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A plane from Dubai to London is hijacked over a 7 hour flight, while authorities on the ground scramble for answers.

Hijack: Brace Brace Brace  Season 1, Episode 7

Season finale. A new threat emerges onboard as Sam struggles to control the chaos unfolding around him.
posted by ellieBOA on Aug 2, 2023 at 9:24 AM - 32 comments

Hijack: Comply Slowly  Season 1, Episode 6

Faced with an impossible decision, the passengers ready themselves for a fight.
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Hijack: Less Than an Hour  Season 1, Episode 5

Sam attempts to convince the hijackers to land the plane. A list of demands reveals who's behind the hijacking.
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Hijack: Not Responding  Season 1, Episode 4

An incident team in Westminster scrambles to intercept fighter jets. Sam tries contacting the ground once more when a hijacker is injured.
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Hijack: Draw a Blank  Season 1, Episode 3

As the UK's counter terrorism unit learns of flight KA29, Sam gets involved in a risky plan to take on the hijackers.
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Hijack: 3 Degrees  Season 1, Episode 2

Spotting an opportunity, Sam executes a plan to get a covert message to authorities on the ground.
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Hijack: Final Call  Season 1, Episode 1

Sam Nelson gets on a flight to London hoping to win back his ex-wife, but something on board feels wrong--and his suspicions are confirmed.
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