Undisclosed: The State Vs. Adnan Syed

In the wake of Serial, much new evidence and information has been discovered and uncovered thanks to the investigations of attorneys Susan Simpson, Colin Miller, and the Adnan Syed Legal Trust. "Undisclosed" will examine and explore the case in greater detail, from an investigatory perspective instead of a narrative one.


Podcast: Undisclosed: The State Vs. Adnan Syed: Episode 3 - Jay's Day

Rabia Choudry, Collin Miller (EvidenceProf), and Susan Simpson (The View From LL2) attempt to reassemble Jay's path on the day Hae Min Lee died. The episode draws heavily on Simpson's research from last November, but also builds on it and alleges that the Baltimore Police illegally coached Jay to develop his story to frame Adnan.
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