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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow  Season 2, Ep 3

La'an gets her chance to score the coveted hidden square of Enterprise Bingo: going to Earth's past to save the future with zero prep. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Jun 29, 2023 - 119 comments

Movie: The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Rey leaves her friends to prepare for Life Day as she sets off on an adventure to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force. At a mysterious temple, she is hurled into a cross-timeline adventure. Will she make it back in time for Life Day? [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Nov 17, 2022 - 5 comments

Star Trek: Enterprise: Storm Front, Part II  Rewatch   Season 4, Ep 2

[Season premiere; part 2 of 2] It's the end of the beginning of the end, as Archer fights time-traveling Nazi aliens with the help of an old enemy. Well, we don't really know how old he is, because time travel and shape-shifting. But anyway. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Jan 19, 2020 - 9 comments

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