Tap (1989)
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Just released from prison, Max Washington must decide which of his previous professions to return to burglar or tap dancer.

GodDAMN, what an amazing little slice of history. It's being made right before our eyes. The old dancers, especially during the challenge? WOW. Truly amazing, watching Sammy Davis Jr. (whose lines gave me chills, as he passed away shortly after the film was made) pass the baton to Gregory Hines, who then passes it to a young Savion Glover (he is generally credited with "single-handedly" reviving the tap genre in America). Love this movie.
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I dropped into the middle the other day at the audition scene and it just made me angry and annoyed at that kind of a plot device. The street dancer being better than any pro and the absurdly arrogant director just did not ring right for me. Perhaps it worked in context.
posted by sammyo at 4:46 AM on August 20, 2015

I agree--the weakest part of the movie, of course, was the plot. Tons of clich├ęd scenes ... the back-and-forth romance, the shallow director, the putting back the jewelry--I think that's what made the movie get only mediocre reviews when it came out. Watch the dancing, people!!
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