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Assembled is a comprehensive documentary series that chronicles the creation of Marvel Studios' thrilling new shows and theatrical releases. Assembled is an immersive, and in-depth examination of the next phase of the MCU.

Marvel Studios: Assembled: The Making of Loki  Season 1, Episode 3

Marvel Studios ASSEMBLED: Loki explores the series centering on the MCU's chief mischief maker.
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Marvel Studios: Assembled / The Making of The Falcon & The Winter Soldie  Season 1, Episode 7

The 1-hour special following the conclusion of the series.
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WandaVision: Marvel Studios: Assembled / The Making of WandaVision  Season 1 (Full Season)

Not a new WandaVision episode! Join Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany and more, to go behind the scenes of the groundbreaking series 'WandaVision'. [more inside]
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