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Two Soviet intelligence agents pose as a married couple to spy on the American government.


The Americans: Start  Season 6, Episode 10

The Jennings face a choice that will change their lives forever.
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The Americans: Jennings, Elizabeth  Season 6, Episode 9

Stan catches up with Pastor Tim and Oleg, offers Philip his support, and shares his suspicions with Aderholt. Elizabeth watches over Nesterenko and does not have dinner with Claudia. Tatiana's latest operation goes badly. Paige learns more about the nitty gritty of her parents' spy operations. Philip meets up with Father Andrei. Elizabeth packs for a trip.
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The Americans: The Summit  Season 6, Episode 8

Philip brings Elizabeth up to speed on his spy activities. Elizabeth's nursing job comes to an end, and her relationship with Jackson takes several turns. Stan continues piecing together information and watching the Jennings. Renee gets notice of a job interview. Philip visits Stavos, tries on a new suit, and rents a video. Elizabeth questions an order from Claudia, and asks Philip to relay a message to Oleg.
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The Americans: Harvest  Season 6, Episode 7

Philip shares his worries over the failing business with Stan, then visits Chicago where the planned extraction of Harvest doesn't turn out quite as planned. Stan drives Henry to his friend's house and then visits the Jennings residence. At the FBI, Aderholt grieves over the failure of his operation while Stan begins to work a new theory. Erika gives Elizabeth another drawing lesson. Elizabeth briefs Paige. Philip reminisces about his wedding day.
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The Americans: Rififi  Season 6, Episode 6

Henry comes home for Thanksgiving, Aderholt updates Stan on counterintelligence's activities, Elizabeth goes to the movies and Chicago, Stan is grateful for his freedoms, and Philip makes some business decisions and corresponds with Oleg.
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The Americans: The Great Patriotic War  Season 6, Episode 5

Tatiana catches up with Oleg, Elizabeth gives Philip a good time and a work assignment, Stan gives Renee some career advice, Erika gives Elizabeth more lessons in drawing, Paige plays pinball and goes on the offensive against her intern boyfriend and his wingman, Stan visits Sofia with cake, Gennadi with pizza, and Philip for a beer, Philip tests Paige's sparring skills, Claudia, Elizabeth, and Paige talk about Russian history and their own history and test the merits of olive oil, and Philip's relationship with Kimmie takes a few new turns.
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The Americans: Mr. and Mrs. Teacup  Season 6, Episode 4

Oleg and Philip have their last chat, Elizabeth takes her best shot at getting the radiation sensor, Erika goes to a party, Paige enjoys a night out with a young man whom she thinks has potential, Philip has drinks with Stan and goes line dancing with Stavos, Arkady and Igor compare notes, Claudia has plans for Sofia and Gennadi's future, Kimmie has travel plans for herself, and Henry learns his future may not play out as planned.
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The Americans: Urban Transport Planning  Season 6, Episode 3

Philip, Elizabeth, and Paige conduct a post-mortem on the operation with Rennhull, Claudia, Elizabeth and Paige cook zharkoye, Elizabeth goes out for pizza and meets with a new target, Stan and Oleg catch up, Renee floats the idea of a career change by Stan, Philip gives his travel agents a pep talk, Sophia, Gennadi, and Ilya relocate, and Henry gets an assist.
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The Americans: Tchaikovsky  Season 6, Episode 2

Stan finds out an old friend of his is back in town, Philip loses a client, Erika and Glenn Haskard contemplate a difficult choice, Sofia and Gennadi experience marital difficulties, Elizabeth learns to draw on the right side of the brain, has lunch with one friend and a few nightly rendezvous with another, and Paige learns more about the scope of a spy's work.
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The Americans: Dead Hand  Season 6, Episode 1

A major arms-control summit looms in autumn of 1987; Elizabeth is pushed to her limits as never before; at the newly expanded travel agency, Philip encounters an unexpected visitor with a disquieting request. [more inside]
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The Americans: The Soviet Division  Season 5, Episode 13

In the fifth season finale of The Americans, "the Eckarts" help Alexei and Evgheniya with a family emergency, Paige continues to work at the food pantry and work out in the garage, Sofia's fiancé takes a test, Elizabeth gives Tuan career advice, Jim tells Kimmy he's relocating, Elizabeth, Philip, and Stan all consider retirement, Martha considers a new venture, and Henry finds out he got into St. Edwards and is being awarded his scholarship, only to find out there's another obstacle. [more inside]
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The Americans: The World Council of Churches  Season 5, Episode 12

Pastor Tim tells Paige about his career plans, Elizabeth and Philip tell Claudia and Pastor Tim about their retirement plans, Sofia tells Beeman and Aderholt about her matrimonial plans, Oleg talks relationships with his investigators, sentencing with his boss, camp life with his mother, and shop with his father, Mischa has dinner with his uncle, Elizabeth and Evgheniya clip coupons, Paige tries to change up her accessories, Pascha comes home from school with a new look, Tuan comes up with a new plan, and Henry makes dinner. [more inside]
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The Americans: Dyatkovo  Season 5, Episode 11

Oleg and his co-worker continue their food police work, Philip parents two of his sons and reminisces about his own father, William receives his memorial, Philip and Elizabeth are told to track down a former Nazi collaborator, Henry meets the Mail Robot, and Elizabeth declares herself ready to make a life change. [more inside]
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The Americans: Darkroom  Season 5, Episode 10

Stan, Renee, Philip, and Elizabeth have dinner, Brad and Alexei have kvass, Tatiana has a chat with Evgheniya, Oleg talks to his co-worker and does not talk to his parents, Sofia tells Aderholt and Beeman about her boyfriend, Pasha is dealing with a shitty situation at school, Philip and Elizabeth tie the knot, and there are new developments arising from Paige's relationship with Pastor Tim. [more inside]
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The Americans: IHOP  Season 5, Episode 9

Oleg answers some questions and gets some answers, Philip listens to audio and consults a priest, Stan is faced with a new dilemma and visits Linh Gaad, Gabriel visits Martha, Kimmy celebrates her 17th birthday, Henry announces he wants to leave home, and Tuan leaves home. [more inside]
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The Americans: Immersion  Season 5, Episode 8

Elizabeth and Paige are kung-fu fighting, Stan considers taking up skydiving, Claudia handles Philip and Elizabeth, Oleg has unwelcome visitors, Beeman and Aderholt make lunch and dental visit arrangements for Sofia, Evgheniya takes up some extra-curricular activities with one of her students, Henry plays video games with friends, Pasha's only friend cooks up a plot against him, and Philip gets dumped. [more inside]
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The Americans: The Committee on Human Rights  Season 5, Episode 7

As Paige becomes even more enmeshed in her parents' world, tensions with Matthew Beeman come to a head, Philip and Elizabeth's honeytraps take surprising turns, and Stan faces the consequences of overplaying his hand at the FBI. [more inside]
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The Americans: Crossbreed  Season 5, Episode 6

Mischa takes the last leg of his fruitless journey, while his unknown father Philip learns more about his own father, Gabriel visits a friend and announces his retirement, Elizabeth is reminded of an old friend and takes up Tai Chi and psychiatry, Beeman and Aderholt may have finally made a new friend, Evgheniya has her picture taken, Henry updates Stan on who the mysterious Chris is and tells his parents he has no interest in the family business, Paige continues her induction into the family business, and Oleg makes an arrest and retreats to a rooftop to deal with the CIA's overtures. Soundtrack: Peter Gabriel. [more inside]
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The Americans: Lotus 1-2-3  Season 5, Episode 5

Renee sees Romancing the Stone with Stan and Matthew, enjoys some pillow talk with Stan, and has drinks with Stan and Aderholt as well as a furtive escort home, Philip has sex and learns Lotus 1-2-3, Elizabeth has sex and eats Smores, Mischa meets with Gabriel, Philip has Russia flashbacks, Paige and Matthew have one of those awkward "us" discussions, Henry has unsuspected talents, Tuan learns to throw a football and has McDonald's, Oleg's parents host a The Bachelor-themed dinner party, and Oleg gets stood up. [more inside]
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The Americans: What's the Matter with Kansas?  Season 5, Episode 4

Philip and Elizabeth get new assignments from Gabriel and have dinner with Stan and Renée, Philip has a beer with Alexei, Elizabeth tries carob chips and goes hiking with Ben, Philip hits the treadmill and learns about logistics from Deirdre, Oleg continues to work as a food cop and to try to figure out how counteract the CIA's tactics, Stan threatens to sacrifice himself to protect Oleg, Paige crosses boundaries while babysitting for Pastor Tim, Mischa crosses borders, and Henry has issues with his math teacher and with the lack of Apple Jacks in the Jennings household. [more inside]
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The Americans: The Midges  Season 5, Episode 3

Stan and Aderholt can't seem to make any new friends, Alexei bowls and complains about Russia, Mischa's travel plans hit a snag, Paige practices rubbing her fingers together, Oleg investigates suspect tangerines, and Philip and Elizabeth get into cowboy cosplay. Also: MARTHA. [more inside]
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The Americans: Pests  Season 5, Episode 2

Stan makes some progress with "gym lady" Renée and expresses his concerns about both Oleg and Paige, Alexei keeps complaining about Russia, Elizabeth goes on a field trip, new Food Police Agent Oleg gets an unwelcome message, Paige punches her mother, Elizabeth and Philip are concerned about where and with whom Paige is sleeping, and Henry sleeps. [more inside]
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The Americans: Amber Waves  Season 5, Episode 1

In this first episode of the fifth season, Philip and Elizabeth begin a new mission in a new place with a new agent, Oleg begins a new job in Moscow, Mischa begins a journey, Paige begins combat training, Stan begins going to the gym every day, and Hans and William complete their last operation.
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The Americans: Persona Non Grata  Season 4, Episode 13

In the season four finale, William faces a legal and medical emergency. Paige gets further involved with Matthew and the spy trade. Mischa Jr. receives indirect help from his father and a gift from his mother. Oleg decides on a move, Arkady has his next move decided for him, and Elizabeth and Philip consider early retirement. The Washington Redskins lose the 1984 Superbowl 38-9.
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The Americans: A Roy Rogers in Franconia  Season 4, Episode 12

Mail Robot has an internal exam. Tatiana and Oleg get new job offers, and William is offered a trip abroad. Martha's parents and Stan each receive some valuable new information. Paige processes her new awareness of her parents' skills and has her first experience of honey pot duty. Henry learns about a startling new technological innovation.
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The Americans: Dinner for Seven  Season 4, Episode 11

The Russian plan for Don is revealed. Elizabeth spends quality time with Pastor Tim. Stan invites Oleg out and invites himself to dinner (again). Paige learns something new about her mother.
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The Americans: Munchkins  Season 4, Episode 10

Pastor Tim finds Ethiopia more of an adventure than he expected, and the Jennings find Alice to be a better player than they expected. Oleg and Tatiana engage in more pillow talk. Aderholt is marginalized by his new boss. Stan and Aderholt take Mr. Hanson out for drinks, Kimmie and Jim smoke pot, and Matthew and Paige drink coffee. Gaad entertains unexpected visitors and Elizabeth has second thoughts about the Young Hee and Don operation.
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The Americans: The Day After  Season 4, Episode 9

Everyone watches The Day After, William questions the merits of liquefying organs, Page drives a Camaro, Oleg and Tatiana take their working relationship to the next level, Pastor Tim looks forward to a trip to Ethiopia and a talk with the Jennings, Philip and Stan play racquetball, and Elizabeth plays Young Hee's husband Don.
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The Americans: The Magic of David Copperfield V  Season 4, Episode 8

Martha goes on a trip, Philip and Gabriel go out for a drink, Elizabeth goes to the movies, EST, and Lisa's house, Paige goes mini-golfing, and Gaad goes to the director's office.
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The Americans: Travel Agents  Season 4, Episode 7

The FBI and the KGB search for Martha while she takes a walk in the park. Oleg and Tatiana plan a circuitous shipping route. Philip has some cold borscht, Paige, Henry, and Matthew enjoy a cold beverage at the Beeman residence, and William's rat chills out.
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The Americans: The Rat  Season 4, Episode 6

Paige and Elizabeth enjoy some Korean food while Henry continues his video game marathon. Meanwhile, Martha faces several difficult truths, and William sets up a meeting.
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The Americans: Clark's Place  Season 4, Episode 5

Paige asks more questions. Henry and Philip reconnect with friends, while Elizabeth continues to grow a new relationship. Martha gains a couple of secret admirers. [more inside]
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The Americans: Chloramphenicol  Season 4, Episode 4

Philip, Elizabeth, William, and Gabriel have thoughts about loyalty. Stan looks at an apartment. Martha goes on a date. Nina is transferred. Oleg makes a deal with his father.
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The Americans: Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow  Season 4, Episode 3

Paige copes with new burdens that come with her family's secret - as Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain their cover without destroying their daughter.
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The Americans: Pastor Tim  Season 4, Episode 2

Nina gets her visit from her husband. Oleg and Elizabeth both get bad news. Paige and Henry get a computer. Henry and Stan talk man to man, Philip and Elizabeth talk EST, and Philip and Stan don't talk. No one seems willing to take Philip and Elizabeth's little vial of destruction off their hands, and Elizabeth discovers that Paige has confided in Pastor Tim.
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The Americans: Glanders  Season 4, Episode 1

Clark and Martha and Paige and Pastor Tim try to find their way forward. Gabriel gives Elizabeth and Philip a new mission. Philip reminisces about his childhood at EST and has drinks with Sandra. Stan does not think Tori's EST-style advice will help him improve his workplace relations at the FBI. Henry isn't seen, but his presences is smelt.
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The Americans: The Clock  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 2

What appears to be a simple operation grows more complicated. Stan shares the spoils of a day's work with Philip. Elizabeth offers to take Paige shopping, but oh those awkward teen years. [more inside]
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The Americans: Pilot  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 1

We are introduced to Elizabeth and Phillip, two KGB spies under deep cover as a married couple in suburban DC. They have an unexpected houseguest, and Phillip goes shopping for cowboy boots. Their new neighbor Stan takes an interest in their garage. [more inside]
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The Americans: March 8, 1983  Season 3, Episode 13

Elizabeth and Paige take a trip; Philip takes care of the Martha situation and tries to raise his level of self-awareness; Oleg updates Stan who updates Agent Gaad; Nina and Anton's relationship progresses; Zinaida does not get a BLT.
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The Americans: I Am Abassin Zadran  Season 3, Episode 12

Gabriel and Claudia discuss the future of Directorate S and Paige Jennings; Paige tests the limits of her independence and familial memories; Oleg and Tatiana essay to find merit in Mail Robot's work; Agents Beeman and Aderholt compare theories; Martha entertains two surprise visitors.
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The Americans: One Day In The Life Of Anton Baklanov  Season 3, Episode 11

Philip and Elizabeth continue to deal with Paige. Clark schools Martha. Oleg and Tatiana read English. Elizabeth wears garters. And the FBI candy machine is broken.
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The Americans: Stingers  Season 3, Episode 10

Paige makes a clear demand. Phillip and Elizabeth wrestle with existential issues. And Henry really digs Eddie Murphy in SNL.
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The Americans: Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?  Season 3, Episode 9

Hans takes on a freelance operation, Martha decides to get on with things and makes supper, Oleg and Stan take the next step in their plot to exchange Zinaida for Nina, Mail Robot entertains midnight visitors, and Philip and Gabriel play Scrabble.
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The Americans: Divestment  Season 3, Episode 8

Reuben, Joey Ramone, and Mary Stuart Masterson conduct interrogations at a black site, and make decisions regarding the future of those whom they interrogate. Paige begins an independent research project. Martha has a couple of counterproductive conversations. Arkady realizes he may never be able to take a train in Russia again. Elizabeth asks Gabriel for a favour. Nina receives a new assignment and meets her new boss, only to discover he's the same as the old boss. Mail Robot has a horrible day at work.
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The Americans: Walter Taffet  Season 3, Episode 7

In tonight's episode, Gaad finds an uninvited guest in his office, Martha cleans out her purse, Philip orders pizza, Elizabeth talks about parenting with a South African operative, and Hans experiences his first operation. This episode was the directorial debut of one Noah Emmerich. Soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac.
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The Americans: Born Again  Season 3, Episode 6

Stan goes on a date. Paige is further initiated into the church and her parents' profession by the respective efforts of Pastor Tim and her mother. Philip continues to work Kimmie while Nina continues to work her cellmate in an effort to get what they want. Mail Robot, Martha, and Agent Aderholt have a tête-à-tête-à-tête. Soundtrack: Pink Floyd.
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The Americans: Salang Pass  Season 3, Episode 5

Elizabeth arranges for new housing and career opportunities for her friend from AA, Martha and Clark consider enlarging their family, Paige shops for a new dress, Stan and Oleg discuss ways and means of reaching their common goal, and Philip and Kimmy spend a quiet night in. Soundtrack: A Flock of Seagulls.
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The Americans: Dimebag  Season 3, Episode 4

Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset. Philip and Elizabeth's friction escalates. Stan develops a theory with serious repercussions. Paige makes a surprising birthday wish.
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The Americans: Open House  Season 3, Episode 3

Elizabeth and Philip run into some traffic while on a mission, Philip experiences marital conflict with both his wives, and Elizabeth has some dental work done. Soundtrack: Air Supply.
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The Americans: Baggage  Season 3, Episode 2

Elizabeth and Philip come together to deal with a mission gone wrong. Stan welcomes a Soviet defector, Zinaida, to America. Nina acclimates to her new living arrangements.
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The Americans: EST Men  Season 3, Episode 1

Elizabeth loses key intel in the Season 3 premiere. Meanwhile, Stan tries to fix his marriage.
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The Americans: Echo  Season 2, Episode 13

The Jennings go on a surprise vacation. Agent Beeman arranges a date.
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The Americans: Operation Chronicle  Season 2, Episode 12

Elizabeth acts on Kate's message; Philip and Fred plan a paint job; Larrick is still on the hunt; Arkady tightens Stan's noose.
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The Americans: Stealth  Season 2, Episode 11

Philip and Elizabeth try to figure out what the FBI knows about "illegals." Philip sidles up to Željko Ivanek. Henry and the FBI think Stan is a hero. Nina's past catches up to her (twice). [more inside]
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