Rick and Morty: Rickmancing The Stone
July 31, 2017 6:45 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Summer and Morty work through their issues with Beth and Jerry's divorce in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

Save it for the Semantics Dome, E.B. White.
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Oh, my God, I just can't get over how good this show is. Like, the best show on TV right now good. It's like a peak season 3-4 Simpsons episode, where every gag lands, every character beat is spot-on, with no filler.
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It's not just the gags. It's not just the speed of the gags. It's the depth of the gags. The only show that I can think of that comes close is Kimmy Schmidt, and I think Rick and Morty outclasses it significantly with ingenuity and creativity.
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Its like Kimmy Schmidt crossed with Futurama in terms of the speed and depth of jokes.
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I noticed that murderous arm had a working knowledge of poses from professional wrestlers Hulk Hogan and John Cena, so apparently the most important parts of our culture weren't lost to the boom boom.
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That arm was exactly the relationship Morty needed.
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Rick and Morty remains the smartest show I've ever seen. And I mean, I remember when The Simpsons had a throwaway gag that required, like, Calculus 101 to get and when the Futurama writers published a mathematical proof to demonstrate the validity of the plot of Prisoner of Benda.

Rick and Morty is a smarter show than either. It's just amazing how they can keep that pace up.

Per the usual, this one floored me. The only real surprise was that I felt Summer stole the show this time - she's always great, but I wasn't expecting her to be so hardcore right now.
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Did anybody watch the stuff on Justin Roiland's YouTube channel counting down to the new episode? It was mostly him annoying people around the R&M office with an RC car interspersed with those claymation "Rick and Morty: the Non-Canonical Adventures" shorts and commercials that referenced the show, like a horse surgery hospital or what would have, presumably, been a commercial from the Apples marketing campaign Jerry failed to pitch. Fun stuff, but I switched to Cartoon Network at 11 to rewatch S3E1 before the S3E2 premiere.
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Also have we already heard that sound that Jerry heard at the beginning (while loading the truck) and at the end (after the coyote wandered off)? Do we know what that is?

I assume Jerry's going to go full Kirk Van Houten but I'm hoping he and Doofus Rick get to hang out some more.
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It's just Rick whispering "Loser" isn't it ?
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I'm just assuming Rick build some nanobots that whisper "Loser" at random intervals. That's totally a Rick move.
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I'm totally stealing "Save it for the Semanticsdome, E.B. White".
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I completely wasn't able to get any coherent speech out of the noise so I didn't realize it was somebody whispering "Loser". Which, yes, total Rick move.
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The best part of a fantastic episode was Summer wearing Aunty Entity's chainmail armor. Reader, I squeed.

(This is the part where I pitch Mad Max: Bartertown with Charles Theron as Furiosa taking on Taraji P. Henson as Aunty Entity for control of The Wasteland. You would watch it.)
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I would watch that. Where do I send my check? Will you accept a backpack full of cash? How do we hollywood?
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French Fry: You're overthinking it, dawg. There's a parallel universe where the movie _already exists_. We just need to portal in and watch it!
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Confession: I have no idea what people mean when people say that this is a super-smart show. I mean, I like it, but … I don't know what's being attributed to it.
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Also, Rick's statement that he's not dealing with his daughter's divorce in a healthy way at all sort of confirms that his character's investment in the other characters is something that the writers will turn on or off as they please.
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No, it's that Rick pretends not to give a shit when deep down he actually does. We've learned that this differentiates him from the other Ricks last season BTW.
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We've learned that this differentiates him from the other Ricks last season BTW.

Yeah, and then we "learned" the precise opposite in the season opener.
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How do you get that? He bothers to get his Morty and Summer, even when this is not his original Summer. But it’s the Summer we have seen him have adventures with. He goes back to his Beth (also not his original, even assuming that Kronenberg world Beth is his original.)

I think this Rick acts very consistently with an awareness that there are infinite varieties of these people and places and all the ways that will fuck you up, BUT with knowledge that he has an emotional attachment to them. He may struggle with an intellectual belief that this makes his feelings dumb - just go get new ones! - but his actions clearly demonstrate care for these instances.

Not Jerry, mind, who he doesn’t like or give a fuck about. And his having an attachment doesn’t make him a good person with regards to how he treats people. And he’s generally kind of shit at people in general. But he cares, even if that caring may be emotionally stunted.
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We've learned that this differentiates him from the other Ricks last season BTW.

Yeah, and then we "learned" the precise opposite in the season opener.

I don't know that that's true. Bear in mind that, if this part of the memory is to be believed, he was the one Rick who tried to walk away from science and power in favor of relationships, but the other Ricks basically killed his wife. A man still driven by revenge is a man who still cares. But a man who acts as if he doesn't care is a man who can keep his family safer.

Whole thing looks like a giant bluff to me. Best way to convince your enemies that you don't care about your family is to convince your family you don't care. And I know the "memory" was a fabrication, but the best lies are mostly truth, particularly if those truths are painful or embarrassing. It'd be far easier to dredge up a completely true memory (including the sauce, which we know he really loves) and just tweak the part that defeats his enemies and convinces everyone that he doesn't care if his grandkids live or die.
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Bear in mind that, if this part of the memory is to be believed, he was the one Rick who tried to walk away from science and power in favor of relationships, but the other Ricks basically killed his wife.

That whole scene was a false memory to trick the bug in his brain. "We never left the Shoneys!"
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Again, I know the setup was a lie, but the most convincing lies are built mostly on truth. I know they were in the Shoneys. I also think that what Rick constructed was mostly built from real memories. Polished liars know that seasoning a lie with personal or embarrassing truths sells them nearly 100% of the time.
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Was Jerry's oddly specific golfing outfit at the start of the episode a reference to something?
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Gotta hit the Mr. Meeseeks button and find out grumpbear69.
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Caaaaaaaaaan do!
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