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June 29

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Same Sex Marriage Legalized in U.S., Transgender Rights, The Leap Second  Season 2, Ep 19

This week: In a landmark decision the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court also upholds the subsidies of the Affordable Care Act. CNN mistakes a flag covered with images of sex toys for an ISIS flag. The ex-president of Ukraine emerges from hiding to defend his private zoo, and LWT marks the occasion with video footage of ostriches mating. And Now: A Few More Seconds Of Ostrich Sex. Main story: Transgender rights, and the legal challenges remaining to transgendered Americans. YouTube (17m) And Now: This Is Not CNBC's First Rodeo. Finally, on June 30 a leap second will be added to the clock. Last Week Tonight commemorates the event with the sites spendyourleapsecondhere.com and johnoliversecstapes.com. Web exclusive: And Now: Five Years Of People Prematurely Declaring The End Of Obamacare. (2m) [more inside]
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Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

John Cameron Mitchell writes, directs, and stars as the titular Hedwig Robinson — the sarcastic, bombastic, gender-binary-stomping front(wo)man of Mitchell's award-winning off-broadway musical by the same name — as she tours the country narrating, singing, and shouting her harrowing story from the shadow of ex-lover and rock-darling Tommy Gnosis's nationwide tour. [more inside]
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BattleBots: 2015 Qualifiers Part 2  Season 1, Ep 2

A bot trying something unconventional brings things to a tight halt.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In The Hands Of The Prophets  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 20

Tensions rise when Keiko O'Brien teaches something against Bajoran religious orthodoxy. Vedek Winn enters, stage left. [more inside]
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Movie: The Holy Mountain

In a corrupt, greed-fueled world, a powerful alchemist leads a Christ-like character and seven materialistic figures to the Holy Mountain, where they hope to achieve enlightenment. Not available on Netflix, but it is available to rent on Amazon.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Drill  Season 2, Ep 13

With the fabled walls of Ba Sing Se in sight, the gang are shocked to discover a giant Fire Nation drilling machine rumbling toward them and resolve themselves to saving the city. Jet, inspired by Zuko's assistance on the ferry, decides he wants to recruit him to his mission but makes a discovery that halts him in his tracks.
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Movie: Au Hasard Balthazar

J. Hoberman: "Robert Bresson's heartbreaking and magnificent Au Hasard Balthazar, the story of life and death in rural France, is the supreme masterpiece by one of the greatest of 20th-century filmmakers." [more inside]
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Adventure Time: Ocean of Fear  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 16

Jake tries to help Finn conquer his fear of the ocean.
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Catastrophe: Episode 3  Season 1, Ep 3

Sharon keeps waking in the night worrying about her pregnancy whilst Rob is having problems generating business for the advertising agency and is relieved to run into Chris, who, on a night out, suggests a career change. Sharon is not encouraging. Sharon herself meets up with old flame Owen, who is now married to a best selling author, which makes Sharon feel a failure. Fortunately for her Rob is sympathetic.
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Halt and Catch Fire: Infiltrator  Season 2, Ep 5

Boz argues the philosophy of what constitutes a pajama, and we learn he has a cousin. Gordon gets some bad news, while Joe unveils his plan to James. Cameron adds a new fire hazard to Mutiny and meets a tall, dark mannequin. [more inside]
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June 28

True Detective: Night Finds You  Season 2, Ep 2

"Sometimes I wonder how many things you have like that, that I don't know about" Frank Semyon shares a story from his childhood. We learn a little more about the sins of Ben Caspere. Three different detectives get three different sets of orders. Cashflow problems abound. "How's that for social theory?" [more inside]
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Movie: Love & Mercy

In the 1980s, Beach Boy and onetime studio wonder Brian Wilson is broken, confused man, and under the 24-hour watch of a controlling psychotherapist, Dr. Eugene Landy. While shopping for a Cadillac, Wilson meets Melinda Ledbetter, a salesperson to whom he is evidently attracted. He secretly passes her a note on a business card: "Lonely. Scared. Frightened." Soon, he begins to tell her his story. [more inside]
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Penny Dreadful: And Hell Itself My Only Foe  Season 2, Ep 9

Vanessa goes alone to battle Evelyn in order to save Sir Malcolm.
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Podcast: Everything Is Stories: 014 But Not With Silver

A story of Abraham Bolden, the first black Secret Service agent on the White House detail. A story of divine fate and segregation within the Secret Service. [more inside]
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell  Show Only   Season 1, Ep 7

With England in chaos as magic returns, Strange comes back home to claim Mr Norrell and rescue Arabella. But can his plan possibly work? Or will the dark prophecy of the Raven King finally be fulfilled? [more inside]
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell  Books Included   Season 1, Ep 7

With England in chaos as magic returns, Strange comes back home to claim Mr Norrell and rescue Arabella. But can his plan possibly work? Or will the dark prophecy of the Raven King finally be fulfilled?
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June 27

Killjoys: The Sugar Point Run  Season 1, Ep 2

A hostage exchange warrant turns deadly when the Killjoys find themselves stranded in 'Sugar Point' - a restricted, bombed-out city on Westerley overrun with dangerous gangs and scavengers.
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Dark Matter: Episode Three  Season 1, Ep 3

As secrets about One and Five come to light, the team must unite to save one of their own. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Return to Tomorrow  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 20

The Enterprise is guided by distress signal to a distant, long-dead world where survivors of an extremely ancient race that exist as disembodied energy take over the bodies of Kirk, Spock and astro-biologist Ann Mulhall. [more inside]
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Sense8: What Is Human?  Season 1, Ep 10

Lito's ready to be a big damn hero. Wolfgang takes on some mobsters. Will watches some fireworks, to Sun and Capheus's delight. Riley watches her father perform at the symphony, and the other sensates join her for a trip down to where memory lane starts: their births.
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Suits: Denial  Season 5, Ep 1

Donna still wants to work for Louis, but Louis doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Harvey, who doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Louis, who doesn't want her pity... . Basically, this one's all about how awesome Donna is -- as the whole show should be. [more inside]
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June 26

Regular Show: Dumptown U.S.A.  Season 7, Ep 1

Rigby must rescue Mordecai from a strange land of dumped dudes.
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Murder, She Wrote: Murder Through the Looking Glass  Rewatch   Season 4, Ep 16

As Murder She Blogged notes, "This wasn’t the Alice in Wonderland Murder, She Wrote episode I thought it was going to be, so adjust your expectations accordingly." Start with a final confession, passed to Jessica by a dying man who thought she was a priest, about killing a man, Carl Cosgrove of Farmington. Then mix things up with a Mrs. Cosgrove in Farmington, who says her husband is still very much alive, and a mysterious priest who shows up at the oddest of times, including in JB's own hotel suite, drinking a beer.
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: Dating Ring Of Fire (Season 2, #9)

Under pressure, the Dating Ring founders make a big decision. [more inside]
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Adventure Time: What Is Life?  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 15

Finn creates a Never Ending Pie-Throwing Robot (NEPTR) but a wayward Ice King spell causes it to come to life.
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Under the Dome: Move On / But I'm Not  Season 3, Ep 1

When we last saw our intrepid Chester Millsians, Barbie was leading them through an underground tunnel to escape the Dome. Suddenly Dead Melanie appears. Two-hour season premiere. [more inside]
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Serpent's Pass  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 12

As they prepare to reach Ba Sing Se, the Gaang can either go by ferry, or take the Serpent's Pass. Being a friendly bunch, they find other travelers on the way, and discover that even in the worst situations, you can always find hope. [more inside]
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June 25

Wayward Pines: Choices  Season 1, Ep 6

Ethan learns more about Pilcher's grand design. Kate and Theresa have coffee. Kate and her husband hatch a plan.
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Regular Show: Dumped at the Altar  Season 6, Ep 31

It's Muscle Man and Starla's wedding day, and everyone just wants to get through it in one piece.
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Hannibal: Aperitivo  Season 3, Ep 4

Will builds something with a welding mask on, Mason takes his mask off, Alana's lipstick is on point. All this and more, tonight, on Hannibal
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Firefly: Objects in Space  Season 1, Ep 14

Serenity encounters Jubal Early, a ruthless professional bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to retrieve River. But River, feeling unwelcome on the ship, takes a novel approach to escaping from the long arm of the Alliance. (wiki) [more inside]
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Regular Show: Lunch Break  Season 6, Ep 30

Mordecai and Rigby reminisce about previous food challenges while eating a ten-foot-long party sub.
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Podcast: Radiolab from WNYC: Eye in the Sky

Ross McNutt has a superpower — he can zoom in on everyday life, then rewind and fast-forward to solve crimes in a shutter-flash. But should he?
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Deutschland 83: Brave Guy  Season 1, Ep 2

Martin is sent to break into the hotel room of a NATO analyst to steal a report, which turns out to be something different than the East Germans expected. Along the way he has another encounter with the General's daughter, and a run-in with a hotel waitress. [more inside]
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Movie: You Only Live Twice

Agent 007 and the Japanese secret service ninja force must find and stop the true culprit of a series of spacejackings before nuclear war is provoked. [more inside]
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June 24

Podcast: Reply All: #29 The Takeover

Thomas Oscar is an Australian teenager who tried to make the most boring Facebook group possible - a group where members pretend to be corporate drones in a non-existant office.
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: FUGITIVE ALIEN  Season 3, Ep 10

(1978, Color, Japan, Sandy Frank, Music, Forklift Homicide, Intro, Classic) Two episodes of the Japanese TV show Star Wolf (スターウルフ) merge into a sorta-movie by our old fiend Sandy Frank. Ken is a Wolf Raider, one of a band of space pirates, but after turning against his culture when they tried to kill an Earth kid (also named Ken), he throws his lot in with hard-drinking Captain Joe and the crew of his ship, the Bacchus III. Hey! I made a Metafilter post about this show once! It has AWESOME MUSIC, which Joel and company make good use of. I tell you truly, this is one of the best shows the Brains ever made. The movie is extremely goofy, yet still kind of watchable and likeable, and the riffing is top-notch. If you can like MST3K, you will like this. Good times ahead! YouTube. (1h40m) First aired August 17, 1991. BONUS: It's not for newbies, but you can watch the guys' first take on this movie that aired on KTMA TV! YouTube (1h43m) [more inside]
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Bad Girls  Rewatch   Season 3, Ep 14

Wesley Wyndham-Price arrives in town to serve as Buffy and Faith's new watcher. Rather than submit to the order he wishes to impose, the slayers explore a more impulsive attitude, with deadly consequences.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Zeppo  Rewatch   Season 3, Ep 13

A sidelined Xander's search for purpose and identity takes centre stage while the rest of the gang fends off yet another apocalypse in the background.
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Orange Is the New Black: Trust No Bitch  Season 3, Ep 13

Miracles and conversions occur, but Piper and Caputo know that some situations can't be dealt with through spiritual means.
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Sense8: Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye  Season 1, Ep 9

Will and Riley find out more about Jonas, Angelica, and BPO. Nomi and Lito have an intense conversation about their experiences with being queer. Riley and Capheus have an intense conversation about their experiences with grief. And Lito loses a flip flop.
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Podcast: Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race: #007: The "Dolezaled Out" Episode

Hosts Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda, and Tanner Colby discuss the strange saga of Rachel Dolezal, the problem with allyship, and the violence faced by women who aren't just pretending to be black.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Duet  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 19

After a Cardassian man arrives on the station suffering from an illness that he could only have contracted at a Bajoran labor camp during the Occupation, Major Kira leads an investigation to determine whether he is actually a notorious war criminal. [more inside]
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Humans: Episode 2  Season 1, Ep 2

Laura feels increasingly threatened by the presence of Synth Anita, and Leo's quest for information takes him to dangerous places.
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Defiance: The Broken Bough  Season 3, Ep 3

Irisa's continuing struggle with killing results in grave consequences when she and Nolan scout out the Votan Collective force set on destroying Defiance. The Tars continue their espionage activities, while more clues are provided as to why the ark vessels of the Omec failed to escape the dying Votan system. [more inside]
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Pretty Little Liars: Don't Look Now  Season 6, Ep 4

Kenneth comes clean about the family’s connection to Charles. What he say’s leads the liars to Radley Sanitarium. With Radley now closed and the files shipped off to be shredded, the girls must act fast. Meanwhile, Caleb’s protective nature starts to pinch Hanna, and Spencer seeks a remedy for her sleeping issues [more inside]
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Podcast: How to Be a Girl: Episode I: Mama, I'm a Girl

When he was three years old, my son informed me that she was actually my daughter.  I'm now the mother of a happy, confident little transgender girl, but it took a while to get here.
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Carnivàle: New Canaan, CA  First Watch   Season 2, Ep 12

Samson devises a grand plan; Justin forces Iris to face her fear of heights; Ben performs his most important healings. [more inside]
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Regular Show: Death Kwon Do-Livery  Season 6, Ep 29

The duo want to help save Death Kwon Do sensei's life.
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June 23

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Death by Miss Adventure  Season 1, Ep 10

Dr MacMillan brings the case of a factory worker's gruesome death amongst the machinery to Phryne's attention. [more inside]
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Movie: Fast & Furious

Brian O'Conner, now working for the FBI in LA, teams up with Dominic Toretto to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation. [more inside]
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Podcast: My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 257: Swag Dads

Happy belated Father's Day to you and yours! Assuming that you and yours are all dads, that is. If that's the case -- do you want to set up a super chill group hang for Swag Dads? We'll take our answer off the air.   Suggested talking points: Applebee's, Cloudnoon, NAD, Episode Sync, Baby Rubs, Travis Interrupted, Brice's YOLO Dad
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Rick and Morty: Rick Potion No. 9  Season 1, Ep 6

Morty convinces Rick to cook him up a love potion to win the heart of the school's most popular girl. Mutation based hijinks ensue! Meanwhile, Jerry has a freak out that he's about to lose his wife and sets off determined to catch her cheating on him, regardless of who or what he has to kill to reach her. [more inside]
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Movie: Killer's Moon

TALES FROM THE WHEEL OF SCHLOCK... In this instalment, we find a truly deplorable exploitation film that figures on two outdoor enthusiasts, a busload of British schoolgirls waylaid on a trip to a singing competition, and four Kubrick inspired escaped mental patients who of course have been dosed with LSD and told that they're in a waking dream. I mean, why not. (Warning: The film contains scenes of sexual violence) [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment of Women  Season 2, Ep 18

This week: Shootings in South Carolina. Russians plan "Patroit Park," a theme park for national military fans. The US $10 bill is being redesigned to include a woman's face. And Now: C-Span Callers Suggest Women For The $10 Bill. Main story: On the harassment of women on the internet. YouTube (17m) Last Week Tonight remakes an old AOL ad.
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June 22

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Away with the Fairies  Season 1, Ep 8

Phryne investigates the death of a magazine columnist. To get to the truth, she must unearth the deceptions and rivalries of the magazine's staff. [more inside]
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Regular Show: Not Great Double Date  Season 6, Ep 23

Margaret asks a coworker to fake being her boyfriend on a double date with CJ and Mordecai.
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Orange Is the New Black: Don’t Make Me Come Back There  Season 3, Ep 12

Daya goes into labor. Sophia suffers a hate crime. Stella helps Piper with a business snag. Taystee takes on a new role.
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Sense8: We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts  Season 1, Ep 8

We learn more about Wolfgang's (and Felix's) past. Riley shows Will around her home in Iceland. Lito has some relationship troubles. Sun throws down in the yard. Nomi goes on the run. Kala is about to tell her potential father in law that she doesn't want to marry Rajan when they're interrupted.
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Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron: Episode 613 - President Barack Obama

Marc welcomes the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to the garage for conversation about college, fitting in, race relations, gun violence, changing the status quo, disappointing your fans, comedians, fatherhood and overcoming fear. And yes, this really happened. This episode is presented without commercial interruption courtesy of Squarespace. Go to MarcMeetsObama.com to see behind-the-scenes photos and captions.
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