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Mystery Science Theater 3000: TEENAGE CAVEMAN  Season 3, Ep 15

(1958, Black & White, Roger Corman, Samuel Z. Arkoff) "Prehistoric Lovers Against Primitive Beasts!" Rebellous young caveman Robert Vaughn ventures into an area forbidden by his tribe's laws in order to discover A SHOCKING TWIST ENDING!! With shorts Aquatic Wizards (a newsreel cavalcade of water skiing) and Catching Trouble (woodsman Ross Allen terrorizes Everglades wildlife). The second Roger Corman movie the guys faced. Most of it is standard 50s cheese, but the twist ending maybe have been slightly more effective when it was made, and everyone wasn't half expecting it from the beginning. Of the shorts, Catching Trouble is a classic. It's easy to build up a serious loathing for Ross Allen by the end of it, so Joel and the 'bots little pageant where they run a Ross action figure through a gauntlet of revenge is wonderfully cathartic. YouTube (2h) Premiered November 9, 1991. [more inside]
posted by JHarris on Jul 30, 2015 - 7 comments

Jane the Virgin: Chapter Nineteen  Season 1, Ep 19

Jane grieves, then fights for her relationship with Rafael, who is wrestling his own demons. Rogelio has booked a one-night-only residency in Las Vegas (#DeLaVegasBaby), and negotiated an opening number for Xiomara, who is less than enthusiastic because she is plagued by guilt for kissing Marco last week. Petra plots to extract herself from the Everglades and Roman Zazo(!), while Michael tries to find her while also dealing with new information about his rekindled flame Andie. [more inside]
posted by joan cusack the second on Apr 21, 2015 - 12 comments

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