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June 23

RuPaul's Drag Race: Grand Finale  Season 9, Episode 14

The top four queens compete in a lip-sync bracket for the crown.
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Movie: Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

Comic Hasan Minhaj of "The Daily Show" shares personal stories about racism, immigrant parents, prom night horrors and more in this stand-up special.
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June 22

Movie: Batman: the Movie (1966)

The Dynamic Duo faces their greatest challenge yet: four of Gotham City's most dastardly known super-criminals are all at large and working together. Their goal? Nothing short of… world domination! (Available on Netflix, in the US at least, until the end of the month!)
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Fargo: Somebody to Love  Season 3, Episode 10

Gloria follows the money; Nikki plays a game; Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga. [more inside]
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Dark Matter: It Doesn't Have to Be Like This   Season 3, Episode 2

The crew is fulfilling their promise to take the fight to Ryo [more inside]
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Star Trek: Voyager: Future's End  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 8

This is the time-jump of the starship Voyager. Its 1996 mission: To bring Dolly the Cloned Sheep to the 24th century. To prevent the launch of Fox News Channel. To boldly go and see the Spice Girls live! (Part 1 of 2) [more inside]
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June 21

Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE DEADLY MANTIS  Season 8, Episode 4

"The Most Dangerous Monster That Ever Lived!" "Out Of a Million Years Ago... A Thousand Tons of Terror!" A big bug eats people and destroys things, until someone crashes a jet into it. Weak sauce! I'm just saying, the Giant Claw wouldn't have been undone by a simple jet crash. The episode's got a pretty good reputation! In this week's subplot watch, some bomb-worshipping mutants show up in Deep Ape. This results in the end of one theme (Deep Ape itself) and the beginning of another one (Mike seemingly being unable to keep himself from blowing up planets). Oh also, Pearl finally begins the chase of the S.O.L. promised in the theme song. Episode 804 doesn't appear to be on YouTube. Premiered February 22, 1997. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM II  Season 11, Episode 11

"Across the Sea of Dreams... behind the Curtain of Time... lies the land of ultimate fantasy." I bet you weren't looking forward to another visit to the world of last week's movie. Good news, other than the name and executive producer Roger Corman, this movie has nothing to do with the first one! A shepherd who's also a wizard tries to save the world from bad wizards blah blah Tolkien Eddings Brooks. A lot of people think Part 1 was a highlight of the season, but many also think this is a lowlight, so beware guys. A subplot begins in this episode, with Kinga deciding to marry Jonah. And we have another visit from Pearl! Episode 1111 is available on Netflix. [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The US Coal Industry  Season 4, Episode 16

So recently you may have heard these things happening....
  • The mistrial in Bill Cosby's sexual assault case, the result of which prompted Cosby to exclaim Fat Albert's catchphrase "Hey hey hey!" while exiting the courtroom, further soiling all of our memories.
  • The incredibly unpopular AHCA Take Two, accompanied by a fitting graphic of the GOP logo with a blue skull superimposed with stars for eyes. Of the version passed by the House, Trump (who held a presentation where he celebrated its passing) was quoted as saying it was "mean," the irony entirely lost on him. Its very existence is causing problems in insurance markets, as companies decide if they want to pull out of the current markets or not.
  • And Now: Things People's Fathers Used To Say
  • Main Story: Coal, coal mining jobs, coal executives, coal mining companies, executives of coal companies, and Donald Trump's fixation on the mineral, discussed divorced of its (tremendous) ecological toll. Eventually the story comes around to involving a giant squirrel.... YouTube (24m)
[more inside]
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Idiotsitter: Full Season  Season 2 (Full Season)

Idiotsitter returns for Season 2: College [more inside]
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June 20

Dark Matter: Welcome to the Revolution  Season 3, Episode 3

The crew of the Raza intervenes in a dispute between a colony looking to gain its freedom and the corporate security staffers that have been abandoned by their company. Six encounters somebody from his past and makes a decision about his future. On the ship, the Android discovers a walled-off database and the presence behind it. [more inside]
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Better Call Saul: Lantern  Season 3, Episode 10

Kim takes time off; Jimmy tries to make amends; Nacho gambles with his future; Hamlin pushes Chuck to make a decision. [Official synopsis - season finale]
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The Bachelorette: Week 4  Season 13, Episode 4

Rachel takes various men on a blimp, on a boat, and to a spelling bee. Everybody hates Lee.
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June 19

Podcast: The Allusionist: 58. Eclipse

It's August 2007. Lauren Marks is a 27-year-old actor and a PhD student, spending the month directing a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She's in a bar, standing onstage, performing a karaoke duet of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'...and then a blood vessel in her brain bursts.
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Podcast: My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 360: Gatorade Weak

Wait, don't tell us you're STILL chugging that full-power, unfiltered sports beverage? Listen: Nobody needs that much energy. Why not come down to our level with a smooth glass of a soothing Gatorade alternative? One for poet-types, and brain-thinkers! Suggested talking points: The Cream Cheese Incident, Apple Juice Marketing, Subway Connections, Blapron, Sperm Maze, Go-To Sillyness
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Star Trek: Voyager: Sacred Ground  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 7

First, one must contemplate the Rock of Requirement; next, one must practice the Fingerpainting of Flabbergastation; then, one must undertake the Rockclimbing of Really Radical Requirement; then, one must contemplate the Rock again--sheesh, if this ordeal were any more complicated, it would be a Klingon bachelor party! [more inside]
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Silicon Valley: Hooli-con  Season 4, Episode 9

Erlich goes on a trip to get his mojo back while the guys head to Hooli-Con, where Jared faces a moral dilemma; Gilfoyle and Dinesh are distracted by Keenan; and Richard becomes obsessed with an ex's new beau.
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June 18

Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 7  First Watch   Season 3, Episode 7

There's a body all right. (description from Showtime)
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American Gods: Come To Jesus  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 8

On the eve of war, Mr. Wednesday must recruit one more Old God: Ostara, ne Easter, Goddess of the Dawn, but winning her over will require making a good impression, and that is where Mr. Nancy comes in. [more inside]
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Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light  Season 10, Episode 10

A hunt for the lost Ninth Roman Legion leads the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole into the middle of an ancient battle that could cast humanity into the dark forever.
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Orphan Black: Clutch of Greed  Season 5, Episode 2

Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel. Donny and Helena visit the hospital.
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June 17

RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited  Season 9, Episode 13

The queens meet up to discuss the season and spill alllllll the tea. "Miss Congeniality" is crowned.
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June 16

Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale: 110 - Matryoshka

There are glowing arrows in the sky. [more inside]
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Podcast: Science Vs: Artificial Sweeteners - not so sweet?

Low calorie, no calorie and so sweet. Artificial sweeteners just seem too good to be true. Is there a catch? We dig into two big questions: Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer, and are they making us fat? We talk to Prof. John Glendinning, Prof. Susie Swithers, Dr. Kieron Rooney, and PhD student Jotham Suez about the latest research. Plus we do a fun experiment with PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman from Reply All! 
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Podcast: Oh No Ross and Carrie: Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 3): OWL OWL OWL OWL

Back at the Ozark Mountains UFO Conference, Ross and Carrie learn that owls can often be aliens in disguise! Delighted, they go looking for owls everywhere. Then, David Marler steps up to the microphone to tell us all about the Battle of Los Angeles, a 1942 event in which air raid wardens fired on an object in the sky that might have been a flying saucer... or might have been a lost weather balloon. But PROBABLY a flying saucer. Clap your hands, folks, it's more UFO time!
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Podcast: Ear Hustle: Cellies

At San Quentin Prison, the typical cell measures approximately 4' x 9' and contains a bunk bed, toilet, sink, two men, and their six cubic feet of belongings. In our first episode of Ear Hustle, hear stories of negotiating this space and the relationships that come with living in such close quarters. [more inside]
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Fargo: Aporia  Season 3, Episode 9

Emmit sits down with Gloria; Nikki negotiates a deal [more inside]
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June 15

Podcast: Reply All: #99 Black Hole, New Jersey

A mysterious thief has been using the internet to steal a bizarre array of items - watches, scooter parts, clown costumes. This week, Alex heads straight towards his hideout.
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Podcast: The Adventure Zone: Ep. 65. The Stolen Century - Chapter Six

The Hunger pursues, and our heroes escape. They've been keeping up the chase for decades now, evading without fail. But the Hunger's getting faster. The journey's getting harder. The team must take drastic steps, just to stay afloat. We're nearly caught up, now. Merle writes his story. Magnus breaks his bonds. Taako plans a very good day.
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Star Trek: Voyager: Remember  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 6

Lt. Torres and Cpt. Janeway gradually grow suspicious of friendly-seeming telepathic aliens who wear grody old dishrags on their foreheads. It's almost as if they have something to hide… [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE MOLE PEOPLE  Season 8, Episode 3

"TERRIFYING Monsters From A Lost Age!" Archeologists discover an ancient subterrainian civilization beneath a volcano and, using the awesome power of their mighty FLASHLIGHT, free the titular mole people from their oppression. A weird movie. In the original screenplay the underground girl Adal was supposed to go off with Our Hero, but because that might be seen as an interracial relationship they had her get squashed under a pillar! There's a lot of MST veterans in this movie, particularly John Agar and Hugh Beaumont. This is the episode with The Load, a remarkably burdensome member of the heroic party who exists only to slow them, and the movie, down. YouTube (Official, with annotations! 1h32m) Premiered February 15, 1997. [more inside]
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June 14

iZombie: Conspiracy Weary  Season 3, Episode 11

When Liv, Blaine and Don E consume a zombie truther brain, paranoia follows. Liv reveals the truth about Major's new "friend". Ravi discovers something shocking. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM I  Season 11, Episode 10

"On The Far Edge Of Fantasy The Ultimate Conflict Is Drawing Near" Young wizard apprentice Simon is aided by an ambulatory hairball and Rowsdower the Conquerer in a bid to overthrow the evil wizard Sherpa. What, it's Sherka? Whatever. Lots of people have proclaimed this the best episode of Season 11, so get ready for some massive goofiness folks. In host segment news, a plot line develops that takes us to the end of the season. Yeah yeah, just don't let it get in the way of the riffing guys! Episode 1110 is available on Netflix. [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Theresa May's Election Disaster and Brexit  Season 4, Episode 15

Last week....
  • A new installment of Stupid Watergate. James Comey tells Congress under oath that he had no doubt he was fired because of the Russia investigation, which everyone knew anyway but still sent shockwaves, and that wasn't the end of it.
  • And Now: There Is No Group Of People More Easily Amazed Than The Audience Of "America's Got Talent."
  • Main story: The continuing negotiations of the UK over Brexit, and the harm done to them by Prime Minister Theresa May's ill-considered snap election which lost her a lot of seats. YouTube (19m)
In the UK, much like from the classic Monty Python sketch Election Night Special, it's traditional for all the candidates to appear on stage together when results are announced, no matter how many votes they received, meaning Theresa May had to appear on stage with Elmo (three votes), Howling Lord Hope of the Monster Raving Looney Party (119 votes) and "Lord Buckethead" (249 votes), an "intergalactic space lord." The esteemed personage was flown in by LWT to New York to appear on the show, an event which he comemmorated on Twitter. [more inside]
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The Handmaid's Tale: Night  Season 1, Episode 10

Season 1 Finale. Moira continues to fight her way to the border. Offred and the other handmaids are confronted with an impossible choice. [more inside]
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Podcast: Alice Isn't Dead: Part 2, Chapter 6: Badwater

Two voices in a desert. [more inside]
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Movie: Five Easy Pieces

Jack Nicholson (in the role that earned him a reputation as a serious actor, and an Academy Award nomination) portrays Bobby Dupea, a disaffected oil rig worker who goes on an existential journey back to his privileged roots. [more inside]
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June 13

Better Call Saul: Fall  Season 3, Episode 9

Jimmy visits a friend and takes up an old pastime; Chuck and Hamlin argue over the future of the firm; Kim faces challenges. [more inside]
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iZombie: Return of the Dead Guy  Season 3, Episode 10

Liv and Peyton go on a wild goose chase. The zombie truthers real plan terrifies Ravi. Major finds comfort in an unexpected place. [more inside]
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Podcast: Chapo Trap House: Episode 116 - Jezz In My Pants (6/12/17)

Jezza turned Labour and the whole UK left around, in a historic upset. The Tories' psycho leper government is doomed. The American Libs are shook. Jim Messina is in hiding. A spectre is haunting Britain — the spectre of the Boy. [more inside]
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Movie: Tag (Sion Sono, 2015)

High school student Mitsuko is menaced by a malevolent breeze.
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June 12

Podcast: My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 359: Tumnus Opportunities

Hello friends! We are coming to you pre-recorded from E3 and we have all the hot scoops the we bet are definitely going to be something that happens in the future! So, enjoy this episode and all the HOT SCOOPS (from the past). Suggested Talking Points: Big Fuzzy Balls, Screen Door Stories, Lame Duck, Levelated Dragons, Bound By Beads, Permanently Sealed, Taxi Cab Water Confessionals, Fresh Start/No Crumbs, High Noon For Garys
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Star Trek: Voyager: False Profits  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 5

Near a wormhole that connects to a distant part of the galaxy, Ferengi are scheming to... wait, which show is this, again? [more inside]
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Movie: Timbuktu

A cattle herder and his family who reside in the dunes of Timbuktu find their quiet lives -- which are typically free of the Jihadists determined to control their faith -- abruptly disturbed. A look at the brief occupation of Timbuktu by militant Islamic rebels. [more inside]
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Silicon Valley: The Keenan Vortex  Season 4, Episode 8

Richard ponders a deal with the tech world's latest "it" boy; Jack faces setbacks.
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June 11

Dark Matter: Being Better Is So Much Harder  Season 3, Episode 1

Picking up where the Season Two finale cliffhanger left off, the survivors of the EOS 7 bombing fight to stay alive and find the rest of their crew. [more inside]
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American Gods: A Prayer For Mad Sweeney  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 7

Her brief reunion with Shadow over far too quickly, Laura turns to an unlikely travel companion to find her way back to life, and back to Shadow. Mad Sweeney's long, winding, and often tragic past is explored. [more inside]
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Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 6  First Watch   Season 3, Episode 6

Don't die. (description from Showtime)
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Special Event: 2017 Tony Awards

Hosted by Kevin Spacey and airing on CBS at 8 Eastern! [more inside]
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RuPaul's Drag Race: Category Is  Season 9, Episode 12

The top four queens each record an original verse and learn choreography for a remix of RuPaul's "Category Is." [more inside]
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Doctor Who: Empress of Mars  Season 10, Episode 9

'God save the Queen' has been scrawled on the surface of Mars... [more inside]
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Wynonna Earp: Season 2 (Full Season)  Season 2 (Full Season)

Wynona and the gang must deal with a whole new level of evil when a variety of demons enter the Ghost River Triangle when Season 2 premieres.
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Orphan Black: The Few Who Dare  Season 5, Episode 1

Desperate to get off the Neolutionist island and reunite with her family, a wounded Sarah journeys into the island's interior.
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June 10

Movie: The Mummy

Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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Movie: Computer Chess

Set over the course of a weekend tournament for chess software programmers thirty-some years ago, COMPUTER CHESS transports viewers to a nostalgic moment when the contest between technology and the human spirit seemed a little more up for grabs. We get to know the eccentric geniuses possessed with the vision to teach a metal box to defeat man, literally, at his own game, laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence as we know it and will come to know it in the future. [more inside]
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Movie: It Comes at Night

A father will stop at nothing to protect his wife and son from a malevolent, mysterious presence terrorizing them right outside their doorstep.
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June 9

Movie: Planes: Fire & Rescue

Dusty (Dane Cook), the famous racing airplane, learns that his engine is damaged, so he must shift gears and find a new career. He joins an elite corps of firefighting aircraft devoted to protecting historic Piston Peak National Park. When a massive wildfire threatens the park, Dusty -- with the help of his fearless colleagues Blade Ranger (Ed Harris), Lil' Dipper (Julie Bowen), Windlifter (Wes Studi), Cabbie (Dale Dye) and the Smokejumpers (Regina King, Danny Pardo, Bryan Callen, Corri English) -- learns what it takes to become a real hero. [more inside]
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Steps on a Crack!  Season 3, Episode 5

The FBI enlists Kimmy's help when former mole woman Gretchen tries to start a cult of her own. Titus is stricken with a strange disease.
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Fargo: Who Rules the Land of Denial?  Season 3, Episode 8

Nikki struggles to survive; Emmit gets spooked; Sy joins Varga for tea. [more inside]
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Movie: Johnny Guitar

On the outskirts of town, the hard-nosed Vienna owns a saloon frequented by the undesirables of the region, including Dancin' Kid and his gang. Another patron of Vienna's establishment is Johnny Guitar, a former gunslinger and her lover. When a heist is pulled in town that results in a man's death, Emma Small, Vienna's rival, rallies the townsfolk to take revenge on Vienna's saloon – even without proof of her wrongdoing.
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