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The Returned: Virgil  Season 2, Ep 4

A (relatively) action-packed episode resolves a few big mysteries, but opens the door to many more. [more inside]
posted by kanewai on Mar 21, 2016 - 1 comment

The Returned: Morgane  Season 2, Ep 3

The danger mounts, and we learn a few answers. [more inside]
posted by kanewai on Mar 18, 2016 - 1 comment

The Returned: Milan  Season 2, Ep 2

Strange things are happening [more inside]
posted by kanewai on Mar 15, 2016 - 3 comments

The Returned: L'enfant  Season 2, Ep 1

They're ba-ack! [more inside]
posted by kanewai on Mar 14, 2016 - 2 comments

The Returned: Full Season 1 Discussion  Season 1, Ep 0

In a small French mountain town, many dead people reappear, apparently alive and normal: teenage road crash victim Camille, suicidal bridegroom Simon, a small boy called "Victor" who was murdered by burglars, and Serge, a serial killer. They try to resume their lives as strange phenomena occur; amongst recurring power outages, the water level of the reservoir mysteriously lowers, revealing the presence of dead animals and a church steeple, and strange marks appear on the bodies of the living and the dead.
posted by kanewai on Mar 10, 2016 - 2 comments

The Returned: Victor  Season 1, Ep 4

Julie is devastated when her ex-partner Laure takes Victor away from her to a local shelter run by Pierre. While there, Victor realises that Pierre is one of the two men that invaded his house when he was shot, thirty-five years ago. Thomas uses his home surveillance equipment to watch Adèle, who has reignited her relationship with Simon, and who introduces him to his daughter, pretending he is an "angel". Léna is rushed to hospital with a wound on her back that appears to have suddenly expanded from a scar left when her father Jérôme supposedly hit her a year before. Léna soon leaves the hospital, and still faint from her wound, is found by Serge. The water level at the reservoir continues to drop, but engineers can find no faults in the dam.
posted by kanewai on Mar 9, 2016 - 1 comment

The Returned: Julie  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 3

Camille and her family debate moving to a new town to start afresh, while Camille attempts to live a normal life, pretending to be Léna's cousin, "Alice". Simon, released by the Gendarmerie, gets back in contact with Adèle, who shows him their child, conceived shortly before his death; when she hears other people have talked to a man named Simon, she begins to realize he may not be a vision after all. Julie is threatened by Mademoiselle Payet, who believes she has illegally adopted Victor; when Julie leaves for work, Victor pays Mademoiselle Payet a visit, and she is later discovered dead from "self-inflicted" stab wounds.
posted by kanewai on Mar 7, 2016 - 0 comments

How do we add a show? (Les revenants)

I thought I remember reading a FAQ on this, but I just cannot find it this evening. Can someone point be in the right direction? And if there isn't one, the show I'm interested in is season 2 of Les revenenants / The Returned, which just appeared in my US Netflix queue a few days ago. There was a thread that was started awhile back, but then died out.
posted by kanewai on Feb 21, 2016 - 8 comments

The Returned: L'enfant (The Child)  Season 2, Ep 1

Six months after the flooding of the valley much of the town's population have been evacuated, though some remain hoping to find loved ones taken by The Horde. An expert, Richard Berg, arrives tasked with finding the cause of the flood. [more inside]
posted by gladly on Nov 1, 2015 - 2 comments

The Returned: The Horde  Season 1, Ep 8

Tensions are high between the living and the dead, as a newer, creepier wave of the returned descends upon them. With the townspeople in fear and the stakes higher than ever, everyone will have to choose sides. [more inside]
posted by gladly on Oct 30, 2015 - 6 comments

The Returned: Simon  First Watch   Season 1, Ep 2

Adele attempts to come to terms with Simon's "return" as things get emotionally complicated. Camille tries to restart her old life but discovers the situation at home has changed and is introduced to Pierre, an odd and charismatic figure who predicted The Return. [more inside]
posted by gladly on Jul 23, 2014 - 4 comments

The Returned: Camille  First Watch   Season 1, Ep 1

Camille, a teenager who was killed in a bus crash, returns home 4 years later. [more inside]
posted by gladly on Jul 15, 2014 - 7 comments

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