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April 7, 2017 9:31 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Quentin accompanies Julia to the underworld on a journey to help her recover her shade. Penny tries to use his Neitherlands Library position to gain access to a mysterious room that houses literature about god killing, for Kady. Eliot and Margo discover that a strange spell has been cast over Fillory. Senator Gaines begins to understand his powers.

So far, we're light on the dragon, we got to a weird version of the underworld, and Q losing the button back to Fillory, so it's all tying back to the books, but by the loosest of threads.
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I hope that wasn't it for the dragons this season.
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I did enjoy the dragon cussing about millennials
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Jesus, now it's like we're TOTALLY off in terra incognita.

There are bits here lifted from the books, but they're increasingly rare and disconnected from the literary context -- yes, a dragon ends up with the button, for example, and yes, Q goes to the Underworld. But pretty much everything else is the invention of the TV adaptation, which would be fine if the writing were better. But it isn't.

We're semi-cord-cutters, so we bought a season pass from Apple. That it's a sunk cost is pretty much the only reason we're still watching. I doubt we buy season 3.
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