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October 21

Black Mirror: Nosedive  Season 3, Episode 1

A social satire about identity in the social media age.
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Great Performances: And when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell our story?  

Tonight, the room where it happens will be PBS for the premiere of the Hamildoc: Hamilton's America, a documentary film about the musical, which needs no introduction, and the people and history behind its creation. The documentary features everyone from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Stephen Sondheim to Questlove to Barack Obama and offers an opportunity to see some of the original Broadway cast perform up close. It airs on your local PBS station tonight at 9pm (check local listings) and will stream live on Facebook at 9pm Eastern time, and from your PBS Anywhere app.
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Guantanamo Bay  Season 3, Episode 25

For the week of 10/9:
  • Trump's tape talking to Billy Bush bragging about being able to grope women. A portion of it on YouTube (5m)
  • And Now: A Look Back At Billy Bush's Creepy Bromance With Donald Trump YouTube (1m10s)
  • Main story: Guantanamo Bay, President Obama's continued difficulties in closing it, and the true meaning of "Freedom Isn't Free." YouTube (21m)
  • And Now: A look Back At Billy Bush Being Creepy With Everyone. YouTube (1m20s)
  • Another look at Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who's now running a reality show and staging martial arts battles among children. This is the guy who Oliver teased earlier this year, asking "Is this your cat?"
[more inside]
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: Shadowed Qualities (Season 4, Episode 3)

This week, Alex receives feedback about his job performance from his co-workers, friends, and family. Some of it is good, some less so. But there is something else that comes up during the review process that shocks him. We explore what happens when you unpack your emotional baggage—or someone unpacks it for you—and you realize the unexpected effect that it has been having on your team. In this final Gimlet-focused episode of season four, we take a raw and intimate look at a defining moment in the trajectory of a CEO.
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Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale: 96 - Negotiations

Negotiations with the dragons have begun. Plus the reopening of the Earth Sciences Department at the Community College, what we know and don't know, and a look at the Community Calendar. The voice of Dana Cardinal is Jasika Nicole. The voice of Tamika Flynn is Symphony Sanders. Weather: "A Trip Out" by British Sea Power (britishseapower.co.uk) Become a Night Vale Scout. Donations of any amount help keep this show free. Donate Now. New Books: Night Vale Podcast Episodes, Volumes 1 & 2 Available now! Plus... Welcome to Night Vale: The Novel. welcometonightvale.com, click on book. Music: Disparition, disparition.info. Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com. Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook. [more inside]
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Black Mirror: Playtest  Season 3, Episode 2

A young backpacker (played by Wyatt Russell) spends his final days abroad earning some money testing a video game that blows his mind.
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October 20

Legends of Tomorrow: The Justice Society of America  Season 2, Episode 2

The Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris to help the JSA. Meanwhile, Nate tries to prove he should be part of the team. (Also, Victor Garber gets a musical number) [more inside]
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Frequency: The Near Far Problem  Season 1, Episode 3

Raimy informs Frank of new information she uncovered in the Thomas Goff case, prompting him to take action inspire of Satch's warnings. Meanwhile, Gordo and Raimy go out for drinks, where they have a strange encounter with Daniel; and Raimy struggles to adapt to life without Julie. [more inside]
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The Good Place: The Eternal Shriek  Season 1, Episode 7

Michael, concluding his unusual presence as an Architect in his Neighborhood caused all the trouble, decides to retire - to an eternity of torture. Eleanor figures the only way to stop this is to press a failsafe button that will kill Janet. Chidi is less than enthusiastic.
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Special Event: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Laverne Cox stars in Rocky Horror Picture Show: LDTWA, a new tv movie version of the low-budget '70s cult movie musical. Folks are welcome to get their audience partici...pation on in here.
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Channel Zero: Candle Cove, Part Two: I'll Hold Your Hand  Season 1, Episode 2

Marla agrees to help Mike investigate the murders, and is horrified to learn about what happened in 1988, that's been hidden since that time.
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Channel Zero: Candle Cove, Part One: You Have to Go Inside  Season 1, Episode 1

SyFy launches its new horror anthology with a story based on Kris Straub's creepypasta, "Candle Cove" (original story.) In the debut episode, a child psychologist investigates the 1988 murders of several children in his hometown, including his own twin brother. A half-forgotten kids' TV show from the 1980s seems strangely connected. The series is produced by Max Landis (Chronicle).
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Arrow: A Matter of Trust  Season 5, Episode 3

After a drug lord is dumped into a vat of chemicals (never a good idea folks) Oliver decides he needs help to rectify the situation. Enter Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, Ragman and Baby Canary for their official team debut. [more inside]
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Manhattan: You Always Hurt The Ones You Love  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 1

Brilliant young physicist Charlie Isaacs (Ashley Zuckerman) is recruited to work on a top-secret Army project in the summer of 1943. He drags his wife (Rachel Brosnahan) and son to a little outpost - PO Box 1663, Los Alamos - in the New Mexico desert. [more inside]
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Homeland: Clean Skin  First Watch   Season 1, Episode 3

Turns out Jessica wasn't as good at keeping a secret from Dana as she thought. Max makes it plain that Carrie has possibly irretrievably lost Max's trust. And a murder occurs but it seems to be for the wrong reason. Brody has decided to embrace his hero status. [more inside]
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The Great British Bake Off: Patisserie  Season 7, Episode 9

It is the Bake Off semi-final, and it is Patisserie Week, with just four bakers remaining. [more inside]
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American Horror Story: Chapter Six  Season 6, Episode 6

"My Roanoke Nightmare" is a smash hit, but having their story known has not done Shelby, Matt and Lee any favors. They return to the house for the next Blood Moon, and Three Days of Hell begin.
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Podcast: The Adventure Zone: Ep. 51. The Suffering Game - Chapter One

After a summer spent tirelessly training, our heroes are finally prepared to take on their next, harrowing mission. What horrors -- or fortunes -- await them in Wonderland? I mean, this arc is literally titled "The Suffering Game," so you can probably piece it together yourself. Merle hangs ten. Taako's like a bird. Magnus drops in on an old friend.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Treachery, Faith, and the Great River  Rewatch   Season 7, Episode 6

While O'Brien and Nog are embroiled in the Starfleet version of one of those RPGs where you have to give one NPC soap in order to get the grain to trade with another NPC for the key, Odo is faced with unexpected and mysterious clone sightings. [more inside]
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Book: The Secret History of Twin Peaks

From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years. The Secret History of Twin Peaks enlarges the world of the original series, placing the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark and ending with the shocking events that closed the finale. The perfect way to get in the mood for the upcoming Showtime series. [more inside]
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October 19

RuPaul's Drag Race: Queens Behind Bars  First Watch   Season 4, Episode 4

The dolls go to jail when they star in a sitcom acting challenge, "Hot in Tuckaho," coached by "Will & Grace" co-creator Max Mutchnick.
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Insecure: Messy As Fuck  Season 1, Episode 2

Issa struggles with her feelings about Lawrence, work, and her life. AV Club recap
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: INVASION U.S.A.  Season 6, Episode 2

"It will scare the pants off you!" "SEE New York toppled! SEE San Francisco in flames! SEE Boulder Dam destroyed!" Oh PLEASE. A dime-store Svengali hypnotises a bunch of bar patrons that World War III has just occured, all because they didn't fear the Commies enough. Oops, spoilers! With short A Date With Your Family: Hugh Beaumont explains why a family should eat dinner together, literally telling us to pretend to enjoy each others' company. The short is terrific, another great introductory piece. The movie itself shouldn't be confused with the 1985 movie with Chuck Norris. People tend to either really like the movie portion or find it a snoozefest. I actually like it, but it's got a ton of time-filling stock footage. The host segments are mostly great throughout, and include the one time the late Mike Dodge appeared on camera, as the A-Bomb visiting on the Hexfield. BTW, this is another episode that's just not available on official VHS or DVD. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered on July 23, 1994. [more inside]
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Fresh Off the Boat: Breaking Chains  Season 3, Episode 2

Eddie ushers Emery into middle school by giving him the first volume of Eddie's cultural heritage log, a document of fake Chinese customs he told the teachers and staff to make his life at school easier. Meanwhile, Evan adjusts to his school experiences without Emery, while Jessica and Louis spar over house cleaning. [more inside]
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Podcast: My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 325: Cavemen Tears

This episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me is so dang educational, you will feel like you just completed a full two year college-level program by the time we reach the Final Yahoo. Listen with a hungry mind, but also, with a thirsty soul.   Suggested talking points: Baby Blasting', Wrong Name Grift, Dave Bond, Please Stop Bathroom Pranking, The Invention of Crying, The Worst Backyard
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Podcast: 99% Invisible: 232- McMansion Hell

Few forms of contemporary architecture draw as much criticism as the McMansion, a particular type of oversized house that people love to hate. McMansions usually feature 3,000 or more square feet of space and fail to embody a cohesive style or interact with their environment. Kate Wagner, architecture critic and creator of McMansion Hell, is on a mission to illustrate just why these buildings are so terrible.
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Podcast: In the Dark: 1: The Crime

The abduction of Jacob Wetterling, which made parents more vigilant and led to the first national requirement that states track sex offenders via registries, took place before moonrise on a warm October night in 1989.
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Atlanta: The Club  Season 1, Episode 8

Paper Boi, Darius and Earn are in a club, Primal, as a public promotional appearance, but the allure of the club can fade. [more inside]
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Halloween IV  Season 4, Episode 5

"Heists are dumb."
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October 18

Timeless: Atomic City  Season 1, Episode 3

The trio go on the run with an infamous mistress when they land in 1962 Las Vegas. Also, Rufus finds Anthony, and Wyatt tries to alter his own history. [more inside]
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Lucifer: Lady Parts  Season 2, Episode 4

Chloe and Lucifer investigate when the bodies of two young L.A. transplants are found poisoned. Later, Maze organizes an epic girls' night out. [more inside]
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RuPaul's Drag Race: Glamazons vs. Champions  First Watch   Season 4, Episode 3

The queens team up to create commercials for RuPaul's albums Glamazon & Champion.
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Movie: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

When Jacob discovers clues to a mystery that spans different worlds and times, he finds Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. But the mystery and danger deepen as he gets to know the residents and learns about their special powers. [more inside]
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Movie: Mascots

A look into the world of competitive mascots. [more inside]
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Podcast: Sampler: #31 True Crime - Final Episode

"True Crime" is perhaps the most talked about genre in podcasting but it's also a type of podcast that Brittany just can't stomach. Tracy Clayton of Buzzfeed's Another Round joins the show to discuss her love of these shows. Plus, Brittany talks to the creators of the only true crime podcast she's been able to enjoy.
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October 17

Supergirl: The Last Children of Krypton  Season 2, Episode 2

Supergirl and Superman must fight Cadmus' kryptonite-powered cyborg Metallo; meanwhile Kara has a rocky first day as a reporter for new boss Snapper Carr. [more inside]
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Elementary: Worth Several Cities  Season 5, Episode 2

Holmes is kidnapped by the leader of a local gang who wants Sherlock to find the person responsible for a hit, but the abduction leads Holmes and Watson to get caught up in the search for a priceless, centuries-old object Meanwhile, Shinwell asks Joan for a favor that may be out of her comfort zone. [more inside]
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Movie: Felt

A woman creates an alter ego in hopes of overcoming the trauma inflicted by men in her life. [more inside]
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The Fall: Full Season  Season 3 (Full Season)

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are back in action for the final season of serial killer drama set in Belfast, The Fall. [more inside]
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Movie: Futureworld

Two years after Westworld (FanFare), the Delos corporation have reopened the park. Newspaper reporter Chuck Browning (Peter Fonda) and TV reporter Tracy Ballard (Blythe Danner) are invited to review the newly re-opened (and expanded) park, though Chuck has an ulterior motive. [more inside]
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Chrysalis  Rewatch   Season 7, Episode 5

The Jack Pack is back! And this time they're there to prompt Dr. Bashir to attempt a cure for Sarina's near-catatonia. I'm sure that everything will go fine and that, especially, we won't see a repeat of "Melora" in which Bashir has a problem with keeping a strict firewall between his professional responsibilities and personal needs... damnit, Julian. [more inside]
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October 16

The Sandbaggers: Opposite Numbers  Season 3, Episode 8

A major arms control treaty is in the works. The foreign service is for it, so Burnside is against it. What can he do? Work with the KGB who also want to scuttle the treaty behind the back of the Politburo? Tricky tricky... [more inside]
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Fringe: The Human Kind  Rewatch   Season 5, Episode 8

Following the bread crumbs, Olivia collects a truck with cargo from a scrap yard but runs into bounty hunters. Peter, with newly gained powers, has to make a decision.
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Last Man on Earth: You're All Going To Diet  Season 3, Episode 3

Everyone plots new security measures--but really, shouldn't they all just leave already? [more inside]
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Podcast: 99% Invisible: 231- Half a House

On the night of February 27th, 2010, a magnitude of 8.8 earthquake hit Constitución, Chile and it was the second biggest that the world had seen in half a century. The quake and the tsunami it produced completely crushed the town. By the time it was over, more than 500 people were dead, and about 80% of the Constitución's buildings were ruined. As part of the relief effort, an architecture firm called Elemental was hired to create a master plan for the city, which included new housing for people displaced in the disaster. But the structures that Elemental delivered were a radical and controversial approach toward housing. They gave people half a house.
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Westworld: The Stray  Season 1, Episode 3

Elsie and Stubbs head into the hills in pursuit of a missing host. Teddy gets a new backstory, which sets him off in pursuit of a new villain, leaving Dolores alone in Sweetwater. Bernard investigates the origins of madness and hallucinations within the hosts. William finds an attraction he'd like to pursue and drags Logan along for the ride.
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Ash vs Evil Dead: Last Call  Season 2, Episode 3

The teenagers who stole the Delta get more of a joyride than they bargained for; meanwhile Ash throws a party at the bar to try to lure the thieves in and get back the car & Necronomicon. [more inside]
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Star Wars Rebels: Hera's Heroes  Season 3, Episode 5

The crew of the Ghost returns to Ryloth, Hera Syndulla's homeworld, to take on a mission of extremely personal value to our twi'lek captain. Unsurprisingly, things go awry once a certain blue-skinned grand admiral makes an appearance. [more inside]
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Podcast: Hello from the Magic Tavern: 82 - Chunt for Red October 2: Clear and Present Badger

It's time again for Chunt's annual blood drive for local vampires. Usidore is unusually excited. [more inside]
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October 15

High Maintenance: Selfie  Season 7, Episode 5

An aspiring writer convinces The Guy to sit down for a one-on-one interview; a former customer enlists The Guy's help when she is confronted by her past. [more inside]
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Saturday Night Live: Emily Blunt, Bruno Mars  Season 42, Episode 3

Host: Emily Blunt, Musical Guest: Bruno Mars [more inside]
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Archer: Jeu Monégasque  Season 2, Episode 11

The team is in Monaco during Gran Prix weekend to swap $4 million for an incriminating video recording. The home office is looking after their retirement funding. [more inside]
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Special Event: 2016 MLB baseball playoffs: National League Championship Series (NLCS)

The Los Angeles Dodgers face the Chicago Cubs, in a best-of-seven series to see who will go to the World Series.
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RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: All Stars Supergroup  Season 2, Episode 8

The final four face off, first writing a rap verse and then performing to RuPaul's new single, "Read U Wrote U." One is dropped, and the final three lip sync for their legacies, tell Ru why they deserve to be crowned the new All Stars Queen, and then there can be only one.
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Podcast: StartUp Podcast: You Can't Wear a Suit Here (Season 4, Episode 2)

Growth. It can be exciting, it can be motivating, and it can be really stressful. In this week's episode, we take a look at the tensions that Gimlet's growth spurt is creating. We speak with the team producing one of our upcoming shows to see what it's really like to build a podcast from the ground up. Each of them is being asked to step up to the plate in a way that they never have before, and some are realizing that the support they expected, it just isn't there. People are pushed to their limits, emotions run high, and things that have remained hitherto unsaid are finally aired. [more inside]
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Project Runway: There's No I in Team  Season 15, Episode 5

The season's first team challenge brings out the best in everyone. With extra prizes from Mary Kay and a new 'investment' gimmick swiped from Shark Tank.
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October 14

Special Event: 2016 MLB baseball playoffs: American League Championship Series (ALCS)

The Toronto Blue Jays face the Cleveland Indians, in a best-of-seven series to determine who will go to the World Series.
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Movie: My Scientology Movie

“Following a long fascination with the religion and with much experience in dealing with eccentric, unpalatable and unexpected human behavior, the beguilingly unassuming Theroux won't take no for an answer when his request to enter the Church's headquarters is turned down. Inspired by the Church's use of filming techniques, and aided by ex-members of the organization, Theroux uses actors to replay some incidents people claim they experienced as members in an attempt to better understand the way it operates. In a bizarre twist, it becomes clear that the Church is also making a film about Louis Theroux. Suffused with a good dose of humor and moments worthy of a Hollywood script, MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE is stranger than fiction.”
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Movie: Queen of Katwe

In Queen of Katwe, a Ugandan girl sees her world rapidly change after being introduced to the game of chess. [more inside]
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Supernatural: Keep Calm and Carry On  Season 12, Episode 1

Supernatural returns with Sam Winchester missing and Mary Winchester found. Mary has a lot to catch on over the past 33 years. Will the British Men of Letter break Sam?
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