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The Scholar Who Walks the Night: Eps 2 - 4  Season 1, Ep 2

Ep. 2 trigger warning for Gwi's seduction of a child to be his vampire minion. The bite etc is suggested more than shown but it is very creepy indeed. //As well as his secret forest mansion Eumseokgol Kim Seong Yeol maintains a base at the gibang owned by his companion Su Hyang. Having learnt in Ep. 1 that even with his new vampire powers he hasn't a hope in hell of facing up to Gwi, he has spent the 100-odd years since lurking, observing, looking for Prince Jeonghyeon's memorandum and on the way acquiring an impressive library and a reputation as a mysterious book-buying scholar. Developed by the Prince and the previous vampire guardian, the memorandum is a strategy for defeating Gwi. With KSY's help it was just about to be put into action when Gwi discovered it and destroyed all but one of the plotters. [more inside]
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