Outlander: A. Malcolm
October 22, 2017 1:16 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their relationship; Jamie's new business dealings could jeopardize the couple's hopes for a simple life.
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I really need to learn how to make these posts because I’ve been checking back all day waiting for someone to do it!

Obviously the big shocker here was Jamie telling Claire about Willie straightaway. I think I’m okay with it? It doesn’t make much sense for him to withhold it, really.

I’m tentatively hopeful for the Mr. Willoughby characterization. So far they seem to be handling it without any racist stuff.

I’m not thrilled with the Young Ian casting. It’s hard to imagine that boy going through the trials that are to come for him (not just this season, but in future ones). But maybe that’s the point.

I really loved Claire’s breakfast with the ladies in the brothel. It was a fun, well acted scene.
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I don’t know how I feel about the Willie reveal. I feel like he didn’t take enough time (or have the total breakdown I’ve always loved) over Bree. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like her casting either. Still, that scene wasn’t really everything I was hoping for.

The sex scene was good. I am tentatively optimistic about Mr. Willoughby not being totally awful. I am reserving judgement on young Ian.
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i can't believe we were denied the brothel comedy of errors where ian jr thinks ian sr has a scandalous past with claire, why were we denied the hilarity of jaime introducing his wife to ian and ian shrieking GOOD GOD MAN YOU'VE MARRIED A HARLOT

angriest hissing
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maybe next episode?....oh wait I was thinking of what happened with ian sr.
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Honestly every humorous scene they took from the book was watered down to simple awkwardness. I ended it feeling mildly disappointed but genuinely impressed with Sam Heughan's performance - he has aged the personality of Jaimie expertly and believably.
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Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like her casting either. I just LOLed for real at that.

Loved the episode overall, it felt very true to how I read the reunion in the book. I didn't have much memory of Jamie breaking down after looking at Bree's pictures, so I didn't miss the lack of it, though the Willie reveal seemed a bit abrupt (glad to have that secret out so early on, it did seem unnecessary in the book to keep it from her).

Young Ian does not look at all how I pictured him in my head, and I, too, felt cheated that we didn't get the comedic gold of his misunderstanding of who Claire was. If they had to cut the scene down for time, I'm glad they kept in the sort of unnecessary but thoroughly charming scene of Claire's Ladies Breakfast, that was a fun break amidst all the heavy emotions. I'm also having a hard time getting used to Adult Fergus, who also looks nothing like my reading vision.

Also, I am so here for Jamie learning about future things like photographs and zippers. Second only to my love of time travelers revealing that they are from a different time is time travelers schooling people in the past about future stuff.
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by the way, something something et al, please feel free to make these posts if you get to them before I do on Sundays! I'm sure there's a spectrum of people here who stay up to watch it as soon as it's posted on starz.com through to people who wait for actual air time, and since I'm on the east coast and too pregnant to stay awake til midnight I'm usually mid-late morning Sunday before I've watched it* so I will pretty much never get to a post before then. Just click on the profile icon and hit "new post" if you want to do it! For the summary, I just google "Outlander S03e0X" and copy the summary that Starz provides.

* but please let me take a moment to share that my MOTHER IS A TRAITOR and this episode was going to be the first Outlander episode we would ever be able to watch together at the same time (which is desirable because she's the one that introduced me to the books years ago) because I've been living on a different continent or at least in majorly different time zones the entire time this has been out, and she's in town right now since I have a baby due literally any day so I was so excited to watch such a pivotal episode with her and THE BITCH WATCHED IT WHEN IT POSTED AT MIDNIGHT AND DIDN'T TELL ME so I waited and waited til late fucking lunchtime for her to wake up to watch it with me but of course she slept late BECAUSE SHE WAS UP WATCHING IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT so anyway that's why I posted this later than normal the end
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I am cautiously optimistic about the show's handling of Mr. Willoughby. As soon as his name was mentioned, I cringed, but when the actor was introduced, he was not the complete caricature that I dreaded.

Young Ian looks absolutely nothing like I envisioned him-the same problem that I have with Brianna.
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he is supposed to be TALL with DARK HAIR and instead he is a tiny ginger elfling

why this
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I'm still bracing myself for awfulness to come in the Willoughby arc, but at least I haven't had to hear Jamie call him "the Chinee" yet. And, yeah, another boo vote for the Little Ian casting and change to the first-meeting scene. Aside from it being a good comedy moment, isn't it characteristic of Ian that his overreactions/teenager-ness kicks off much of the plot that leads to the West Indies? He should be a spitfire of a character, but he barely made an impression in his intro.

And what happened to Fergus' accent? I suppose it's hard to find someone as adorable as little Fergus, but, he could at least have kept his French accent.
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It was good to see another face from Burnistoun on screen - the lead Breakfast Lady (not the one with the finger advice or the one who ended up needing to employ it). Hope that Roger Wakefield will somehow get the Ice Cream Brothers a cameo soon.
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And what happened to Fergus' accent?

YES! even 6-7 books in he is still comically louche and totally undeniably french, his kids all have french names and speak it fluently, as does marsali by that point. show fergus is some rando on the street in edinburgh, he could be anyone.
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NOBODY IS MENTIONING JAMIE’S SEXY SEXY GLASSES which are the only evidence that either of those jerks have aged a single day
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Is Jamie a Freemason? There's a square and compass on his sign.
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Yes, he is.
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Well then, fuck.
One of the reasons I gave up on doing a podcast for this show was the realization that the characters will never be Good At Time Travel.
Seriously. I've typed five replies and cannot do one that does not devolve to me swearing about people having time to sew fancy Batsuits but not planning how to make future devices or how to use the press to contact the future and oh no I'm about to swear...
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robocop is bleeding, those elements are addressed in future books (trying not to spoil).
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these are the books included threads, no?
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I rewatched and would happily trade all of the Angry Brothel Owner Looks At Jamie for some more comedic gold from the misunderstandings.
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