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Gen3 is creeping down the stairs in Pokemon GO! Several ghost types from Gen3 are being released with PoGo's Halloween event. Come on inside and tell us what you found!

FYI, this is experimental post for Pokemon Go, made with the mod's blessing. Since PoGo gets new content on a haphazard schedule, they suggested a FanFare Talk post so fans could discuss as need by.
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Woo, thanks Brandon for plugging this in. It remains to be seen if we're the last two mefites that care about PoGo.
That said...
I'm enjoying the glut of candy mightily as I did last year.
This year, I went on a bit of poke-hiatus until (purely coincidentally) the bonus event this summer. Firing up the game to an abundance of unboring pokemons and a frenzy of hatchings made the return to the grindy everyday a bit of a drag. So much so that I was anticipating the halloween event very keenly. Niantic should have more and more regularly spaced events for those few, proud, super-casual trainers such as myself.

Most annoyingly, I just caught my first shiny magikarp, and had 400 candies on hand, but the damn thing had 12cp and was unlikely to make much headway in life or in battle. Further, the gyrados that I did evolve was nearly as disappointing as my first one... stupid twister mumble mumble.
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I'm still bopping around the city with various people, catching the nth version of imaginary monsters, lol.
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I found this post! Hello! I am here! I am still playing.
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I was super-excited about the Halloween event, but it's really just whetted my appetite for the rest of Gen 3. I was bummed to realize that I had already caught all the new dudes on Friday (including a shiny Sableye (not to brag (also to brag))).

I need more monsters! (Also more stardust.)

What are your goals at this point? I feel like I have a pretty good stable of highish level Tyranitar/Rhydon/Gyrados. I caught a ton of Raikou, but have only bothered with a couple of Entei because I'm not really sure what to do with the legendaries. Do I power them up?

In personal news, I got an Ex Raid pass last month for a raid at my local Sprint store but wasn't able to play it because my kid's school event ran long. Perhaps I will never get MewTwo. (But, as a totally Pokemon-naive player, I don't really understand the deal with MewTwo anyway. :)
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I'm not totally sure of my goals. Niantic hasn't done the game justice in my opinion, but there tends to be enough there to keep playing, especially with the people I've met.

The PoGo scene here in Savannah is vibrant, though diminished from when the game started, of course. All the teams have respectable showings and there's a core intramural group that hangs out together.

Headed to my fourth EX Raid this Friday, really dislike the 12 noon time slot on a work/school day. A LOT of people are having someone else on their team or in their family play for them. This will only make account sharing seem more natural and I don't think Niantic really thought this aspect through. Or simply doesn't care.

I have a perfect MewTwo, caught it on my second EX Raid with only seven balls. The waves of jealousy from the other level 40 players was intense, lol.
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We just got our area scanned and have one of those maps that show where all the Pokemon are, but more importantly it shows where all the Raids are. Niantic did an amazingly fantastic job of making Raids difficult to do/find.

This summer definitely saw a shift in the game with Raiding becoming so prominent. I'm not crazy about the change. Really wish there was some sort of daily or weekly Quest and would be ok with buying a Hunting pass to finish out the quests.

I love, love, LOVE the design and animation of so many of the monsters, just wish more could be done with them.

We had a local spoofing problem for the longest while, but with the gym revamp, that seems to have diminished greatly. Can't say that I'm fond of the gym revamp, but I understand the rationale. I was one of those people who had close to 20 gyms a day and as great as that was, it was strangling the game a bit. Oh well, onward to new things.
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Yay, I missed these Pokemon Go talks! I'm still playing daily, but I'm mostly just grinding through the game. Legendary raids became possible when I joined a local FB group. I still feel weird showing up to an event that an early teen rides his bike to! This weekend, I'm going to an event in Philadelphia that's loosely affiliated with Pokemon Go -- no interesting spawns or special events.

At this point, most of my enjoyment comes from reading player reports on the silph road atlas when a previously great spawn area becomes something common.

I don't really know that I have any goals for still playing. I like the gym restructure, but I hate the coins. I get why Niantic did it, but I still miss my 100 coins/day.
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I really miss the 5K in stardust a day. Losing that truly sucked.
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Really wish there was some sort of daily or weekly Quest and would be ok with buying a Hunting pass to finish out the quests.

Yes, totally agree. It's kind of touching how invested The Silph Road folks are in earning their, like, Steel or Dragon Medals—but at least it's a thing you can work toward. Which is a big thing the game is lacking.

It's been actually pretty fun to meet other people at legendary raids. Probably if you'd told me that last year I would have not believed you at all.
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I’m still playing! I am enjoying the Halloween event, but really at this point I am just using the game as an incentive to exercise- getting candy for my buddy and hatching eggs. I don’t actually have any friends who play anymore, so I don’t really do any fighting. I miss getting my coins to buy incubators.
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Fyi, you can probably take a gym by yourself in about 15 min or so. Keep it in for 8 and hours and boom, 50 coins!
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Raids are easy to find here on a college campus, but I have yet to show up at the same time as enough other people to complete a single one.
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There was an update a few months back that messed with the little bluetooth clicker and its ability to keep the game awake (and thus counting steps) which pretty much murdered the game for me. Tried changing all the settings but after my third 5k walk with no eggs or buddy candy, I gave up. I still check in now and again, especially when the 7 year old needs an activity at a restaurant.
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I still play daily (most days). I really liked the new gyms*, as I can now take gyms. I'm enjoying getting 50 coins most days. On the other hand, I'm hating the raids. I got signed into the local discord group in the summer when it started up, but never really could find raids that said five or more people were going. Finally went to a few anyways. One we marked that we were going, but when we showed up everyone else had already played. We tagged along with them to their next raid, won it, then found it how rare it is to catch the thing (didn't catch it). We tried a few more weekends, but never found that group again (or any other) to make legendaries possible. It's a bummer, because I've always taken "gotta catch 'em all" as my loose goal for the game. I'm hoping that they find some other way to get these legendaries into the game at some point -- 100k eggs, trading from players who somehow got tons, something.

Also, Halloween is fun. I like all my new ghosties and that I can continue to build them up and admire them without being distracted by the rest of gen 3. I wouldn't mind if they introduced the rest a few at a time, every few weeks.

*The funny thing is that my husband started playing again, with a new account on my team, because we thought it might make gyms more fun/possible. It is fun, but the gyms no longer make it necessary.
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We've been chugging along and grinding, picking up the new little ghosties. Purr got on discord to join local legendary raids, but I usually just hand him my phone because I hate meeting people IRL. Everyone says he's very gallant because he tries to catch my legendary first. He also has managed to catch a wild unknown, of which I am very jealous.

We had thought that Mewtwo was only a rumor right now, and haven't seen these RaidEX things? What's that deal?
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Niantic claims to be field testing EX Raids, so some cities get them, some don't.

We've had three in Savannah, about to have a fourth this Friday. No one has any idea why some people get them and others don't. But most of the players who Raid a lot have at least gotten one. But the #1 player in the world, who plays for 12 hours a day on 4-6 devices, hasn't gotten one.

So yeah, it's a bit of guessing game and that's pissed a lot of people off, with good reason.
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I'm hoping that they find some other way to get these legendaries into the game at some point -- 100k eggs

This is another very excellent idea.
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I'm still playing! Only incentive is to get to level 40, which is about 3million XP away right now. Halloween event is helping a lot, because I'm getting to mass evolve every other day iwth a lucky egg.

Got an invite to an EX raid, but couldn't go, boo.

And I have only caught one legendary. I don't have time to go to raids, so it was completely random - I was standing in a subway station under a gym. Right place right time.
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I'm also still playing! Mostly on my walks to and from subway rides to work or other errands, but it's still a nice bit of motivation to a few extra blocks. The Halloween event has been fun so far.

Wow, nice items, Brandon Blatcher! The only raids I've done have been low-level single player ones. I hope legendaries will be in 100K eggs eventually.
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New round of EX Raid Invites going out, looks mostly like the same people at the same location as today.
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I'm still playing daily (at least to get the pokestop and catch bonuses) but have given up entirely on the legendary raids because it's too hard to co-ordinate to arrive with other groups of people. Very much hope that another mechanism for catching the ledges is introduced. The 100k egg idea is a great one!
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Hey folks! Checking in from New Zealand. I happen to live in a place with a pretty healthy community so can do a legendary raid or two just about every day. They also post any Unown sightings so managed to snag myself one of those. Plenty of level 40s here (only 32 myself) but the city still hasn't had an ex raid. Starting to get to know how the countryside players feel.

Got my first shiny karp before the event started (lucky number 301) but haven't managed any shiny ghosts yet.

Most of the hardcore players are now looking for perfect IV pokemon with medals a distant second. Although it was a savvy move introducing the legendary raid medal with a gold goal of 1000(!)

The Gengar spawns have been insane here lately and so I've got a stable of 6 2000+cp ones ready to knock over pesky normal pokemon in gyms. Team Instinct represent!

(Just quietly, did we get this post to stop us from spamming the front page)
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Am one of those lucky people that did an EX Raid this past Friday and got invited back to same location for another EX Raid hours after the first one ended.

Caveat: It's a location with terrible GPS that caused people to constantly drop out and we'd have to restart.

Yep, first world problems, but darkly humorous.
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Suicune is out! I had the chance to catch six! Only got two! Not bitter at all, honest!!
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Okay, now I have had I think 5 Pokemon in gyms for the past 8 or so days... I need someone to roll through town and defeat these gyms (1 per day, apparently, please)!
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I've had one in a gym for about 75 days now, lol. Hopefully it'll stay and break some record.
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Did anyone else have precisely zero 10K eggs throughout the halloween event?

Also, just whiny shiny talk here, but I think they flipped the switch off a few minutes early, as I was waiting out some rain right before 2pm Pacific, and at 5 til, I stopped catching with bonus candy. I was also .2K away from hatching a 2k egg, and as the rain came back and the candy was gone, I went back inside... wherein I hatched a f'n spinorak with standard stupid amounts of stupid spinorak stupid candy.

probably I'm a bit sour because I also got my ass handed to me repeatedly trying to take down a single Blissey defender. Timing, it seems, is everything.
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Did anyone else have precisely zero 10K eggs throughout the halloween event?

Oh no, I had at least two Sudowoodos hatch.
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Blisseys aren't as troublesome as they used to be but I still despise them.

I've been mostly playing just as an excuse to go for walks, so I haven't been doing any raiding (except some low-level ones I can beat on my own). I finally evolved a Blastoise over the weekend and now other than legendaries and region-locked pokemon, I've got all but Grimer and Polywraith from first gen.
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Did manage to get myself a shiny duskull the last day after grinding for a couple of hours.

Re: the 10k eggs have always been harder to get than the 5 and 2k eggs. Also, hatching Shuppet and Sableye in eggs was a bad idea. Nothing worse than hatching a non-shiny ghost from a 10k.

Having said that, my luck with 10ks was a bit better. Got 2 Porygons (with 120 candy!) And a Larvitar (with 56 candy!). At the end of the day - really happy with that.

Our city finally got ex raid passes today, so more good news, even if I missed out.
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10K eggs: I had a really good run for a while by saving up 10K eggs until I had nine. Then I'd only hatch 2 or 3 at time. Then, in a remarkably short amount of time, I'd wind up with more 10K eggs to fill those slots. The last double dust event seemed to break that, damn it.
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Niantic is going to release a Harry Potter mobile AR game next year, for real! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. No details at all yet except this brief description:
Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighborhoods and cities to discover & fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies.
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Yes, I'm really going to enjoy that larger market having a fit when Niantic does one of its patented stupid movies.

Also enjoying the friends who slightly sneered at me for playing PoGo who are now eagerly "signing up" for Harry Potter And the Augmented Reality. There's four houses in HP though, so that'll make team dynamics particularly interesting, lol.
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There's four houses in HP though, so that'll make team dynamics particularly interesting, lol.
In the books, there are four houses at one school and no named houses of two more schools. In the Potterverse there are eleven schools, not all with named houses. So 44 teams if all schools go for a four house split...
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Just found this post and I still play. I'm pretty close to level 34, mostly thanks to raids. We have a strong and active Facebook group of local players who regularly post raids, and I have the time during the day to take advantage. We'll see what happens as the weather gets colder. I have no shinies at all, but did manage to get an Unown recently, so there's that.
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I caught a shuckle... yah?
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The end of daylight saving time has messed with my raid opportunities. By the time I'm done work, there's maybe one round of raids left. I completely understand Niantic wanting to keep raids in the daylight hours, but that leaves me a weekend-only raider.
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Don’t fuckle shuckle.
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