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Amphibia: Family Fishing Trip  Season 1, Ep 31

The Plantars take their annual fishing trip, and Sprig is looking forward to spending time with Hop Pop. But he's invited his new girlfriend Sylvia along, and so he resorts to cartoon pranks to keep his grandpa to himself. Meanwhile, Anne has comedy parasailing adventures while Polly looks on and laughs. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE MOLE PEOPLE  Season 8, Ep 3

"TERRIFYING Monsters From A Lost Age!" Archeologists discover an ancient subterrainian civilization beneath a volcano and, using the awesome power of their mighty FLASHLIGHT, free the titular mole people from their oppression. A weird movie. In the original screenplay the underground girl Adal was supposed to go off with Our Hero, but because that might be seen as an interracial relationship they had her get squashed under a pillar! There's a lot of MST veterans in this movie, particularly John Agar and Hugh Beaumont. This is the episode with The Load, a remarkably burdensome member of the heroic party who exists only to slow them, and the movie, down. YouTube (Official, with annotations! 1h32m) Premiered February 15, 1997. [more inside]
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