The Good Fight: Full Season 1
April 18, 2017 4:09 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Diane Lockhart and an awful lot of the gang are back in this spinoff of The Good Wife.
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I loved this. It was like slipping back into a familiar wine cardigan, as someone once dubbed Alicia's wardrobe of cashmere loungewear, and it's a huge relief to have the gang back without focusing on Alicia and her family.

Too many wonderful returning guest stars to list!

I'm loving a lot of the interpersonal relationships here, particularly those between Marissa and Jay, Lucca and Colin, and Lucca and Maia.

I am a huge, huge fan of the TV show Justified, but one of its flaws was that Erica Tazel's character was underdeveloped. I'm hoping the writers here do more with Barbara in the second season.

Anyone you'd like to see back that didn't appear this season? Looking at my list from the first episode's post, I'm still hoping for appearances from Eli, Kalinda, Cary (#1, obviously), Lemond Bishop, Simone Canning, Nancy Crozier, Patti Nyholm, and Owen WITHOUT ALICIA. So happy Julius Cain is back.
posted by lalex at 4:18 PM on April 18

I didn't realize that was the season finale!
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After careful consideration, I have decided I like this spin-off better than the original. Definitely better than the last two seasons of "The Good Wife".
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I really enjoyed the show, except for most of the Maia plot. I'm sure we'll get more of it, but I would be just as happy if it was a very minor arc.
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Late to the party here, but I'm loving this. Binged up to episode 5 yesterday and knew as soon as Lucca said they they needed someone unorthodox as the firm lawyer that Elsbeth would be making a return.
I can't tell if or which of Maia's family is/isn't the bad persons which is fantastic and keeps it interesting for me.
I hadn't realised until this came along how much Alicia and the family was dragging The Good Wife down.
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Okay, all done. Overall I liked it a lot. Maia reminds me of the Erica in The Girlfriend Experience. They are both subject to social media harassment and difficult personal circumstances but are able to stand up to the difficulties with an underlying strength and boldness.
That said, the actions in the final episode were a joke. Who sticks a USB drive that you have been told contains malicious code designed to bring down the city electricity grid, into your network connected work laptop? Completely implausible.
The luring of Dylan to the restaurant. Seems unlikely.
Maia slipping into a temporal TV warp and becoming a spearwife in the year 299 AL - as if!
One thing is definite though. Henry is a complete shit.
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Loved this show, and it is my favourite new show of the year. Henry will not win any Father of the Year awards, but it's riveting. Happy to hear there will be a season two on the horizon. I watched The Good Wife and never really cared for it, but The Good Fight is an entirely other matter. The three characters I liked the most from the former are really unleashed perfectly here, and I am happy I finally got to see it.
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