Supernatural: Patience
October 30, 2017 8:48 AM - Season 13, Episode 3 - Subscribe

An old friend enlists the help of Dean and Jody Mills when a wraith kills her friend and comes after her granddaughter. Sam continues to work with Jack to control his powers.

Missouri! Jody! Castiel!

I loved this one.
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I yelled out loud at my TV when Missouri showed up, even though like half a second later I realized it was because they were going to kill her.

I know this is not a realistic expectation of this kind of show, but it was really pushing needless drama for me that Dean found out Missouri died from the news (like not even local news!), by name, before anyone had contacted her son, and that her son apparently hadn't tried to tell his daughter at any point during the entire day, and so Dean ended up telling both of them. Like I guess it's an estranged family. I guess.
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Just started the episode, I was excited to see Harper from The 100! Aaaand then she's dead. But I guess I should be glad that she'll continue on The 100!
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Yeah, the news report thing seemed like AWFULLY convenient timing! These days with Supernatural it seems like there's often one little WTF moment per episode. Last week it was the snarky angel quipping about her college roommate. This week, it was this.

Apparently Patience will be a major character in the upcoming spinoff. Well... OK? She seemed nice and all, but she didn't strike me as a character we needed to learn more about. Maybe she's supposed to be the "normal" one to balance out more troubled characters like Claire and Alex.

Castiel is apparently not dead again! It's always nice when he's not dead again.
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Last week it was the snarky angel quipping about her college roommate.

You mean the first episode, which was 2 weeks ago? =P

I didn't find the convenient news report distracting, I mean it's par for the course for this show in terms of plotting and pacing.

They just needed to get this episode that introduces Patience out of the way for the spinoff, and that's actually great they did it on episode 3 before major season arcs really get rolling. I did also really enjoyed her coming to terms with being psychic. It was much quicker than most characters on genre shows, but it made sense. No need for 3+ episodes of confused moping around and accidental psychicing before admitting it.
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Ok, but i loved Patience's friend from school. Can we have more of her, please? As part the Scooby gang, please?
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Missouri: [sees Dean for the first time in over 12 years] Oh honey, I'm sorry for your losses.
Dean: Ah, leave it to a psychic to cut right through the small talk, huh?


The book Sam is reading while he's giving Jack a break is The Drama of the Gifted Child, written by Holocaust survivor and psychoanalyst Alice Miller, a book about dysfunctional family dynamics and the resulting emotional abuse inflicted on the sensitive child who is aware that his/her parental relationships are not normal, but still must learn to find a way in the world without the guidance "normal" kids get from one or more parents.

Missouri was previously seen in "Home" (ep. 1.9), which was in 2005.

A wraith's true form is supposed to be revealed in a mirror, but when this episode shows one attacking the psychic after having his aura read, you can briefly see his reflection in the mirror behind the psychic and it doesn't reveal his true form.
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I wish we'd seen more of Missouri than just those two episodes. It was fun seeing her get Dean to straighten up and fly right. And she certainly deserved a better ending than she got.

Come to think of it, you'd think Sam and Dean would have a psychic on call. They had a witch, a demon, and an angel on their team, and surely a psychic would be useful too. Or do the others so surpass the abilities of a human psychic that they don't need one?

I love how Jody's so down with running a group home for teenaged hunters.
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