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June 24

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars  Rewatch   Season 4, Episode 23

Brian Henson refers to the three hours as episodes 4.23–4.26, so that's how I categorized it! The war that has now begun between the Peacekeepers and Scarrans as a result of Scorpius's unauthorized actions will be intensified over the prize to be won: John Crichton, whose mind contains the knowledge to make wormholes into weapons of mass destruction. [via]
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Gomorrah: Season One  Season 1, Episode 1

Gomorrah is a television crime drama series set in the suburbs of Naples focusing on the bloody feuding of organised crime syndicates operated by the Camorra. Unlike the Sicilian Mafia the Camorra crime families do not have a hierarchicial structure, instead they vie among themselves for control of the narcotic supply chain and for vital dealing territories in Naples. Set largely in the notorious Neapolitan suburb of Scampia (home to the catastrophic, yet brutally picturesque, social housing project the Vele di Scampia) Gomorrah is based on true-life events and is notable for the relentless pace of its compelling plot, rich character development, and complete lack of sympathetic protagonists. This last feature is no surprise to those familiar with the show's provenance. Roberto Saviano, who wrote the series' eponymous non-fiction polemic exposing the staggering depravity of the Camorra and their depressing reach into every corner of Italian society, has lived in hiding since the book's publication and is one of the series' executive producers. [more inside]
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: Up in Flames (Season 3, Episode 9)

A story of asylum, ashes, and acidophilus. [more inside]
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Preacher: Monster Swamp  Show Only   Season 1, Episode 4

Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can't refuse, Cassidy works to fend off the angels, and Tulip tries to bring justice to Annville. [more inside]
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Podcast: Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: 4. Unlawful Killing

In one of the most explosive inquests in British history, the Morgan family are told the details of Daniel's murder and the conspiracy behind it.
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Podcast: Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: 3. The Broken Harp

Another violent death of a police officer associated with Daniel, while the suspects use TV and press contacts to derail the first Morgan Murder inquiry.
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Podcast: Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: 2. One True Detective

In the immediate aftermath of Daniel's death, Alastair becomes the one true detective into his brother's brutal axe killing. But who else can he trust?
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Podcast: Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: 1. Luckiest Mugging in the World

Exploring Daniel Morgan's background, and the murky world of private detectives and police in South London in the 1980s after an £18,000 heist.
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June 23

Archer: Honeypot  Season 1, Episode 5

Malory taps Sterling for a bit of personal business so he is off to Miami to retrieve a compromising video from a Cuban double agent. [more inside]
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Movie: Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

A college girl introduces her mother to her girlfriend... who happens to be a vampire. [more inside]
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Podcast: My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 308: Burgertrees

We're back after our post-live show recording hiatus, which explains why we spend the first, oh, six minutes of this podcast just saying the word "Daddies" over and over again. Celebrate some dads with us! All those good daddies. Suggested talking points: Daddy Chat, Getting Sketched, TommyChong.com, Two Rolls a Day, The Dick, Doctor Munch, Baby Geniuses
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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Nothing like getting shot to put you on the side of gun control  Season 1, Episode 16

Samantha Bee looks at the gun debate in the US and how the NRA infiltrated politics and how the GOP was not changed by Trump. In the second half, she looks at tribal courts, and finishes off with something nice. [more inside]
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2016 UEFA European Football Championship: Round of 16  Season 1, Episode 4

8 teams have gone home. 8 more will fall before next Tuesday. [more inside]
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O.J.: Made in America: Part 1: U.S.C. Culture  Season 1, Episode 1

To many observers, the story of the crime of the century is a story that began the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered outside her Brentwood condominium. But as the first episode of "O.J.: Made in America" lays bare, to truly grasp the significance of what happened not just that night, but the epic chronicle to follow, one has to travel back to points in time long before that. [more inside]
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Orange Is the New Black: Season 4 Recap  Season 4 (Full Season)

New inmates, new problems, new backstories. Full discussion of all episodes for Orange is the New Black season 4. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Empok Nor  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 24

A salvage operation on an abandoned, booby-trapped Cardassian space station? One of the most dangerous agents of the Obsidian Order in your party? What could possibly go wrong? [more inside]
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June 22

Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as "the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past. Contains series and book spoilers. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: GUNSLINGER  Season 5, Episode 11

"Hired to kill the woman he loved!" A woman's husband is shot and, through line of succession, she is hired as the new sheriff. When she tells a local whorehouse to close at night, its proprietor hires a gunman to kill her. But he falls in love with her! How will this wacky situation end? In blood, natch. Corman alert! He uses one of his main actresses, Beverly Garland, who we saw in 503 SWAMP DIAMONDS, to lead this one. Daddy-O tells us this was his last Western. A couple of weird continuity issues are the subject of much mockery from Joel and the bots, especially in one of the later host segments. Speaking of whom, we approach the end of the Joel Hodgson era--the next episode is his last. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered October 9, 1993. [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The NRA and Brexit  Season 3, Episode 16

This week...
  • The aftermath of Orlando shootings, from Trump's predictably awful remarks to the Democratic Party's filibuster, and the choke-hold the NRA holds over Congress and regulatory agencies, despite relatively low membership and campaign contributions. YouTube (11m)
  • And Now: "60 Minutes" Anchors Are Still Prompting People to Deliver the Exact Soundbite They Need
  • Main story: Brexit, that is to say, the motion to remove Great Britain from the European Union. Last Week Tonight debunks some of the reasons given for exiting. At the end, LWT provides their own (foul-mouthed, half-hearted) lyrics supporting staying in the EU, sung to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy." YouTube (16m)
[more inside]
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UnREAL: Guerilla  Season 2, Episode 3

Quinn pits two vulnerable people against each other for ratings, with stomach-churning results; Rachel makes an impression on Coleman; Chet bros out; Darius is surprisingly adept at playing to the camera; some alliances shift. [more inside]
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June 21

Farscape: Bad Timing  Rewatch   Season 4, Episode 22

With the Scarrans on the way, Crichton must find a way to permanently close the wormhole to Earth.[via]
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Person of Interest: Return 0  Season 5, Episode 13

Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw attempt a final mission to keep Samaritan from destroying The Machine and establishing its hold over humanity. (Series finale)
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The Bachelorette: Week 4  Season 12, Episode 5

The Bachelorette travels to Uruguay. Jordan and Robby get one-on-one dates. The group date goes sand surfing. The producers awkwardly make JoJo talk about her ex, who was apparently featured in InTouch magazine at the time of filming. Derek confronts the Mean Girls clique, who predictably deny that they're mean girls. Vinny cuts the other guys' hair. Chad is missed. [more inside]
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June 20

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Blaze of Glory  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 23

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes. [more inside]
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Podcast: This American Life: #589: Tell Me I'm Fat

The way people talk about being fat is shifting. With one-third of Americans classified as overweight, and another third as obese, and almost none of us losing weight and keeping it off, maybe it's time to rethink the way we see being fat. A show inspired by Lindy West's book Shrill.
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Outlander: Vengeance is Mine  Books Included   Season 2, Episode 11

Claire and the Highlanders head north after the Jacobite leaders decide to halt their march on London; Claire has an unexpected reunion after a band of redcoats makes trouble for the Scots. [more inside]
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Preacher: Monster Swamp  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 4

Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can't refuse, Cassidy works to fend off the angels, and Tulip tries to bring justice to Annville. [more inside]
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Preacher: The Possibilities  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 3

Cassidy helps Jesse explore his newfound power; based on new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to seek revenge. [more inside]
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Preacher: See  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 2

Jesse tries to be a "good preacher," unaware that a mysterious duo is after him. Meanwhile we meet the enigmatic Cowboy. [more inside]
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Veep: Kissing Your Sister  Season 5, Episode 9

The culmination of Selina Meyer's and Tom James' machinations plays out as the House votes for the President under the terms of the 12th Amendment. [more inside]
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Silicon Valley: Daily Active Users  Season 3, Episode 9

Pied Piper struggles to increase its Daily Active Users, as the platform is too confusing for regular, non-engineer users. Meanwhile, back at Hooli, Gavin Belson uses some inside-PP information to weasel (possum?) his way back into his old job.
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Movie: Finding Dory

A year after the incredible journey to find Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and Nemo, set off from the safety of the coral in search of Dory's long lost parents. [more inside]
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June 19

Penny Dreadful: The Blessed Dark  Season 3, Episode 9

Dr. Seward hypnotizes Renfield; the Creature must make a moral decision; Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Kaetenay, Dr. Seward and Catriona try to save Vanessa. (Season finale)
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Penny Dreadful: Perpetual Night  Season 3, Episode 8

Ethan, Sir Malcolm and Kaetenay return to London; Dr Seward learns Renfield's secret; Ethan searches for Dr. Frankenstein; Lily shares a story from Brona Croft's past. [more inside]
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Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards  Books Included   Season 6, Episode 9

A battle at Winterfell. A battle at Meereen. [more inside]
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Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards  Show Only   Season 6, Episode 9

Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted. SHOW ONLY THREAD. [more inside]
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Movie: The Dark Knight

When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, the caped crusader must come to terms with one of the greatest psychological tests of his ability to fight injustice. [more inside]
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Cleverman: A Free Ranger  Season 1, Episode 3

The Hairy Prison Break fan club has its first meeting. Koen has a hard time talking to girls. Waruu plays a game of snap. [more inside]
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June 18

Orange Is the New Black: Work That Body For Me  Season 4, Episode 1

The inmates return from a field trip, the newbs suss out the power structure, and Alex does some gardening.
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2016 UEFA European Football Championship: Group Stage, Round 3  Season 1, Episode 3

Three teams are already planning the knockout stage, eight will book their flights home in the next days, and a handful will hold their breaths until the final whistle late on June 22. [more inside]
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: From the Cell to the Sell (Season 3, Episode 8)

The two-part story of ConBody kicks off just as one of the co-founders is about to make his pitch, flashes back to the company's unusual backstory, and then concludes post-pitch. [more inside]
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Farscape: We're So Screwed (Part 3): La Bomba  Rewatch   Season 4, Episode 21

Crichton and company must find a way to escape Katratzi before the Scarrans decide that they are disposable.[via]
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June 17

Feed the Beast: Pilot Light  Season 1, Episode 1

Faced with a serious debt to the mob, Dion tries to convince his best friend Tommy to rekindle their dream of opening a restaurant in the Bronx. [more inside]
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Orphan Black: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths  Season 4, Episode 10

When communication with Cosima is cut off and Neolution appears to be within striking distance, Sarah’s alliance with Rachel goes out the window. Sarah lures a high-level Neolutionist into a trap, and sets out to bring down Neolution once and for all.
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The Strange Calls: First Call  Season 1, Episode 1

A young constable arrives to take the night shift in Coolum Beach, an ordinary Australian town . . . until the sun goes down. [more inside]
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Movie: Thelma & Louise

An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a '66 Thunderbird. [more inside]
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June 16

Archer: Killing Utne  Season 1, Episode 4

A shindig hosted by Mallory to woo a lucrative contract away from ODIN doesn't go as planned when there is trouble with the hired help.
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Podcast: Reply All: #68 Vampire Rules

It's an old story. Two people date, they break up, they both go on Tinder. And on Tinder, one of them stumbles across an incredibly creepy photo, taken inside the apartment they used to share. Super Tech Support to the rescue. Plus, the return of Yes Yes No. [more inside]
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Podcast: The Adventure Zone: Ep. 42. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Two

What waits for our heroes on the other side of the time-stuck barrier? Seriously, what could be in there? A dragon made out of time? A parallel universe where people eat time like snack chips? A genuinely kind of innocuous, rustic town? Whatever it is, one thing's for sure: There's about to be some trouble in that bubble. Merle does some successful evangelizing. Taako gets caught red-handed. Magnus rushes in!
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Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale: 90 - Who's a Good Boy? Part 2

Who's a good boy? Who is it? Who is it? [more inside]
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Podcast: Revisionist History: The Lady Vanishes

In the late 19th century, a painting titled The Roll Call, by a virtually unknown artist, took England by storm.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Children of Time  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 22

O'Brien cheats on his wife, Worf starts a personality cult, Dax tries to crash the Defiant, and Odo wipes out a civilization. Well, sort of. [more inside]
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Hell on Wheels: Two Soldiers  Season 5, Episode 8

In the beginning of the final seven episodes of the series, Cullen and The Swede finally have it out. [more inside]
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June 15

Podcast: Radiolab Presents: More Perfect: The Political Thicket

When Chief Justice Earl Warren was asked at the end of his career, “What was the most important case of your tenure?”, there were a lot of answers he could have given. After all, he had presided over some of the most important decisions in the court’s history — cases that dealt with segregation in schools, the right to an attorney, the right to remain silent, just to name a few. But his answer was a surprise: Baker v. Carr, a 1962 redistricting case. [more inside]
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Book: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Harry enters his 6th year at Hogwarts as the Chosen One and begins private lessons with Dumbledore. Through the year Harry is pressured by the new minister of magic to ally with the Ministry, learns about Voldemort's murky past, and excels in Potions due to an old but useful textbook. Contains series spoilers [more inside]
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Podcast: Radiolab Presents: More Perfect: Cruel and Unusual

On the inaugural episode of More Perfect, we explore three little words embedded in the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “cruel and unusual.” America has long wrestled with this concept in the context of our strongest punishment, the death penalty. A majority of “we the people” (61 percent, to be exact) are in favor of having it, but inside the Supreme Court, opinions have evolved over time in surprising ways. [more inside]
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Person of Interest: .exe  Season 5, Episode 12

Reese and Shaw rush to catch up with Finch after he infiltrates a maximum security government facility in a bold and dangerous attempt to destroy Samaritan. [more inside]
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Podcast: Alice Isn't Dead: Part 1, Chapter 8: The Other Town

What is happening in Victorville, CA? [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE PAINTED HILLS  Season 5, Episode 10

"Packed with thrills!" Prospector Jonathan is murdered by his partner in an attempt to jump his claim, but the scoundrel didn't count on the valor of Jon's faithful collie, who is driven by VENGENCE! Vengence, and SNAUSAGES! With short Body Care and Grooming: A narrator reminds college students of the shame of not adjusting your appearance to social norms. Another good short, and the first Western MST did -- and the second is the very next episode. (No, I'm not counting the "space western" MOON ZERO TWO.) Furthermore, this is actually a Lassie movie; they took the famous meta-collie's name off the movie for some releases, which is just as well as the dog's name in the movie is actually Shep. Daddy-O informs us that Paul Kelly, the actor who played Jonathan, the victim in the movie, spent two years in prison for manslaughter! This episode contains the last short Joel riffed for MST3K, and there are only two other Joel episodes left.... YouTube (1h31m Premiered September 26, 1993. [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Retirement Plans  Season 3, Episode 15

This week....
  • Cold open, without an audience, in which John Oliver discusses the shooting in Orlando. YouTube (2m)
  • Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic Party's presumptive candidate for US President, and gets involved in a Twitter scuffle with Donald Trump. Part 1 - Part 2 LWT provides a GIF of a vomiting Abraham Lincoln.
  • And Now: People on Television Asking You to Imagine Things
  • Main story: Retirement plans and how many people are charged fees far exceeding what they expect. (Here are LWT's print-out certificates of Elf Spotting and Financial Planning.) It ends with a piece offering LWT found to be the best, simplest way to manage your 401K: low-fee index funds, and gradually moving money from stocks to bonds over time. YouTube (21m)
[more inside]
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