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Continued: Sruthi Pinnamaneni follows the world's best bounty hunter on a peculiar case.
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So I was mixed on this one/happy to hear the twist about the immigration status, but disappointed that everything kind of fizzled at the end. I wanted resolution, dammit!
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Yeah, it's frustrating when an episode doesn't have a tight resolution. I mean, it's real life, so I realize it doesn't always wrap up in a neat bow, but it did feel like the story sorta trailed off.
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I'm glad these episodes exist and can be heard. But, a podcast where there's not a single person (aside from the reporter) with whom one can sympathize sure isn't much fun. The take-home message is that America is an awful place full of horrible people.

Here's hoping Michelle and her taser-happy friends wind up in jail for legitimate CFAA abuses or police impersonation before she accidentally kills someone. I'd have expected more self-awareness from a media-savvy sociopath.
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Hmmm.. I thought Michelle was like, a nice person with a moral center. I don't share her moral center (which seems to be: people should go to jail if they break the law) but it's something? But yeah, I think this episode could have been edited differently, once they realized that after all the reporting, there was going to be no real resolution. It could have focused more clearly on how much detail is available on the internet, and how bounty hunters interact with that information, and how we are all basically totally findable now because of that.
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I thought it was interesting that the episode actually turned out to be about somebody who wasn't findable, although that sort of got lost in the touched-upon but someone underbaked theme of how entrenched American racism is now using skip traces to support a narrative of immigrant violence.
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What struck me most when they uncovered the fact that he wasn't actually undocumented was that Phia thought Chris would care. "I didn't know how she would react." Well, I haven't met the woman but I could have told you that she wasn't going to care because for her, that wasn't the point at all. Blerg.
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