed by Wizards in Equal RItes for precisely that reason.)

The world isn't quite there yet, but it's close. Rincewind with the half-brick in the sock is fantastic. I love Coin asking if it's immensely powerful, and Rincewind responding, seemingly sincerely, that if you found another one, you'd have a brick, so...
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