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November 27

Elementary: All My Exes Live in Essex  Season 4, Episode 4

When a fertility lab technician is murdered, details regarding her secret personal life are revealed--leading to several possible suspects; Watson is investigated by an NYPD detective.
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November 26

Podcast: This American Life: #539: The Leap

Most of us go from day to day just coasting on the status quo. If it ain't broke, why fix it, right? But when routines just get too mundane or systems stop making sense, sometimes you just have to hold your breath...and jump. This week, stories of people who leap from their lives, their comfort zones...even through time.
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Movie: The Ice Storm

"The Ice Storm" takes place as an early winter storm descends on Connecticut, casting over Thanksgiving a shroud of impending doom. In a wooded suburb, affluent adults stir restlessly in their split-level homes, depressed not only by their lives but by their entertainments, and even by their sins. Their teenage children have started experimenting with the same forms of escape: booze, pot and sex.
- Roger Ebert, ★★★★ [more inside]
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Podcast: Seminars About Long-term Thinking: Philip Tetlock: Superforecasting

The pundits we all listen to are no better at predictions than a "dart-throwing chimp," and they are routinely surpassed by normal news-attentive citizens. So Philip Tetlock reported in his 02005 book, Expert Political Judgement—and in a January 02007 SALT talk. It now turns out there are some people who are spectacularly good at forecasting, and their skills can be learned. Tetlock discovered them in the course of building winning teams for a tournament of geopolitical forecasting run by IARPA—Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. His brilliant new book, SUPERFORECASTING: The Art and Science of Prediction, spells out the methodology the superforecasters developed. Like Daniel Kahneman's THINKING, FAST AND SLOW, the book changes how we think about thinking.
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River: Episode 2  Season 1, Episode 2

At Stevie’s wake, River has to deal with her estranged brother Jimmy and other family members. River is assaulted by the pregnant girlfriend of the man he had chased to his death, whose guilt he has begun to doubt.
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Empire: Sinned Against  Season 2, Episode 9

Lucious is still working on that business deal. Cookie has family drama and boyfriend drama. Hakeem has stalker two night stand drama. Jamal has adorable chemistry with a girl, and Rhondre have a new house. [more inside]
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Angel: The Thin Dead Line  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 14

Anne needs help from Angel Investigations to defend her kids against zombie cops. Angel needs help from Kate to defend their city against zombie cops. Wait, that sounds familiar... [more inside]
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Angel: Happy Anniversary  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 13

A filler episode shows Angel and Lorne working together on one apocalypse while the Remainders work on a smaller issue. [more inside]
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November 25

Saturday Night Live: Matthew McConaughey / Adele  Season 41, Episode 6

Matthew McConaughey returns to host, Adele returns to sing, we witness a Thanksgiving Miracle, and Allen Degeneres asks, Should You Chime In On This?
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Crush  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 14

Spike reveals his romantic feelings for Buffy, who disgustedly rebuffs him. Drusilla arrives hoping to entice Spike to come play with Angel and helps him reconnect with his old evil self.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blood Ties  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 13

Buffy lets the gang in on Dawn's true nature, and their changed attitude leads Dawn to discover it for herself with Spike's help. She runs away from Buffy's birthday party, eventually finding Ben... and Glory.
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Movie: Late Spring

Noriko is twenty-seven years old and still living with her widowed father. Everybody tries to talk her into marrying, but Noriko wants to stay at home caring for her father. [more inside]
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Supergirl: How Does She Do It?  Season 1, Episode 5

While Kara is baby-sitting Cat's son, she must also protect the city from a series of bombings; Lucy Lane tries to rekindle her relationship with James. [more inside]
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The Last Kingdom: Remaining Episodes of The Last Kingdom   Season 1 (Full Season)

Uhtred son of Uhtred continues in the service of Alfred, King of Wessex, and finds himself at odds with the kingdom's Saxon and Christian customs, both which stand in the way of reclaiming his birthright. Meanwhile, the menace of the Danes looms beyond the horizon, along with the fate of England. [more inside]
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Other Space: Ted Talks  Season 1, Episode 4

Tina gets a message from her boyfriend on Earth, who dumps her. She goes into hysterics, which is a problem, because she is the only crew member qualified to perform an essential fuel extraction on a nearby planet. [more inside]
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Battlestar Galactica: Act of Contrition  Season 1, Episode 4

After a hangar accident that kills thirteen pilots, Starbuck is assigned to quickly train replacements from the civilian population. This brings back painful memories of her fiancé, Zak Adama, whose death she feels responsible for because she had given him a passing flight exam knowing he wasn't ready.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Visionary  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 17

In which O’Brien meets O’Brien, and all hell breaks loose.... [more inside]
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Movie: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

A young mongoose protects his human family from two murderous cobrae. [more inside]
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The Grinder: Giving Thanks, Getting Justice  Season 1, Episode 8

We find out why Dean quit The Grinder, and we also find out why the Sandersons stopped having Thanksgivings five years ago. It was a surprisingly good enough episode to mention here. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA Smile  Season 1, Episode 13

It's showdown time. [more inside]
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The Mindy Project: The Mindy Project's Remaining Episodes for Season 4!  First Watch   Season 4 (Full Season)

As Season Four draws toward a close, Mindy is confronted with choosing the life she wants versus the life Danny expects. [more inside]
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November 24

Farscape: Liars, Guns, and Money (Part 2): With Friends Like These  Rewatch   Season 2, Episode 20

With Jothee in Scorpius' hands, the crew of Moya recruit several former enemies to raid the Shadow Depository.[via]
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Jessica Jones: AKA Take A Bloody Number  Season 1, Episode 12

Jessica and Luke go after Kilgrave, but Luke's even more vulnerable than either of them know about. Trish's mom is surprisingly helpful about something. Robyn still grieves for Ruben. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA I've Got The Blues  Season 1, Episode 11

Jessica looks for corpses, Simpson really doesn't do well on drugs, Trish kicks ass, and we find out a bit about how the girls became friends. [more inside]
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Into the Badlands: Fist Like A Bullet  Season 1, Episode 2

The Widow's plans on unseating the Poppy Baron proceed, while M.K. unexpectedly finds himself her guest. Sonny begins to question his allegiance to the Baron, when he is asked to do an unthinkable thing.
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Gravity Falls: Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality  Season 2, Episode 19

In the penultimate episode of the series, Dipper, Wendy, and Soos must rescue Mabel from a bubble of irresistible temptations! [more inside]
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November 23

Fargo: Did You Do This? No, You Did It!  Season 2, Episode 7

“This family deserves the ground.” The death toll rises as the Gerhardts continue to react to threats upon their territory, family members, and way of life. [more inside]
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Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Nine  Season 2, Episode 7

Jane gets a babysitter and searches for an advisor. There's developments in the crime lord world. Rogelio has job issues. Petra lives out "Weekend at Bernie's." Wesley gets some major dish on the Solanos. [more inside]
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!  Season 1, Episode 7

Josh is moving in with Valencia and he's not happy. Rebecca is taking pills she found on the floor. Who's actually happy? Paula, because a nice dude is actually interested in her. [more inside]
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Please Like Me: Pancakes with Faces  Season 3, Episode 6

As Tom & Ella make a nervous trip to the dentist, Josh & Claire have to deal with a decision that makes them realise they're growing up fast. Mum plots revenge when she learns Stuart is still seeing his wife. [more inside]
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Ava  Season 3, Episode 8

Everyone in the Nine-Nine springs into action when Terry's wife Sharon goes into labor at the precinct: Jake and Gina discover the doula within, Rosa and Terry make a daring escape from Rikers, Amy and Boyle scale a mountain of paperwork, and Holt has to bury the hatchet with an old ex. (special guest star Nick Offerman)
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The Leftovers: International Assassin  Season 2, Episode 8

The aftermath of last week's shock ending. Spoilers inside. [more inside]
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Homeland: All About Allison  Season 5, Episode 8

Carrie needs Allison's help. Quinn's plans change.
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The Man in the High Castle: General Discussion, including the book  Books Included   Season 1 (Full Season)

A glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war. This thread can include spoilers from the Phillip K. Dick novel that inspired the series.
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The Man in the High Castle: Sunrise  Season 1, Episode 2

Frank's fate hangs in the balance as he is held captive by the Kempeitai. Meanwhile, Juliana makes contact with a mysterious man who gives her a clue about the films, and Obergruppenführer Smith is surprised by an unfortunate turn of events.
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Book: Dune Messiah

The second book in Frank Herbert's Dune series, detailing the events surrounding Emperor Paul Muad'dib, his confederates, and his enemies, in the years following a galaxy-spanning Fremen jihad.
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Podcast: Limetown: Episode 5: Scarecrow

Deirdre Wells, Limetown survivor and Max Finlayson's ex-wife, reveals what incited The Panic. [more inside]
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Movie: Le Million

René Clair's 1931 musical comedy features an impoverished painter and his rival racing across Paris to recover a jacket concealing a winning lottery ticket. [more inside]
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Master of None: General Discussion  

So I don't know if I have much to say about each episode but I'd love to talk about this show as a whole.
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Jessica Jones: AKA 1,000 Cuts  Season 1, Episode 10

Kilgrave's on the loose again and the body count rises. [more inside]
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The Walking Dead: Heads Up  Season 6, Episode 7

Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.
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Jessica Jones: AKA Sin Bin  Season 1, Episode 9

Kilgrave's locked up, and everyone passes the Idiot Ball around trying to figure out how to get evidence on him. [more inside]
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Adventure Time: Hitman  Season 3, Episode 4

Ice King hires a hitman to teach Finn and Jake a lesson. The Ice King may be taking the term hitman too literally.
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November 22

Movie: Time After Time

H.G. Wells pursues Jack the Ripper to the 20th Century when the serial murderer uses the future writer's time machine to escape his time period. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA WWJD?  Season 1, Episode 8

Kilgrave and Jessica set up an awkward household of slaves, and Jessica ponders if it's possible to use Kilgrave for good instead of evil. [more inside]
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The Good Wife: Restraint  Season 7, Episode 8

Alicia and Lucca need new clients, STAT, but only Grace is actually good at doing that. Mostly because thanks to Diane's new Republican "friendships," she's losing clients left and right. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prophet Motive  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 16

Zek has seen the light, and it's not the gleam of latinum. Can Quark deal with the Nagus' new groove? And Bashir is oddly bashful about his chances of winning a major award. WARNING: Although this episode was approved for broadcast twenty years ago, it features scenes of oo-mox that younger or more sensitive viewers may find disturbing. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA Top Shelf Perverts  Season 1, Episode 7

Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rouge to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA You’re a Winner  Season 1, Episode 6

Luke hires Jessica to help him find someone who may have skipped town, but she fears he’ll learn too much about her history in the process. [more inside]
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The Amazing Race: The Rest of the Season  Season 27 (Full Season)

At the beginning of Episode 9, there are 6 teams left on a race around the world. This thread will encompass the remaining episodes of the Amazing Race. [more inside]
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Jessica Jones: AKA THE SANDWICH SAVED ME  Season 1, Episode 5

Despite Jessica's objections, Trish's new friend Simpson gets involved in a plan for to capture Kilgrave. We also learn how Jessica and Kilgrave and Malcolm first met.
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Ash vs Evil Dead: Brujo  Season 1, Episode 4

Ruby helps Fisher and reveals her family's connection to the Evil Dead; Ash and team follow a clue from the demon, Eligos.
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November 21

Jessica Jones: AKA 99 Friends  Season 1, Episode 4

Jessica gets to meet other Kilgrave victims. The cop from the last episode wants to make amends. Trish makes a public apology. Jessica's new client is weird, but not in the way she was expecting. [more inside]
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Podcast: The Allusionist: 25. Toki Pona

There's a language which is said to be the smallest language in the world. It has around 123 words, five vowels, nine consonants, and apparently you can become fluent in it with around 30 hours' study. It was invented by linguist Sonja Lang in 2001, and it's called Toki Pona. [more inside]
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Movie: Salt of the Earth

Mexican workers at a Zinc mine call a general strike. It is only through the solidarity of the workers, and importantly the indomitable resolve of their wives, mothers and daughters, that they eventually triumph. [more inside]
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Fresh Off the Boat: Huangsgiving  Season 2, Episode 8

Jessica is finally able to persuade her mother to let her host Thanksgiving, instead of her sister Connie who has always hosted it. But she and Louis get overly ambitious with the planning and almost everything goes wrong.
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: #17 Words About Words From Our Sponsors

Gimlet is starting a new line of business, and it's a complicated one: Branded content. As we see in this episode, there are some very real anxieties about how to do this right.
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Doctor Who: Face The Raven  Season 9, Episode 10

The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a magical alien world, hidden on a street in the heart of London. Sheltered within are some of the most fearsome creatures of the universe, and Ashildr! With a death sentence hanging over their heads, not all of the intruders will get out alive. [more inside]
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Movie: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Sex, Lies, and Videotape was Steven Soderbergh first feature film. It tells the story of a sexually repressed woman whose husband is having an affair with her sister. The arrival of a visitor with a rather unusual fetish creates havoc with the lives of the four characters.
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Star Trek: Whom Gods Destroy  Rewatch   Season 3, Episode 14

Kirk and Spock deliver medicine to an insane asylum where a former Starfleet captain is being held, only to discover that he has freed the inmates and is running the place. [more inside]
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