Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: Human Is
October 30, 2017 8:52 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Vera is overjoyed when her husband returns from a dangerous mission, but is he the same man?
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Louisa Mellor in her Den of Geek review/recap wishes the show featured some of the "weirder excesses" of PKD instead of focusing on the serious stories, making the series "starting to feel like something of a slog". Not knowing much of PKD, I think this was an interesting story and question, and well acted. I found a good comparison of the original story vs this episode, but it sounds like a closer match (Wikipedia stub with a brief summary at the moment) than prior adaptations, and one tweet captured in the "split reactions" showcased in Digital Spy's Twitter roundup said "Felt it lost a bit of the impact of the original story but pulled it back a bit at the end."

Also, I hate to mentally type-cast Bryan Cranston, but this felt like seeing two sides of Walter White.
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My familiarity with PKD is also mostly from osmosis and second hand smoke, but it's a very fair criticism of the show so far. I love the art direction that went with it (all very reminiscent of 60s-to-80s sci fi), overall it's well written and acted, but bloody hell, most of the stories are as dry as the desert.
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Yeah, I'm enjoying the art direction more than the stories, I guess? The stories all feel sort of like plots we've been subsequently exposed to, so I dunno if they were ever supposed to be revelatory or just, y'know, good pulpy 50's-60's sci-fi.
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I don't think you can make more-or-less straight adaptations of PKD stories without expecting the the kids and teens that read them in the 60s and 70s already made their stories inspired by them. I mean, Human Is was published in 1955. Bryan Cranston wasn't even born.
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