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Star Trek: Picard: Dominion  Season 3, Ep 7

While Data battles his alternate, Vadic tells the misbegotten tale of her not-so-Great Link. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Mar 30, 2023 - 40 comments

Star Trek: Lower Decks: A Mathematically Perfect Redemption  Season 3, Ep 7

AKA "The Littlest, Nastiest Robot" or "This Is Not Your Father's Redemption Arc" [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Oct 6, 2022 - 16 comments

Star Trek: Discovery: Unification III  Season 3, Ep 7

A group of people, united by blood but separated by deep and long-held philosophical differences, have finally come together to celebrate their common heritage, but now they face the potential intrusion of yet another group of their acquaintance that they believe pose a serious threat to their very existence. But enough about Thanksgiving 2020... [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Nov 26, 2020 - 47 comments

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Enemy  Rewatch   Season 3, Ep 7

Romulan mischief in the Neutral Zone strands an injured Geordi on a stormy world with a stormier fellow castaway. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Oct 9, 2020 - 17 comments

Star Trek: Voyager: Sacred Ground  Rewatch   Season 3, Ep 7

First, one must contemplate the Rock of Requirement; next, one must practice the Fingerpainting of Flabbergastation; then, one must undertake the Rockclimbing of Really Radical Requirement; then, one must contemplate the Rock again--sheesh, if this ordeal were any more complicated, it would be a Klingon bachelor party! [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Jun 19, 2017 - 13 comments

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