The Vietnam War: The Weight of Memory (March 1973 - Onward)
October 14, 2017 4:09 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Civil war continues in Vietnam as President Richard Nixon resigns. After North Vietnamese troops regain control of Saigon and the war ends, people from all sides search for reconciliation.

March 29th, 1973, the last American troops left. President Richard Nixon becomes the first American president to resign. Saigon falls. Darwin Judge & Charles McMahon Jr become the last American servicemen to die in Vietnam. Jan Scruggs organizes a memorial. Maya Ying Lin's design is chosen and erected, and opens in 1982. Some American veterans go back to Vietnam, revisit places they've fought, reconnect with old foes, and organize programs.

Tim O'Brien is a writer, still struggling to make sense of what he went through. Carol Crocker is a family counselor in upstate New York. Huy Duc became a widely read historian and lives in Ho Chi Minh City. Bill Ehrhart is a teacher, poet and writer in Philadelphia. Duong Van Mai Elliott was reunited with her sister, wrote the story of her divided family and lives in California. Roger Harris became an educator and worked for 41 years in Boston's public schools. Matt Harrison retired after 20 years in the Army and lives in Connecticut. Le Minh Khue is a journalist and novelist in Hanoi. Hal Kushner remarried and is ophthalmologist, living in Florida. Karl Marlantes lives near Seattle and spent 30 years writing a novel about his war. Gen. Merrill McPeak ran the Air Force during the first Gulf War. He lives in Oregon. John Musgrave lives in Kansas and counsels those who fight America's wars. Nguyen Ngoc is a revered teacher and writer in Vietnam. Bao Ninh was the first North Vietnamese foot soldier to write about the war. He lives in Hanoi. Vincent Okamoto is a judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. Tran Ngoc Toan spent nine years in a re-education camp and now lives in Houston. Phan Quang Tue became an immigration judge in Northern California. Bill Zimmerman is a political consultant in Southern California.
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I just finished watching the series last night - time well spent. Peter Coyote's voice is mesmerizing. And it was new to learn that Maya Ying Lin whose design won for the wall was 21 at the time
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As an aside, it's this period of American politics/society that the right has devoted the last 40 years or so seeking revenge upon.
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Thanks for posting this. I had to skip a couple of episodes because it was just too much but I did watch this one.
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I appreciate hearing from N. Vietnamese in this. After reading The Best And The Brightest I was curious to know if anyone had been telling the story of this war from the North’s point of view.
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The whole thing is now on Netflix. I really want to watch it again, but I know it'll get to me again. I really want to get people I know to watch it, and hopefully now that it's on Netflix, I can convince people to at least start it.
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