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A failing witchfinder transports a suspected witch to a trial that could change his fortunes, but first he must deal with the worst possible travel companion and road-free trip across the country gripped by civil war, famine, and ...

The Witchfinder: The Witchfinder, Episodes 1-6  Season 1 (Full Season)

In seventeenth century England, during a time of civil war, plague, and rampant superstition, a less than successful witchfinder, Gideon Bannister (Tim Key), must transport accused witch Thomasine Gooch (Daisy May Cooper) to a trial he hopes will impress the witchfinder general and change his fortunes, but he runs into various hindrances along the way, not the least of them being Thomasine's inconvenient habit of questioning the business practices of the witchfinding system.
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