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"Whole season discussion" spoiler condition flag

Idea for handling the emerging "Bingers Dilemma". So when a new season of OITNB or House of Cards or what have you is released, you could have your episode threads as usual plus another thread for those who want to discuss the season as a whole. That everyone can discuss the show at their own pace - - bingers can discuss right away without having to wait or flood FanFare with episode posts just to get to the end - savorers can add episode threads organically as people are ready for them without having to wade through the bingers' flood. Episode threads would retain spoiler-free policy of course.
posted by bleep on Jun 25, 2015 - 9 comments

Netflix Pacing: Binge or Savor?

We've got a couple potentially big shows coming to Netflix soon: Sense8, Orange is the New Black Season 3, & Wet Hot American Summer. I've noticed that some fanfare discussions will post an episode a day (thus creating discussions that favor those who binge), some every few days, and some once a week (thus favoring those who watch slowly). So I'd like to throw the question out there: Is it time to discuss having a more consistent approach, or should we let things continue to develop organically?
posted by kanewai on Jun 3, 2015 - 27 comments

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