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A suspended lawyer is forced to enroll in a community college with an eclectic staff and student body.

Community: Six Seasons and a Rewatch  Rewatch   All Seasons

Having listened recently to the Vulture Festival Community reunion panel, I'm rewatching the whole series. (Again.) [more inside]
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Community: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television  Season 6, Episode 13

Two families come to troubling realizations about their futures. Season (series?) finale. [more inside]
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Community: Wedding Videography  Season 6, Episode 12

Garrett proposes to his girlfriend. Abed films everything from proposal to wedding. The gang shows up drunk and late and get chastised by Garrett's mom into being the best wedding guests ever. And then Jeff stumbles across something.... [more inside]
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Community: Modern Espionage  Season 6, Episode 11

It's paintball again! Except this time (a) Frankie's trying to shut it down and the game's gone underground, and (b) someone from City College is running it anonymously. [more inside]
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Community: Basic RV Repair and Palmistry  Season 6, Episode 10

The gang (minus Chang) is on a mountain road in Elroy's RV with a giant hand lashed to the top. Abed tries to exposit via flashback, then tries to solve act-ending problems via flashback, but ultimately has to learn that it's not a show, it's real life. [more inside]
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Community: Grifting 101  Season 6, Episode 9

Yes, they offer "Grifting 101" at Greendale, literally. Most of the cast is super psyched to take it. Jeff, of course, has issues with the professor. [more inside]
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Community: Intro to Recycled Cinema  Season 6, Episode 8

After Chang moves to Hollywood and becomes a big hit as the "Haaaaaaaaam, girl!" guy, the Greendale Committee take advantage of the three minutes of footage Abed has of him to make their version of Plan 9 From Outer Space. [more inside]
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Community: Advanced Safety Features  Season 6, Episode 7

Britta's old boyfriend, formerly selling sandwiches, returns to guerrilla market Hondas. She joins in the business. In other news, there's an alumni dance, everyone guesses each other's ears, and Jeff angsts that Elroy doesn't like him. [more inside]
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Community: Basic E-mail Security  Season 6, Episode 6

Greendale is getting hacked because they hired a racist comedian to perform at the school. In a return to Old Britta, she campaigns for free speech and everyone else joins in, hacking be damned! [more inside]
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Community: Laws of Robotics and Party Rights  Season 6, Episode 5

Convicts start attending the school via those robot iPads you saw on "The Good Wife." Jeff of course gets into a war with one, who pulls similar shit to him and also tries to push him down the stairs. In other news, Britta wants to partay. [more inside]
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Community: Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing  Season 6, Episode 4

Copying what Yahoo said about it: The school board invites the Dean to become a member as long as he promotes his “homosexuality.” Chang auditions for “The Karate Kid,” with Annie’s help, and endures abusive treatment from the director. Abed tries to save baby birds nesting on the Greendale internet router with the help of Elroy. (Trigger warning: not all birds survive.) [more inside]
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Community: Basic Crisis Room Decorum  Season 6, Episode 3

Annie calls an emergency Greendale meeting at 2 a.m. after she finds out that City College is airing an attack ad claiming Greendale gave a degree to a dog. DID THAT HAPPEN!?!? [more inside]
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Community: Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care  Season 6, Episode 2

When Dean Pelton buys an elaborate '90s virtual-reality rig for the school, he soon goes mad with newfound godlike power. Unbeknownst to Britta, Annie and Abed reach out to her estranged parents (special guest stars Martin Mull & Lesley Ann Warren). Also, Chang is bitten by a cat. [more inside]
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Community: Ladders  Season 6, Episode 1

After a frisbee-related disaster decimates Greendale's finances, the school brings on a tightly-wound CFO (upgraded-to-regular Paget Brewster) to cut out wasteful spending. Meanwhile, the study group finds a new way to make money with Shirley's sandwich shop... [more inside]
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